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Cam Newton Talks Not Marrying Ex-GF, Gets Blasted By Brittany Renner

Cam Newton opens up not marrying his ex/the mother of his four children, Kia Proctor. Brittany Renner doesn’t buy his excuses and bashes him for succumbing to “temptation island.”

Cam Newton may not be signed to an NFL team as we speak, and that’s terrible for all the fans that love watching him on the field, but it’s the off-season and it gives him more time for his lifestyle content.

Recently, Cam has taken a very big interest in YouTube and to see him raw and uncut on the platform is a blessing. His latest Funky Friday video featured Brittany Renner who is certainly outspoken and will not hold back at all. Of course, the two talked about relationships and Cam tried to explain the decision to not marry his ex Kia Proctor.

Kia and Cam have four children together; Cashmere Saint Newton, Camidas Swain Newton, Chosen Sebastian Newton, and their daughter Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. Kia has a daughter Shakira from a previous relationship that Cam also considers as one of his own.

“That’s a great question… The thing is that person that I was while we were having children together, I couldn’t be the best husband. I wasn’t prepared to be a husband then,” Newton explained. “I was on temptation island. A football player, young, ‘no’ is not even in my vocabulary,” said Newton, the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and 2015 NFL MVP.I just found myself in this downward spiral. Did she deserve better? I would humbly say, yes, she did… I was falling deeper into my own selfishness and realizing I gotta be better.”

“And she was around me through a lot of success, a lot of downfalls and I respect her for that to this day, but it never led to the ultimate commitment, and that is a ring… We just grew apart and we have a great working relationship now and where we have beautiful children and we’re seeing them grow day in and day out,” Newton said.

“We were both young … But at the same time, the person that she was when I met her, it wasn’t the person she was when I left her. When I met Kia, and I say this protecting her, she wasn’t the one to be like, ‘I want to be married.’ My parents been together for 36 years. I know what marriage looks like: the ups, the downs, the trials, the tribulations… I seen Kia really evolving into a woman where her standards were, ‘I ain’t just no baby mama,’ and when she kept putting pressure on me I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is what I really want,’” he said.

Of course, Renner was fresh off her experience with the father of her child P.J. Washington, so she wasn’t going to let Cam slide and gave him a dose of truth in the form of direct questions.

“So, you would be with a woman. You knew the woman who was the total package, but she was a cheater. Yes or no. Yes or no?” Renner asked.

Cam, for whatever reason, says he would because he would be willing to work on it. If this is a true answer, it’s honorable from Cam, but Brittany pushed back and explained that the work would be on his end for “not being enough.”

“You’re not enough. You’re not enough. Your d*ck’s not enough, sorry,” said Renner during the discussion.

“Not necessarily, you know, can be something, but more or less like they just need polishing,” said Cam about cheating. “They’re dull. Their knife is dull. Let me sharpen that s*it up and say, Hey, bro, that’s unacceptable. Just like I talked to the girl and say, bro, you’re not enough. Okay, cool. Listen, let me prove to you that what you’re doing is hurting me. Some people may care, like it may not. It’s a lot of polygamous relationships out here that’s thriving. That’s booming.”

The interview with Brittany probably got more real than he imagined but shaped up to be some amazing content. Everyone has a podcast these days, but if Brittany and Cam start one I’m sure nobody would be against it.

Relationships are very complicated already, throw in money and pro sports and you have endless content.

With Cam knowing the pro-athlete part and Brittany knowing the other side of it, they may be sitting on something special together.

You can watch both episodes in full below.

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