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How Patrick Mahomes’ ketchup obsession brought him closer to Chiefs’ billionaire Clark Hunt

Patrick Mahomes is more than just a superstar quarterback. He’s also a huge fan of ketchup. Yes, you read that right, ketchup. The Kansas City Chiefs QB loves the condiment so much that he has been endorsing various brands in this domain.

Mahomes revealed his love for ketchup in his personal biography, saying, “It has always been my personal favorite.” He even used to eat bread sandwiches with plain ketchup in between, which he called a main course.

In a recent interview, Mahomes explained his love for ketchup and bread, saying: “When I was a little kid, I used to just eat ketchup sandwiches that were just ketchup and bread.” While he no longer eats this, he still includes ketchup in his diet. “I eat four to five meals a day. I eat breakfast, then lunch, and then spread out my dinners to make sure I’m not eating too much at any one time,” he shared.

Mahomes’ ketchup obsession ultimately led him to Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Hunt’s ketchup brand approached Mahomes to be their brand ambassador, and he gladly accepted.

Mahomes even prefers Hunt’s ketchup over Heinz. Hunt, who is also a ketchup aficionado, was pleased with Mahomes’ choice. “To date, he probably enjoys a bunch of free bottles from them every year,” shared Mahomes’ representative.

Chiefs’ QB is a great ketchup lover

Patrick’s diet and fitness play a significant role in his success. He follows a strict diet plan, which helps him maintain his shape and mobility. “I need to stay fit and perform at the highest levels,” he said. Despite his strict routine, he can’t resist including ketchup in his meals.

Mahomes’ love for ketchup has made him a fan favorite, and it’s clear that he’s not ashamed to admit it. He even jokes about it on social media, posting pictures of himself with bottles of ketchup. “Ketchup on everything,” he captioned one of his posts. With his talent on the field and his love for ketchup, Mahomes is a unique and eye-catching figure, something his fans admire and try to emulate in their own lives.

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