11 Fun “Fresh Prince” Party Ideas For All Occasions

11 Fun “Fresh Prince” Party Ideas For All Occasions
11 Fun “Fresh Prince” Party Ideas For All Occasions

“Now this is the story all about how…” Well – you know the rest! “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is one of the 90s most beloved sitcoms, launching the career of star Will Smith. With a dramatic re-imagining having aired in early 2022, the show is now bigger than ever. So if you’re looking to celebrate a classic, check out these 11 fun Fresh Prince party ideas for all occasions. While you’re here, explore some Peerspace listings we provide that would make for the perfect venue.

1. Deck the halls with 90s decorations

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Source: Peerspace

90s nostalgia is all the rage, and with the right Fresh Prince party ideas and decorations, you can turn your celebration into a time machine. The show featured some vibrant colors that were as boisterous as its main character, orange, green, yellow, pink, and blue should make up the majority of your decorative palette. Etsy has some balloons and cupcake toppers that can give you an idea of what you’ll be working with.

2. See who can do the best Carlton dance

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One of the most lasting impressions Alfonso Ribeiro’s Carlton character has left on our culture is his hilariously corny dance. Get your whole party moving by putting on a best Carlton dance contest! Need a refresher? This tutorial from STEEZY will have you doing your best arm-swinging dance in no time.

If you need a dance floor to really settle the score, Peerspace has plenty to choose from. This underground event space, lounge, and bar in Nashville has a sweet little dance floor where you and your guests can show off and dance all night to 90s rap and R&B.

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3. Have a costume contest

Source: Peerspace

Who doesn’t love a costume party? It’s so easy to break the ice and have some fun when everyone is already dressed up in a fun costume. Dig out your finest 90s clothes and get to work dressing up like your favorite character from the show! Will and Hillary alone have so many outfits that will inspire you, just turn on any episode and you’re sure to find something that will work. The Costume Wall gives you step-by-step instruction if you need a little bit more help than that.

These 90s themed party ideas for adults will help you celebrate in the most “fresh” way. Check them out!

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