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Cameron Jordan rubs salt in the wound, sends Cam Newton wine after Saints win

Cameron Jordan is a man of great football talent, but he’s also a man of his word.

That much was proven on Monday when, just a day after Jordan’s Saints knocked Cam Newton’s Panthers out of the playoffs, the defensive end sent the Panthers’ quarterback a parting gift. That gift – a bottle of Jordan brand wine – fulfilled a promise that Jordan made to Newton earlier in the season.

Earlier this year, the divisional rivalry between New Orleans and Carolina paved way for a war of words between the two Cams. It all seemingly began when Jordan chirped Newton for his fashion choices.

I asked Newton a question about what Jordan said in September following New Orleans’ 34-13 victory over Carolina. Referring to some of Newton’s louder outfits, Jordan said then that Newton had “gone with the grandma hat and the onesie” and joked that Newton had not worn “high heels” – at least not yet.

“I didn’t know he was a fan of my dress code,” Newton said Wednesday when I asked him about Jordan’s criticism. “Obviously he’s been paying attention. Nevertheless, that’s flattering to me. If he sends me his address, I can send him some sauce.”

Jordan initially seemed a bit confused what Newton meant by “sauce” but he clearly didn’t forget the quarterback’s comments. After the Saints beat Carolina in Sunday’s wild-card playoff game – completing a 3-0 season sweep of the Panthers – Jordan referenced the “sauce” and promised he’d deliver some of his own.

“You beat the Carolina Panthers three times in a year, I’m gonna have to send this guy a wine bottle,” said Jordan, via ESPN. “I appreciate him. So I’m gonna send him some sauce.”

And, just in case anyone thought he was joking, Jordan shared the proof on his Instagram page Monday.

Not only did Jordan commit to the troll, but he did so in a timely manner, because sometimes pettiness can’t wait. Heck, Jordan even splurged for the overnight shipping to ensure the bottle would arrive before Newton packed up his locker at Bank of America Stadium.

Jordan has done a great job of taking down Newton throughout this year, but now it’s Newton’s turn to take down some Jordan. Unfortunately for the quarterback, it will be in a wine glass and not on the football field.

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