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Aaron Rodgers to Las Vegas Raiders trade looks close after NFL star’s comments

Las Vegas Raiders wide-receiver Davante Adams has fuelled speculation that Aaron Rodgers could potentially head to the franchise, after claiming the quarterback will join ‘his neighbourhood’.

Adams left the Green Bay Packers at the end of last season, and joined a talented offensive line at the Raiders. Unfortunately for Adams, the Raiders didn’t have much success, but his impact was highlighted as the Packers struggled without him.

Derek Carr won’t be returning to the Raiders next season and they’re now looking for a new quarterback to guide the franchise into the play-offs. Adams and Rodgers were one of the best partnerships in the NFL before the receiver made the move, but he’s teased fans that his former quarterback could soon join him.

Adams took part in a Q&A on his personal Twitter account, telling his 426,000 followers that he will answer 15 questions. Unsurprisingly the receiver was flooded with them, but he still chose to respond to a very crucial one.

Rodgers has been heavily linked with a move away from the Packers following his comments made after the regular season, even though he still has two years left on his current deal. It is not yet known whether Rodgers will return to the Packers, but talks of a move to either the New York Jets or to the Raiders have continues to circulate.

Adams was asked by a fan: “Which neighbourhood is @AaronRodgers12 moving to?” And Rodgers’ former team-mate simply responded with: “Mine.”

Raiders fans have been screaming out for a star quarterback for some time, as although Carr has been a valiant servant, he’s not managed to lead them to any sort of glory. The Raiders were linked with an ambitious move for Tom Brady, but after the legendary quarterback announced his retirement from the NFL on Wednesday, that’s no longer an option.

Rodgers has remained quiet about his future, and even responded to ‘conversations’ being held inside the Packers organisation by claiming “he’s not been a part of them” so far. “It sounds like there’s already conversations going on that aren’t involving me, which are interesting,” Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show.

“I’m not a part of those conversations right now,” he added. Rodgers fuelled doubts over his Packers future at the end of season as he hinted “it could be time to step away” from the franchise.

Rodgers’ time in the NFL isn’t over, but he is running out of time after previously admitting he has no plans to stick around as long as Brady did. Rodgers will be 41 when his current deal expires, and he wants to win one final MVP award before calling time.

“Do I still think I can play? Of course,” he said on a previous episode of the Pat McAfee Show. “Can I play at a high level? Yeah. The highest. I think I can win MVP again in the right situation. Right situation, is that Green Bay or is that somewhere else? I’m not sure.

“But I don’t think you should shut down any opportunity. But like I said during the season, it’s got to be both sides actually wanting to work together moving forward.”

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