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Comparing Himself to Jesus, Antonio Brown Gets Over 173k Reactions From Polarized NFL Community

If history is any proof, many fans would recall Antonio Brown as the NFL’s top WR. After years on the turf, he walked off the field and made an empire of his own. But his antics remain the same and grab the media’s attention. AB’s recent move, ‘a cryptic statement on Twitter’, did just that. However, the unusual remark was not entirely his.

On Thursday, the ex-Buccaneers wide receiver shared an illustration with a quote attributed to him revealing his greatest regret from his pro career. The statement then contrasted to seeing either The Beatles or Jesus perform at Colorado’s famous Red Rocks music venue — But the remark appeared to be a forgery.

The Tweet mentioned, “My biggest regret in my career doesn’t involve calling my GM a ‘cracker,’ or showing up to Raiders camp late in a hot-air balloon with frozen feet, or throwing rocks at that UPS driver, and it definitely doesn’t involve taking my shirt off and doing a victory lap around the Jets’ stadium mid game while throwing up deuces.”

“My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to see me, Antonio Brown, play a game live. Sure, I can watch the game afterwards, but I can’t imagine what that was like for you all to see something like that. Like watching the Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks.”

The graphic that Brown shared was a meme from an Instagram page that goes by the username thesportsmemery. The page acknowledged that the Antonio Brown graphic was a meme. One might think of this as a crazy act, but it is just AB having some fun with memes.

Antonio Brown is living life after his NFL exit

Many enthusiasts might think that the one-time Super Bowl champ was suffering after his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But it is just the opposite. After getting cut, Brown transitioned towards his music career and made headlines when he released his debut album, Paradigm- he did not stop there too.

AB performed at this year’s Rolling Loud Music Fest in Miami and displayed some insane moves. He became the first athlete-turned-musician to perform at the fest and also gave birth to a crazy dance trend. Brown totally went from pits to palaces and is on the path to becoming limitless.

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