REVEALED: Katy Perry's sauciest snaps of all time

1. She Kissed A Girl, And She Liked It!

Granted, it doesn’t feature any nudity, but Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ music video is still as sexually charged as it was when it debuted 10 years ago (if that doesn’t make you feel old, we don’t know what will!). The vibe of the music video is best classified as 1980s-themed house party – lots of fingerless gloves, fishnets and chunky accessories. When Katy isn’t writhing around on her bed in a gold skater dress, she’s dancing in a black corset complete with nipple tassels.

When the song hit the airwaves, it was divisive. Some people felt that the song trivialised homosexuality; that as a heterosexual woman Katy was just playing at being a bisexual for the attention. Others were outraged that a song about a girl-girl kiss was allowed on the radio. Katy herself maintains the song was successful because of its catchy lyrics.

2. Cover shoot for Rolling Stone

In 2010, Katy Perry got her kit off for music giant Rolling Stone magazine. The alluring photos included some lingerie and bikini pics, plus some tasteful semi-nude shots. The feel of the photoshoot is very girl-next-door, nothing like the haute couture fashion that Katy wears now. You can check out the rest of the shots here.

3. California Gurls

Katy Perry was practically nude in her music video for the 2010 hit California Gurls. The only thing covering her up was some CGI fairy floss, which left little to the imagination.

4. The Sesame Street Sessions

Like many celebrities before her, Katy Perry happily appeared in a video with Elmo that was due to air on Sesame Street. In the video she sang a remix of her own song ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’, the lyrics changed to convey the meaning of opposites to the young audience.

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Of course Katy Perry isn’t nude in the Sesame Street video, she’s just wearing a corset-style top. However, the parents in the test audience felt the Katy’s outfit was too revealing and that the video was inappropriate for children’s television. It never aired, but it can be easily found online. What do you think? Too much, or are people making mountains out of molehills?

5. Saturday Night Live Appearance

In 2013, Katy appeared on Saturday Night Live alongside famous comedians Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. In the sketch, Poehler and Rudolph play two women from the Bronx, Betty and Jodi. They invite Maureen Diccico (played by Katy) onto their chat show, because Maureen has been banned from reading to children at the library due to her ‘in-your-face’ dress sense. Katy’s costume was a barely-there Elmo shirt, suggesting she was making fun of her own canned Sesame Street segment.

6. 2015 Moschino Campaign

Katy Perry got naked for luxury brand Moschino in 2015 for their autumn collection. She had previously worn many outfits that had been designed by the fashion house’s creative director Jeremy Scott, making her an obvious choice for the campaign. In fact, Katy Perry was the first ever celebrity to star in a Moschino ad campaign, giving us this incredible side boob whilst sporting her ‘Kris Jenner’ haircut (Katy’s words, not ours)

2016 was a great year for racy Katy Perry pics! Here’s just some of what the year gifted us:

7. Remember to Vote

Katy Perry teamed up with the Funny Or Die creators to encourage American voters to turn up to the polls. Her message was that you can show up to vote looking anyway you like, because it’s the voting that’s important. Funnily enough, law enforcement take a different view when Katy Perry decides to cast her vote completely naked.

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8. Orlando has his hands full dating Katy

The world went bananas when Orlando was snapped squeezing Katy’s boobs and generally worshipping her whilst the couple holidayed in Italy. PDA doesn’t even begin to cover it, these two seriously needed to get a room.

Best reactions include:

That’s enough Internet for today.

9. A bit cheeky!

Katy posted this to her Instagram when she was biking around France in 2016. We’re pretty sure this photo wasn’t an accident – if you’ve got, flaunt it Katy!

10. Bon Appétit

This list wouldn’t be complete if we failed to address the star’s music video for ‘Bon Appétit’, a track that she collaborated on with Migos in 2017.

Not only is the singer tossed in flour and garnished with vegetables, her bum is slapped and kneaded by a bunch of incredibly invasive chefs. The video itself begins with a NSFW warning, so watch at your own risk!

11. Glastonbury 2017

Katy Perry’s nude illusion crystal catsuit wowed her fans at Glastonbury in 2017. If this is what our bums looked like from behind, we’d be posting them up on our Instagrams too!

12. KABOO Del Mar Music Festival

Katy previously took to the stage at KABOO Del Mar Music Festival in San Diego, wearing a leotard so high cut that it was nearly touching the Heavens themselves. The singer belted out hits like ‘Firework’ in this fluorescent number, whipping her fans (or KatyKats as they call themselves) into a frenzy.

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The next outfit we’ll all be waiting to see is the wedding dress Katy will wear when she ties the knot with Orlando Bloom. The couple haven’t officially set a date yet, they only got engaged this month after all. But as soon as they do, we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground for wedding dress hints. We love you Katy!

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