Gronk explains why he doesn’t use Snapchat in hilarious Twitter Q&A

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski conducted a question and answer session with his Twitter followers on Tuesday. A great deal of topics were covered, including but not limited to Gronkowski’s shoe size, 40-yard dash time, bench press capabilities, and favorite food. Here are some of the highlights.

I love fitness so would work for my dads fitness company or be a personal trainer! #sixstargronkchat

I would be very interested to know if there are any other personal trainers whose regimens include regular trips to Vegas, partying on buses and boats, and chugging whiskey and beer. Probably not.

Green Bay is an amazing football atmosphere stadium to play at! #sixstargronkchat

Lambeau Field is reportedly pretty great. Someone should note to this question-asker, though, that although it is located in Foxborough, MA, the place where the Patriots play is called Foxboro Stadium. Not sure why.

He is a great dancer. We both great dancers for how big we are and have different style moves! #sixstargronkchat

Nobody can deny that Cam is a talented dancer. Not even Gronk.

Gronk explains why he doesn't use Snapchat in hilarious Twitter Q&A

Maybe one day ill do a shoot with puppies. That would be so cute !! #sixstargronkchat

How does Gronk not remember the time he hung out with a puppy? That’s just disappointing.

Yes I will, just don’t know when. #sixstargronkchat

People of Texas: Prepare for the Gronkening.

No i don’t. To many chicks would send me pics and it would get to out of control. I let @Chan95Jones handle that!

This is almost definitely true. It does beg the question of what he means by letting Chandler Jones “handle that,” though. Should have asked a follow-up. Now we’ll never know.

Size 16! #sixstargronkchat

You know what they say about guys with big feet… It is difficult to find shoes that fit. Good thing Gronk is a professional football player and can get some custom-ordered cleats.

I can do 225 about 25 times! Equivalent to around 400lb max. #sixstargronkchat Got to get stronger!

Per, Gronk did 23 reps of 225 pounds at the NFL combine, so he has apparently gotten a bit stronger over the last few years.

ran a 4.70 at my pro day 6 years ago. I may be faster now though!! #sixstargronkchat

And maybe he got faster, too. But there’s really no way to verify it.

No. I liked it when you use to call me on my cell phone. What happen?? #sixstargronkchat

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is a “Hotline Bling” reference.

I like listening to what is popping at the moment. Top 40 is always clutch. #sixstargronkchat

Well, yeah. That was obvious when he made a hotline bling reference in the previous answer.

my moms home made Chicken Sue flay. Super delicious and yummy! #sixstargronkchat

Let’s get this man a dictionary so he learns how to spell souffle.

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