Patrick Mahomes’ Vision To Own 30 Whataburger Restaurants Underway As 6 Locations Are Open

Whataburger is so dear to Patrick Mahomes that he plans to open 30 restaurants within seven years.

The Kansas City Star reports the Texas native and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback joined a team of investors to create franchise group KMO Burger. They plan to create 30 Whataburger locations in both Missouri and Kansas, according to a news release.

“KMO Burger, LLC is a brand new expansion venture undertaken by the famous Texas-based fast-food chain Whataburger mainly serves customers in the southern United States. We are a new investor-led franchise group including Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, striving to bring the age-old flavors and traditions of Whataburger to the states of Kansas and Missouri,” a statement on the KMO Burger’s LinkedIn reads.

Bringing Whataburger to new regions allows Mahomes to have a taste of home in Kansas City. Mahomes knows all to well the significance the fast-food chain holds, especially as a Texan.

“KMO Burger is comprised of a group of investors from Texas with a deep appreciation for Whataburger. Eating there is a part of growing up in The Lone Star State,” Phillp Rose, KMO Burger’s chief financial officer, said in a statement.

Mahomes also shared similar sentiments with The Kansas City Star.

“I’ve always ate Whataburger since I was a little kid,” the NFL player said. “And then when I got older, I’d babysit my brother and there was a Whataburger literally down the street, and we would always grab that and kind of have that while my mom was working.”

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He continued, “So when I got to Kansas City, it was the first time I’d really been out of Texas and didn’t have Whataburger all the time. And so I ended up talking to some people and we ended up making it happen where we’re going to have a lot of locations out here, and I’ll have a little bit of Texas here in Kansas City.”

At the time of this writing, KMO Burger has opened six locations, with more underway, according to their website. Soon, they will be opening their newest location in Olathe, near 135th Street and Black Bob Road. Customers can look forward to the grand opening in November 2023, per Fox4KC.

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