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Roger Goodell Begged ‘Not to Pick Up’ Russell Wilson’s Phone Call After NFL Commissioner Reveals Mastermind Behind ‘Softest Pro Bowl’ Ever

Denver Broncos franchise man Russell Wilson didn’t get the Pro Bowl invitation this year after a dismal season with his new team. However, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a lot of the good that came out of the games in Las Vegas this year is because of a phone call from Danger Russ.

Flag football was a breath of fresh air for the athletes and the crowd. After a grueling season riddled with injuries, the shift from the usual Pro Bowl tackle football routine was cheered and welcomed. And Goodell owes the idea credits to the former Seattle Seahawks signal-caller.

Russell Wilson called with a pitch

Goodell held the Super Bowl LVII news conference in downtown Phoenix ahead of the clash this Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. And the commissioner touched on a lot of subjects ranging from the tone-deaf officiating in the league to appreciating Phoenix for hosting the championship game this year.

However, when the Pro Bowl talk came up, Roger was quick to bring up Wilson’s contributions. “I think it was Russell Wilson that called me the Tuesday afterwards (last year) and said ‘let’s play a flag game.’ I give our team incredible kudos for re-evaluating everything we did there and coming up with a concept that our players loved. That they were part of making those changes,” Goodell said.

The 2023 Pro Bowls comprised 8 skill events over two days besides the 7-on-7 flag football faceoff between the NFC and AFC. Eli Manning and Geno Smith-led NFC triumphed over brother Peyton Manning and the AFC. Wilson deserves the credit for sure. However, he couldn’t have been happy with his conference’s loss at the hands of Geno.

Fans criticized the Pro Bowl and Wilson’s involvement

Wilson had the worst season of his 11-year NFL career putting up only 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. And the Denver offense ranked last in the league. So the former Super Bowl champion will have to wait for his 10th Pro Bowl selection. On the other hand, his Seattle replacement Geno Smith won a crucial flag game. Fox also named Smith the NFL’s Comeback Player Of The Year. Safe to say, fans are not happy with Russ’ meddling.

Many in the NFL world didn’t appreciate the lack of roughness this year at the Pro Bowl Game in Sin City. And after Goodell’s revelation, the internet put the blame on Wilson’s ideas.

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However, with former New Orleans Saints Lombardi-winning HC Sean Payton now on the Broncos sidelines, a return to his former elite level isn’t off the table for Russ.

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