Miley Cyrus' siblings: Everything to know about her 3 brothers and 2 sisters

Miley Cyrus' siblings: Everything to know about her 3 brothers and 2 sisters
Miley Cyrus' siblings: Everything to know about her 3 brothers and 2 sisters

Miley Cyrus might be the most well-known of her siblings, but several of them have also pursued musical careers of their own.

Cyrus is the second youngest of six children of parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. The couple, who was married between 1993 and 2022 when Tish Cyrus filed for divorce a third time, has three children together.

Meanwhile, Tish Cyrus has two children from a prior marriage and Billy Ray Cyrus has one child from a previous relationship.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Los Angeles Premiere
The Cyrus family at the “Hannah Montana” film premiere in 2009. Steve Granitz / WireImage

Want to learn more about the Cyrus family tree? Here’s all the essential info.

Brandi (36)

2008 American Music Awards
Tish, Miley and Brandi CyrusJon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

In 1987, Tish Cyrus and her first husband, Baxter Neal Helson, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Brandi. The couple was married 1986 to 1989. Billy Ray Cyrus adopted Brandi after marrying Tish Cyrus.

Much like her father and younger sister, Brandi Cyrus is passionate about music. She works as a DJ and regularly posts videos from her gigs.

The 36-year-old also has several acting credits to her name and appeared in three episodes of her sister’s hit show “Hannah Montana,” an episode of “Zoey 101” and four episodes of the TV series “The Queue.”

On top of her DJ work, Brandi Cyrus also co-hosts a podcast called “Sorry We’re Stoned” with her mom and shares stories about their family, their take on hot topics and interior design tips. The mother-daughter duo also previously co-hosted a Bravo show called “Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer.”

Additionally, Brandi Cyrus co-hosts a podcast with Wells Adams called “Your Favorite Thing.”

In a 2022 interview with Yahoo, Brandi Cyrus spoke about her love for horses and her experience as a competitive equestrian

“It’s always been important for me to keep horses in my life,” she said, adding that she took a break from riding in her 20s.

“Now that I’ve come back to it and compete, it’s not the ribbons that I’m after or about winning money. It truly is just spiritually what I need to remain centered in such a chaotic world and in such a chaotic life,” she said.

Trace (34)

2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2
Trace, Miley, Tish, and Brandi Cyrus Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

In 1989, Tish Cyrus and Helson welcomed their second child, a son named Trace. Like his older sister, Trace Cyrus was adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus after the country singer married Tish Cyrus.

Trace Cyrus has had a successful career as a member of the band Metro Station and as a solo artist.

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On Aug. 28, 2023, the musician took to his Instagram story to answer fan questions and teased “a massive comeback with music.”

“I had to step away and get my mind right so I handle success properly this time,” he wrote.

While answering another fan question, the 34-year-old said he “wouldn’t even want to be alive” if he wasn’t able to create music.

“The only time I feel completely content and fulfilled is when I’m writing a new song. The feeling when a song is finished is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever experienced,” he wrote.

In January 2022, Trace Cyrus shared a post about his mental health and explained that his anxiety and depression “got the best of” him the prior year.

The musician has been vocal about his decision to quit drinking and reiterated that decision in the same Instagram story

“Alcohol is a depressant. It’s fun in the moment but you always pay for it. I was sick of feeling depressed so I stopped,” he wrote.

In honor of Father’s Day in 2022, Trace Cyrus thanked Billy Ray Cyrus for inspiring his musical career.

“Thankful for everything you’ve taught me. The motorcycles, the music, showing me what’s possible when you dream really big. All the things I watched you do that motivated me to do them myself. Love you 🤟🏼,” he wrote.

When his mother re-married in August 2023 to Dominic Purcell, Trace Cyrus shared a family photo and the following comment.

“I feel extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family 🫶🏻 Congrats to my my mom on a beautiful wedding. Life is unpredictable & always full of changes. I think the most important thing to do is cherish the past, look forward to the future, & always be happy in the present moment because that’s really all we have,” he wrote.

Despite his obvious love for his family, Trace Cyrus told fans he does believe he would be “much more successful” if he wasn’t part of a famous clan. In his Instagram story on Aug. 28, 2023, the musician shared the following thoughts.

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“People immediately want to judge me and discredit all my hard work because of who I’m related to. But that’s so far from the truth. I got a record deal without anyone from my label even knowing who I was related to till after they signed up,” he wrote.

Christopher (31)

In 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus welcomed a son named Christopher Cody Cyrus with his ex-girlfriend Kristin Luckey, a woman he dated before Tish Cyrus. Miley Cyrus was born a few months later.

Not much is known about Billy Ray Cyrus’ 31-year-old son, but the musician did talk about him briefly in a 2011 interview with GQ. During his chat with the publication, Billy Ray Cyrus described what it was like to find out that two women were pregnant with his children at the same time.

“Oh, my gosh, it was a mess,” he said. “Because the truth was I just really knew I loved Tish.”

Braison (29)

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus welcomed their second child together, a son named Braison Cyrus, in 1994.

The 29-year-old is an avid musician and released his first single, “I’ll Never Leave You,” in 2018, followed by his debut album in 2021. Since embarking on a musical career, Braison Cyrus has performed on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

In 2019, Braison Cyrus married Stella McBride Cyrus. The following year, they announced that they were expecting their first child together. The couple welcomed a son named Bear in June 2022.

Braison Cyrus paid tribute to his wife on Mother’s Day in 2023 and shared the following message.

“Thank you for everything you do throughout the day and night to take the best care of our son. I saw you become a mom the day after you told me you were pregnant. I’ve only been a dad for almost two years but you’ve been a mother since he was in your belly and that is the most amazing thing in the whole world. You mean everything to Bear and me and I don’t know what we’d do without you,” he wrote.

Noah (23)

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage and Audience
Billy Ray, Noah, Tish, Brandi and Miley Cyrus in 2017.John Shearer / Getty Images

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus welcomed their final child, a daughter named Noah, in 2000. Much like her siblings, the 23-year-old caught the music bug and works as a musician.

Noah Cyrus has collaborated with several members of her famous family, including Miley Cyrus. On New Year’s Eve in 2021, the sisters performed Dolly Parton’s hit “Jolene” together during “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” in Miami. Noah Cyrus also invited her brother Trace Cyrus on stage with her in 2022.

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Noah and Billy Ray Cyrus released their first duet, called “Noah (Stand Still),” in 2022. Part of Noah Cyrus’ album, “The Hardest Part,” the song explains how Noah Cyrus listened to her father’s advice while she was experiencing a Xanax addiction.

While appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Noah Cyrus described a conversation she’d had with her father that helped inspire the song.

It was a few months before she “really committed to recovery” and Billy Ray Cyrus told her to simply stand still.

“He had me take my shoes off and put my feet in the grass, and really get connected to home,” she said. “He said, ‘Noey, just stand still, breathe in the air. Just stand still and get connected back to who you really are — none of the rest of this matters. Like, let’s just be here, me and you.’ And we had such an amazing moment that I hadn’t had in such a long time.”

In June 2023, Noah Cyrus announced that she was engaged to fashion designer Pinkus.

“The greatest moment of my entire life was saying ‘yes’ to spending the rest of ours together,” she captioned the post. “This past month of being your fiancé and being in our own little world of just us two has been so perfect and I wish I could never leave this time.”

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