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Does Lamar Jackson support Donald Trump? Explaining the Ravens QB's 'Truzz Trump' tweet

Lamar Jackson and Donald Trump had an odd interaction earlier this year that led to the Ravens quarterback tweeting, “Truzz Trump.”

The interaction happened in April and it occurred on Twitter. The NFL-owned Twitter account The Checkdown randomly tweeted out a video from 2018 where Jaire Alexander was celebrating Lamar Jackson being drafted in the first round by the Ravens. Jackson quote-tweeted that and added the comment, “Brodie.”

🤞🏾🤞🏾Brodie @JaireAlexander https://t.co/GFgdRXANAw

For some reason, Trump then quote-tweeted Jackson and said, “Really nice to see this and, what a great pick!”

Really nice to see this and, what a great pick! https://t.co/91104h0sd1

This led to Jackson’s tweet of “Truzz Trump.”

Truzz Trump https://t.co/gy9LQO6nSA

Does Lamar Jackson support Donald Trump?

Jackson’s tweet could be seen as him saying “Trust Trump,” but that’s not quite what he’s saying in that tweet. Jackson has been using the phrase “Big Truss” since joining the league. Urban Dictionary defines that as “Pompano slang” (Jackson is from Pompano Beach), which essentially means, “I agree.”

“Big Truss” eventually turned into “Truzz” so Jackson could copyright it. “Truzz” has since been a catchphrase for Jackson, so much so that he tattooed the word on his chest.

In other words, Jackson was essentially just saying he agreed with what Trump was saying in that tweet, not that he agreed with Trump as a whole. He confirmed this in a follow up session with reporters.

“Someone actually texted me about that and was like, ‘Trump just tweeted you.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and got on Twitter. I had seen he was making a statement about me being a great pick, my teammate congratulating me and stuff like that. I was just like, ‘I appreciate that.’ That’s what Truss means, I’ve been saying it all year. I don’t know why it got blown up like that,” Jackson said in April. “I wasn’t making no political statements or anything like that. I was just, like I said, just agreeing to what he was saying about me and my teammate. That’s all.”

Outside of that interaction, it doesn’t appear as if Jackson has made any comments about Trump. The Ravens quarterback has, however, been outspoken on social issues. He recently discussed the Kentucky grand jury’s decision to not indict Louisville police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor

“It’s crazy we never get justice for serious things on our side of the part,” Jackson said. “We’re in America where it should be freedom of speech, the Land of the Free, but I don’t feel like its been that way for us Black people sometimes.”

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