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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can now turn heads on the highway like he does on the football field.

The NFL MVP recently had his 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass customized with 24 karat gold plating and a new interior with diamond stitching on the seats.

“It’s a head-turner,” said Terry Dobbs, the owner of Monster Customs in Marietta, Georgia, which overhauled the classic car. “He wants his cars to be unique, just like him.”

The car definitely is unique.

Terry Dobbs/Monster Customs

The left front grill includes Newton’s signature C1N logo and a Panthers head – all gold plated – bolted on in case the 27-year-old superstar wants to remove them.

The gold-plated custom rims with wider-than-normal tires took two months to make so they would match up with a custom air ride suspension.

“The wheels are ridiculous – gold-plated and painted to match the car,” Dobbs said. “And the air ride suspension definitely sets the car off.”

Newton took the car to Dobbs because the suspension scrubbed the wheels when he made turns, making it practically undriveable. The engine also had a few gremlins that needed fixing.

Terry Dobbs/Monster Customs

“He wanted to enjoy the car,” Dobbs said. “We threw out another idea as to how to step the car up.”

Step up they did with new carpeting, a customized steering wheel, a new stereo system and a rebuilt trunk.

The car is painted gloss black with satin black flames.

“You drop the top and everywhere you drive that car people are looking at it,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs didn’t dare reveal how much Newton put into the car other than “the gold plating was a huge chunk of change.”

“Any money you put in a car like that you never get back out,” he added. “But if somebody wanted that car I’m sure it would bring $100,000 plus.”

Terry Dobbs/Monster Customs

Monster Customs also has worked on Newton’s 1972 Chevelle, with the quarterback’s Rolls-Royce next in line for a few additions.

Rolls-Royce aside, Dobbs said Newton is a muscle car fanatic at heart.

And Dobbs is a big fan of Newton, who grew up in Atlanta.

“He’s a unique individual,” he said. “He’s got tons of followers, tons of people that want to bash on him, but he’s still who he is. He stays true to it, and that’s how his cars are.

“Everybody that says anything bad about him I have to shut them up, because he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.”

Now Newton has one of the most genuine cars you’ll ever see.

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