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Russell Wilson: Fantasy Football Outlook For The 2023 Season

Russell Wilson, the esteemed quarterback of the Denver Broncos, had a trying season in 2022. His debut season in Denver left many fans and fantasy football enthusiasts wondering if he can make a triumphant return in the upcoming 2023 campaign. Now we will delve into Wilson’s previous performance and the factors that influenced it. In addition, we will explore how he stacks up against other quarterbacks in the AFC West and what the future holds for him in fantasy football.

Wilson’s 2022 Performance and Challenges

The 2022 season was far from the standard we’ve come to expect from Russell Wilson. Throughout the 15 games he played, Wilson’s average of just 235 passing yards and 1.1 touchdowns reflected a subpar performance. Furthermore, he experienced career lows in completion percentage and passer rating. However, we should consider the impact of injuries he battled during the season. These very likely contributed to his struggles. Additionally, the Broncos’ offensive line faced challenges in protecting Wilson, resulting in a staggering 47 sacks. Here’s to hoping that their first season in Denver has given him a firm foundation to bounce back in 2023.

Quarterback Comparison in AFC West

In the competitive AFC West, Russell Wilson’s fantasy football outlook becomes even more intriguing as he faces formidable adversaries. Notable quarterbacks in the division include Patrick Mahomes, the consistent top performer for the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, he poses a significant threat to finish as the QB1 in any given season. Another standout is Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, who impressed with a stellar rookie season in 2020 and continued his strong form in 2021. Supported by a talented cast, Herbert is poised to maintain his impressive performance in 2023. There’s also Jimmy Garoppolo, who takes over in Las Vegas amidst the departure of Derek Carr. Wilson is clearly behind Mahomes and arguably behind Herbert, too. Right now on paper, Wilson should be ahead of Jimmy G, if barely.

While these quarterbacks undoubtedly influence Wilson’s fantasy football prospects, it’s crucial to remember his history of success as a proven winner and his consistent ranking among the top quarterbacks in the league. With a talented supporting cast and the guidance of new head coach Sean Payton, Wilson has the potential to shine as one of the premier fantasy football options in 2023.

Team Outlook and Wilson’s Potential

The Denver Broncos are setting their sights high for the 2023-24 NFL season, with much of their success hinging on the performance of Russell Wilson. Bolstered by a new head coach in Sean Payton and surrounded by a talented supporting cast, featuring running back Javonte Williams and wide receivers Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos aim to emerge as a formidable team this season. While Wilson’s 2022 season was indeed disappointing, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about his fantasy football prospects in 2023. His proven track record of success and the talented players around him suggest that he can be one of the league’s top quarterbacks once again. A strong showing by the Broncos in 2023 could significantly boost Wilson’s fantasy football value.

Wilson’s 2023 Fantasy Football Outlook

Despite his challenges in 2022, there are compelling reasons to be positive about Wilson’s 2023 fantasy football prospects. Firstly, the Broncos have a promising rising star in running back Javonte Williams and two young, high-potential wide receivers in Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. This solid supporting cast should provide Wilson with ample weapons to enhance his performance and ease the pressure on him.

Russell Wilson to Jerry Jeudy for the 67-yard touchdown 🔥pic.twitter.com/n1VdyidxZZ

— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) September 13, 2022

Moreover, Wilson’s past success serves as a beacon of hope for the upcoming season. He has consistently been among the league’s top quarterbacks, and there’s no reason to doubt his ability to bounce back in 2023. As a proven winner, Wilson knows how to make critical plays when it counts. The forthcoming season should offer plenty of opportunities for him to showcase his skills.

The Broncos’ front office has taken significant steps to inspire hope for a Wilson bounce-back. Replacing Nathaniel Hackett with the seasoned Sean Payton as head coach is expected to provide a fresh perspective and invigorate the offense. The addition of Marvin Mims to the receiving corps in the draft, along with the recruitment of Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey to fortify the offensive line, are all indications of the team’s commitment to Wilson’s success.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, sure, Russell Wilson’s 2022 season was underwhelming. Still, there are numerous reasons to be optimistic about his fantasy football prospects for the 2023 NFL season. Remember that he has a talented supporting cast, a proven track record of success, and a new head coach at the helm. As such, Wilson has the potential to rise as one of the league’s premier quarterbacks once more. While there are inherent risks in drafting him, the potential rewards are too enticing to overlook. For fantasy football managers in search of a quarterback capable of leading their team to victory in 2023, Russell Wilson certainly warrants serious consideration.

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