Mariah Carey makes cookies now—but are they any good?

When you think of singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Her knack for hitting high notes? How, year after year, she re-emerges at the top of the holiday charts with “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” the same song she’s been singing for over a decade? What about…cookies?

In December 2020, this pop queen announced the launch of Mariah’s Cookies, a delivery-only restaurant concept created in partnership with the ghost kitchen company Virtual Dining Concepts (the same company behind DJ Pauly D’s Italian Subs and rapper Tyga’s chicken bites).

We ordered a few boxes of Carey’s cookies to see if they could live up to the singer’s hype. Spoiler alert: For the most part, unlike her music, there were more low notes than high.

About Mariah’s Cookies

Aside from the namesake and her image on the company website, Carey’s personal connection to the cookies appears pretty limited. In a media release, she was quoted saying, “Yay, cookies! We love ’em…love ’em during the holidays…love ’em all year round!”

The cookie menu features 12 cookies, including a variety of classic flavors as well as seasonal favorites. Red Velvet, Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Heath Bar, Lemon Cooler, and Spiced Oatmeal Raisin are the mainstays, while White Chocolate Cranberry, Pumpkin, and Gingerbread are the more festive offerings (still available year-round).

Mariah’s Cookies are currently available to order for delivery at locations in 39 states plus Washington, D.C. When I entered my Virginia zip code, the closest location offering the cookies was five miles away. And while the website listed the location as “Mariah’s Cookies – Washington DC,” the address actually belongs to the family-style Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo, which curiously also houses Food Network star Guy Fieri’s ghost kitchen, not affiliated with Virtual Dining Concepts.

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What’s a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens are essentially restaurants without the dining room, where online-only food brands without brick and mortar spaces are able to produce their goods. They became especially popular in 2020 as the demand for food delivery exploded and everyone from celebrities to struggling restauranteurs sought to ride this gravy train.

Also known as virtual, cloud, delivery-only, shadow, and dark kitchens, ghost kitchens are usually located in large cities or densely populated areas. Brands rent from a landlord at a facility like Virtual Dining Concepts, then they get their products onto third-party food delivery apps. Orders are shipped from the rented kitchen space.

How do you order Mariah’s Cookies?

You can order through the Mariah’s Cookies website or directly via the following third-party apps: GrubHub, Seamless, and Postmates. I ordered through the website to get the full Mariah’s Cookies experience and it was slightly confusing, to say the least.

After entering my address and selecting a Mariah’s Cookies “near me” (remember, these are ghost kitchens!), it was time to select my sweets. In trying to choose between the Try Them All Box and the 12 Cookie Variety Box, I found the verbiage very confusing. The Try Them All Box only includes five flavors (Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Heath Bar, Lemon Cooler, and Spiced Oatmeal Raisin), while the 12 Cookie Variety Box is the option that includes all flavors.

Immediately after my order was placed, I was able to watch the delivery process on a live tracker on the website. However, when I checked my phone I noticed I received a text from Postmates regarding the status of my order, but I couldn’t pull the order up on the Postmates app.

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Unfortunately, my first go-around at ordering the cookies was unsuccessful. I instructed the driver to leave the cookies in my apartment lobby, and I watched on the website’s live tracker as my order was marked as “Delivered.” When I went downstairs to pick them up, however, there were no cookies to be found. Luckily, I was able to quickly call a customer service line, explain my situation, and another order of cookies was promptly (and successfully!) delivered to my door. Each order took about 45 minutes total door-to-door, but order time will likely fluctuate.

How much do Mariah’s Cookies cost?

For a dozen cookies, my total after tax, delivery charge, and tip came to $37.38, or about $3 per cookie. These are definitely more expensive than your average grocery store cookies, but on par with the costs at other gourmet bakeries and cookie companies like Milk Bar (another treat delivery service we’ve tested). The 6-pack is the smallest quantity you can order, starting at $11.99 before tax, delivery charge, and optional tip for your driver.

How are they packaged?

The cookies came neatly packaged in two boxes containing six cookies each. They’re definitely as big as they appear in the photos online, but there’s no literature that comes with the cookies to help you identify the flavors, just a “Mariah’s Cookies” logo.

What do Mariah’s Cookies taste like?

Honestly, they weren’t bad. Really. They just didn’t sing any eardrum-shattering high notes.

When I read that these cookies were freshly baked, I was reminded of nights in college when my friends and I would order Insomnia Cookies—a late night cookie bakery—and the cookies would come in the box still warm. Unfortunately, Mariah’s Cookies were clearly not fresh out of the oven, but they weren’t stale either. Each had a pleasantly soft-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside texture.

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The classic chocolate chip, with its giant flecks of semi-sweet chocolate, reminded me a lot of the Starbucks chocolate chip cookie. Out of the seven flavors I tried, Lemon Cooler was my favorite. I was nervous the lemon flavor would be too artificial, but it was nicely subtle and I found myself going back for more.

I was really looking forward to the White Chocolate Raspberry, but the white chocolate was overwhelmingly sweet and the notes of raspberry were more bitter than anything else.

Are Mariah Carey’s cookies worth ordering?

Would I order Mariah’s Cookies again for the sake of personal consumption? No. But I do believe these cookies would make a good gift in several circumstances.

Are you going back to the office in-person, and it’s someone’s birthday? Schedule them for delivery while on your commute. Know a Mariah Carey fan who would absolutely love these for their kitsch alone? Send them some cookies. And finally, I think I would order them if I was on my way to a dinner party and realized I had forgotten to bring something.

Listen, Mariah, you’re a queen in basically every way. Which is why it pains me to say this: These cookies don’t quite match up your star power.

Get the 6-pack of Mariah’s Cookies on GrubHub for $11.99

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