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Close your eyes. Make a wish.

Nick Carter, the youngest Backstreet Boy, is celebrating a milestone birthday this year! He may be turning 40, but let’s face it, he’ll always be in his 20s to us (because so will we).

One of the most magical parts of a birthday celebration, as we all know, is blowing out the candles and making a wish. While only the birthday boy can do that, we’re blowing out into the universe some of the big wishes that we have for him!

1. We wish for the world to know how kind his soul really is.

We know the majority of the world thinks of Nick Carter as a forever-teen-idol with the voice you’d know anywhere and the 90s haircut everyone copied, but if you ask anyone that’s followed him over the years, they would tell you about a laundry list of things that aren’t that. They would tell you about how much he adores his children, how he makes an effort to make fans feel involved in his music and his everyday life, and what a big giver he is. We don’t see a pop star with no concept of reality. We see a human who is always striving to learn more, to do more, and to be the best he can be everyday.

2. We wish for a new solo project he’s passionate about.

We love Nick among the other Backstreet Boys, but we also love seeing him get hype about a project that’s personal to him. Whether it be an album, a movie, or an event, we adore that spark and we’d be lying if we said this wish wasn’t as much for us as it is for him.

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3. We wish for him to see himself the way we see him.

Along the lines of everything we expressed in our first wish, we not only want the world to see what we see in Nick Carter, but we wish it for himself as well. Obviously, no one sees themselves as clearly as other people do, but for so many of us, his words, his lyrics, his passion, his talents…have inspired us. We only hope that he knows his large impact.

4. We wish for him to continue creating the best memories with his family.

Take one look at Nick’s social media and you’ll know how much his family means to him. They mean EVERYTHING to him. We wish that those memories only get better and sweeter for years to come… and that his instagram lives keep us entertained while he does so.

5. We wish for more success and credit for all the things he does!

At several points between 2014 and 2016, Nick was on tour with the BSB, on tour with Nick & Knight, promoting a TV show, judging in a TV show, dancing with some stars, shooting a movie, funding a movie, doing con appearances, recording solo music, going on several legs of a solo tour, moving to Vegas, performing in the Vegas residency….and GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING BABIES IN BETWEEN. Hello world — you’re not talking enough about everything this man is doing!

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6. We wish for him to have a flawless Twitch stream one night.

One night…. no sound issues, no echo, no server problems, privacy issues, and everything else wonky. The man JUST. WANTS. TO. PLAY. WITH. PEOPLE. One night, it’ll alllll work out. We just know it.

7. We wish for him (and us) that his endless amount of talents keep flourishing.

Please see #2 and #5. There’s nothing Nick Carter can’t do and we are blessed to live in a time where he exists and he is sharing his talents with us all over the world. We wholeheartedly believe that there’s more where that came from.

8. We hope that he always remembers that age is only a number!

Like we said at the beginning of this post, we’re all staying in our 20s forever, got it? Nick has mentioned multiple times that he doesn’t want to “get old”, but man, we can’t imagine that someone so full of life will ever truly “get old”. And even so, there are always going to be four brothers that are older. That helps, right?

Happy Birthday, Nick – our forever young Backstreet Boy!

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