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‘The Masked Singer’ fans are convinced the White Tiger is Rob Gronkowski

Fans of “The Masked Singer” are convinced that the show’s towering White Tiger is former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

They’re also convinced that, whoever the furry beast is, he sure can’t sing or dance.

Only three episodes into Season 3 of the Fox reality show, viewers — and critics — are sure the 6-foot-6 football star and Super Bowl 2020 party host is the performer hiding behind the mask. They’re also taking Gronkowski, 30, to task for turning in a messy rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” which relies more on arm-waving over wobbly vocals than actual dancing and audience participation.

And fans of R&B legend Chaka Khan (“I Feel for You,” “Ain’t Nobody”) were shocked when, dressed as the one-eyed, pink Miss Monster this season, she was eliminated from the competition in Wednesday night’s episode, leaving the White Tiger still in play. After the singer, 66, went home, her followers threw out some Lady Marmal-shade and were highly vocal on social media that they do not feel for Gronk — er, the White Tiger — following her ouster.

“They really gonna send Chaka home over that tone deaf Rob Gronkowski?” tweeted one disgruntled supporter of Khan, who performed a version of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” on Wednesday night. Another suggested that Gronk couldn’t hide his off-the-field inadequacies behind a mask and full-body get-up, saying, “No, Rob Gronkowski, you can’t dance, and no white tiger costume is gonna make me feel any different . . .”

Another annoyed watcher suggested that, because Gronkowski is “a very popular New England Patriot,” the White Tiger was left in, calling the show a “popularity contest.”

Still another suggested that Gronk give up entertainment dreams and instead lend a hand next year to the Detroit Lions, who finished the 2019-2020 season with a dismal 3-12-1 record. “If I have to hear Rob Gronkowski try to perform music one more time, I’m making him play for the Lions,” posted Adam Kwaselow. Meow! Maybe a couple pregame hookups with girlfriend Camille Kostek, 27, could help, too.

In video testimonials this season, the White Tiger revealed several clues that would seem point to Gronkowski as the likely performer, including a glimpse of a poster that mentions “four score and seven years ago” — or 87, a possible allusion to his Patriots jersey number.

It’s a wonder that Gronkowski would even be able to squeeze in time to don a costume on “The Masked Singer.” A Fox Sports analyst since October, he also did a guest stint on “New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey” — with disastrous results — and partied hard at both the Super Bowl and a pre-Grammys bash featuring Lizzo, 31, last month.

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