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Russell Wilson drama at Denver: he’s losing the locker room, but Hackett isn’t planning to bench him

Before the start of the 2022 season, the Denver Broncos believed that the missing piece they needed to be contenders was a good QB, so they went after Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson and offered him a multi-million dollar contract that, they hoped, would pay off quickly.

But things have turned out very differently than they planned. Wilson hasn’t had a good season, he looks out of rhythm with his teammates, his offensive players aren’t helping him much and it just seems like he and rookie coach Nathaniel Hackett don’t get along.

Russell has lost some guys in the locker room

With a 3-8 record, Denver is all but eliminated from the Playoffs and in last place in the AFC West and much of that has been due to the ineffectiveness of Wilson and his offense. NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero says the former Seattle QB “has lost several people” in the locker room.

“One of the things that I’ve consistently heard about it is Nathaniel Hackett, for everything that has gone wrong, and everything that people are saying about his job right now, he has not lost that locker room. Russ has lost some people around that team. He has lost some people in that locker room,” Pelissero said.

Half the team was missing from his birthday party

Mike Klis of 9News.com said that for Wilson’s recent birthday party, his wife Ciara threw a big party with half the team in attendance to celebrate. But some see it as a case of the glass being half empty or half full, because while half the team attended, the other half did not, which seems to be in line with what Pellisero said.

Since he was in Seattle, Russell was not a guy who had the whole team in the bag, as former teammates like Marshawn Lynch or Richard Sherman never clicked with him. The buzz around Denver recently has been that “he’s not one of us,” thanks to his rich, famous and celebrity-married status.

However, he’s far from losing the starting job, Hackett noted in a recent interview. “At this point, no,” was the coach’s answer to the question of whether he planned to make changes at the QB position.

In 10 games this season, Wilson has thrown for 2,369 yards, 8 TDs and 5 INTs, with 58.9% pass completions.

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