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More than 1,500 people unwittingly got stuck on Gronk’s Party Cruise

When Rob Gronkowski’s party ship set sail from Miami for a trip to the Bahamas on Friday, the cruise included Gronk and about 700 of his closest friends who signed up for a weekend of drinking and debauchery.

As it turns out though, the cruise also consisted of about 1,600 people who didn’t sign up for drinking and debauchery, but got it anyway.

The Boston Globe put together a full write-up of the cruise, which you can read here, and in that story, the Globe notes that not everyone on the ship was there for the Gronk Cruise.

The Norwegian Pearl can hold up to 2,300 passengers and since only 700 were onboard for the Gronk Cruise, that means there were another 1,600 who booked their trip not knowing that Gronk and his hundreds of friends were going to be there drinking as much alcohol as humanly possible.

Although this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen – I MEAN, A KID COULD BE ON THE GRONK CRUISE – it sounds like everything worked out.

According to the Globe, “Non-Gronk fans were unfazed by the shenanigans.”

For at least one woman, who booked the regular cruise, the fact that that Gronk was onboard turned her weekend into a people-watching fantasy.

“I’ve been telling my husband, ‘John, take a picture!'” Sue Fritz told the Globe. “Hey, the more drunk people there are to laugh at, the better for me.”

The non-Gronk fans even got a treat over the weekend: Apparently the Gronk side of the cruise didn’t sell out, so the cruise line decided to just mix everyone.

ESPN sent a reporter on the cruise (Sarah Spain) and she described the situation involving the people there for the Gronk Cruise and the people who had no idea there was a Gronk Cruise.

“They opened up the other half of the boat to regular cruise passengers, which sounded hilarious to me the first time I heard it and it’s becoming more and more funny as I try to identify which of the many people waiting to board the boat are here for Gronk and which ones think they’re on a regular cruise,” Spain told the Dan LeBatard Show.

And yes, there were children on the Gronk Party Ship even though they didn’t sign up for the Gronk Party Ship.

“There are small children. There are normal old couples holding hands,” Spain said, describing the non-Gronk cruisers.

You can read more about the Gronk Cruise by clicking here or by clicking here. There was also a wedding proposal that you can read about by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you just want one video that sums up the Gronk Cruise, I think this one does it pretty well.

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