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Amid Met Gala Absence, Russell Wilson’s Singer Wife Ciara Wilson Reveals Real Reason For Nervous Appearance

Ciara Wilson has always been very active on social media. Whether that be due to her social work with her husband or with her new viral song. She has taken to Instagram and Twitter multiple times with brilliant videos and photos that showcase her radiance. In almost every post of hers, Ciara is decked up in some or the other brilliant way. Therefore, it came as a surprise when she took to Instagram to reveal an unadulterated version of herself.

Russell Wilson’s wife mentioned in her picture how she was feeling nervous about her appearance. Her post also got a lot of interesting responses from her fans about how she was trying something new. They took to her comments to talk about it.

Ciara’s brave steps with her new look

The pop star took to Instagram to talk and showcase how she was trying a different kind of makeup. In her caption, she spoke about how she was a little nervous doing her own makeup. She even went on to ask the opinions of her fans.

The pop star took to her post to endorse her friend, Yolanda Frederick’s makeup kit. She mentioned how the kind of makeup she was trying was a different one that would give her a natural look.

Furthermore, her fans took to Instagram to comment on Ciara’s new look. They complimented her brilliant style in makeup and hyped her up.

Fans go crazy over Ciara Wilson’s honesty on Instagram

Fans were all over the moon when they saw Ciara’s new look. Even her friend whose makeup she was using commented on the post. Yolanda commented and said, “You did such a great job my love… I’m so proud of you.”

Furthermore, a fan commented on how good she looked and said, “Great job on your makeup.”

Some fans compared her to a legendary Native American figure and said, “Giving Pocahontas.”

One fan commented on how she looks beautiful regardless of any makeup and said, “You always are beautiful and fly with or without makeup. You’re just that girl!”

Finally, there was a fan who wanted to help Ciara do makeup and said, “Love it C , I wanna do your makeup one day.”

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March 12, 2023, Beverly Hills, CA, USA: Ciara and Russell Wilson attend the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 12, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. Beverly Hills USA – ZUMAs181 20230312_zea_s181_737 Copyright: xCraSHx

All in all, fans were very supportive of Ciara’s new makeup choice. They had no judgment of her nervousness and ensured to showcase their love for him. It only remains to be seen what her next new look will be.

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