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Best X-Factors in Madden 24: Superstar abilities for QBs, WRs, DBs & more

Selecting an X-Factor in Madden can be a complex decision, especially for newcomers. Here are the ins and outs to help you make the perfect choice for your style in the Madden 24 game.

Over recent years, EA SPORTS has utilized X-Factors to highlight the NFL’s superstars, distinguishing them from other players, a trend that continues in Madden 24.

Each team can have up to three X-Factor eligible players on their roster in the game – typically at least one each on offense and defense – and that includes yourself in Superstar mode or in Franchise mode.

In those two game modes, you are able to select X-Factors for your own player and others on your team – provided you reach certain milestones and objectives. But which are the best X Factors to choose? Well, we’ve got a few for each position.

Best Madden 24 X-Factors for Quarterbacks

  • Run and Gun – Grants perfect passing while on the run
  • Bazooka – Max throwing distance increased
  • Truzz – Can’t fumble as a result of a tackle

It’s hard to watch a modern NFL game and not see at least one mobile QB on the field. They’ve become the norm these days, but that’s always been the case in Madden – way before X-Factors were a thing.

Run and Gun and Truzz are the best two options if you want to recreate Lamar Jackson’s or Russell Wilson’s incredible feats of athleticism. Scramble out the pocket and you’re not going to be hampered by many defenders with those two.

Bazooka is the better choice for those players who want to stand in the pocket and throw absolute missiles over the top of defenses like Pat Mahomes. Sure, you can also use it on the run, but it’s more effective standing still.

Best Madden 24 X-Factors for Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

  • Double Me – Wins aggressive catches vs single coverage
  • Ankle Breaker – High fakeout rate on skills moves following the catch
  • Max Security – High success rate on possession catches

X-Factors for receivers are all about getting a one-up over the coverage – no matter if you’re a wide receiver or Tight End. Double Me is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a receiver that isn’t going to lose one-on-one battles with a cornerback. Just throw it up and watch them do their best Randy Moss impression when they’re in the zone.

Max Security is perfect for those slower receivers that you use to move the chains. They’re going to come down with the ball, but don’t expect them to start Moss’ing defenders. They’re a safe pair of hands.

Ankle Breaker technically doubles up for running backs – we’ll get to those in a minute – as it’s all about the moves you break out after the catch. This is the perfect X Factor for a slot receiver that you want to shake a defender with a quick cut and move upfield.

Best Madden 24 X-Factors for Running Backs

  • Wrecking Ball – High Succes rate on trucks and stiff arms
  • Freight Train – Increase chance to break the next tackle attempt

If you prefer your Running Backs to be in the more traditional mode of being a power back, well, you can’t go wrong with either Wrecking Ball or Freight Train. Freight Train is for those Derrick Henry-esque backs that are difficult to bring down when they get a head of steam. They’ll shake off tackles on the run without much pizzazz – just pure brute force.

Wrecking Ball is a great choice if you want to start throwing stiff arms on those side-to-side routes that have proven so effective over the years in Madden. You’ll get an added bit of strength in your arms to shake off any would-be tacklers with this.

As noted, you can also use Ankle Breaker, but that’s more for receiving backs in the Christian McCaffrey or Antonio Gibson mold.

Best X-Factors for Cornerbacks & Defensive backs

  • Shutdown – Tighter coverage and more INTs on contested catches
  • Bottleneck – Dominantly win man press attempts

The pool of X-Factors for Defensive backs is a bit limited compared to other positions. However, that doesn’t make them less useful than the rest.

If you want to put somebody on Revis Island, you’re going to go with Shutdown. DBs who use Shutdown are incredibly difficult to shake off and are going to come away with their fair share of INTs.

However, if you’re not too fussed about INTs and just want to play smothering defense that gets you off the field in four plays, Bottleneck is a great choice. It’s the choice for those who want a Xavien Howard or Marcus Peters-type corner that’s going to wear a receiver out with physical man-to-man defense.

Best X-Factors for Defensive Ends & Linebackers

  • Blitz – On-field blocks have their resistance bars wiped
  • Unstoppable Force – Pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Momentum Shift – On-field opponents have their zone progress wiped

Each X-Factor for defensive linemen in Madden is all about disrupting the flow of your opponent’s offense. You’ll bend their O-Line to your will with sheer brute force.

Blitz will continually tire out your opponents in the mold of Aaron Donald. Unstoppable Force is perfect for defensive ends and outside linebackers that want a quick first step and get to the backfield in a flash.

Momentum Shift is a great choice if you’re concerned with opponents building up their own head of steam and making zone progress. You’ll bring them back to square one when this X-Factor is activated.

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