Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mariah Carey

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is an American singer who is famed for singing pop. She is considered to be one of the most successful female singers in the music industry. Her remarkable vocal range makes her a good singer as she is able to hit very high notes. Furthermore, her ability to blend different genres from gospel, rhythm and blues and pop. Therefore, this article will explore some ten interesting facts about the singer so that the reader can get in-depth knowledge about the artist.

1. Mariah Carey was named after a song

Carey was named after the musical Paint Your Wagon’s song They Call the Wind Mariah. Mariah Angela Carey is her given name. Even though her name is not spelled the same way as the song, it is still pronounced the same. On March 27, 1970, she was born in Huntington, New York, to Irish-American mother Patricia Hickey and African-American/Venezuelan father Alfred Roy Carey.

2. She had a tough childhood

Mariah Carey was born into a mixed-race family which resulted in her having a Venezuelan, Irish and African American Heritage. Therefore, her mixed heritage made it hard for her to fit in as she did not quite understand where she fit in her diverse heritage. She remembers how people would stare at her when she and her father went shopping. Carey created a picture of her family while she was in kindergarten, and she sketched her father with a brown crayon. Since the teacher didn’t think Carey could have a Black father, she attempted to correct her.

Furthermore, she had a tense relationship with her grandparents because Mariah’s mother being white had married a white person and her parents did not approve. Her grandparents never bothered to create a relationship with Mariah and her siblings as a result of that. In fact, Mariah was the only one invited to family events because she had the fairest skin.

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3. She dropped out of school

Mariah Carey discovered that she had an exceptional voice which gave her purpose as a person and she even got her mother who was a vocal coach to help her. At this time, Carey concluded she wasn’t cut out for school in the eleventh grade. Her peers appeared to have the same sentiment. Carey’s nickname in high school was Mirage due to her propensity for skipping class. Carey dropped out of high school and spent her junior and senior years in a beauty school after deciding against continuing with traditional education. Her voice training and celebrity preparation continued throughout.

4. She worked odd jobs while starting as a singer

Carey performed a variety of jobs as a young adult at 18 years old in New York City to make ends meet. She worked in a salon as a hostess, waiter, hair sweeper, and coat checker like other artists who are trying to make it in the big city. Her financial situation was difficult, but she eventually found work as a vocalist in New York City. Carey began singing in nightclubs as a background vocalist and ultimately advanced to performing solos.

5. She won two Grammy Awards for her debut album

Mariah Carey finally caught her big break when she attended a CBS Records party where she met the president of Columbia Records and managed to give him her demo tape. The president took it and was shocked at how good she was and decided to sign her up.

Carey’s debut album, Mariah Carey, which used simply her name as a title, was released in 1990. The album’s four lead singles reached the top of the charts. Carey received $80,000 for her first record deal, and later that year, she won two Grammy Awards for her debut album, winning the titles of “Best Female Artist” and “Best Female Vocalist,” respectively.

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6. One of her songs holds the title for being the longest running number one song in the charts

Mariah Carey’s song that she sang together with Boys II Men known as One Sweet Day topped the charts on the Billboard Hot 100 continuously for sixteen weeks. The artists wrote the song together which makes it fascinating as it shows that the group had exceptional talent. Carey is also known for writing and producing credits on all her pieces which makes it not surprising that she and the band wrote their own music.

7. She is obsessed with Marylyn Monroe

Carey said to The Guardian in 2014 that her obsession with the actress dates back to the time she was a young child and got a copy of Norman Mailer’s biography of the actress for Christmas. In 1999, Carey spent more than $600,000 at an auction to purchase Monroe’s baby grand piano, and she named her daughter after the actress.

In her recently published memoir, she also revealed that the image of Marilyn Monroe that hung on her bedroom wall served as her lone childhood companion in place of her harsh family. Monroe’s influence on women in Hollywood is one reason for some of her appreciation. She helped open doors for women in Hollywood.

8. She was married twice

Mariah Carey married her manager Mottola in 1993 after the two had a whirlwind romance despite their age difference as Mariah was 23 years while Mottola was 44 years. However, the marriage did not last long as Mariah came to realise that Mottola was very controlling and thus making her marriage a nightmare.

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Her husband was also terrifying in that one night the couple hosted a dinner party and Mottola became upset and started shouting and threatening her with a butter knife. Mariah finally decided to leave the marriage and she divorced him. Mariah went on and got married to Nick Canon in 2008 but the marriage did not last long either as the couple divorced in 2016.

9. There is a camp named after her

In celebration of the singer’s election to the board of directors in 1994, the Fresh Air Fund gave its career awareness programme the name “Camp Mariah.” According to its website, the group offers thousands of kids from New York City the chance to enrol in sleepaway camps spread out across the mid-Hudson Valley of New York.

10. She has several dogs

Mariah Carey has eight Jack Russell terriers. Mariah’s dogs are living the high life, from spending £28 000 a year on spa treatments for them to travelling with her on a private plane for a five-star “canine holiday” to the opulent Paw Seasons doggie hotel in Bristol, where she gave the staff customised daily menus to follow for each of them.

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