Marjorie🌹 — Happy Birthday, Love – A Louis Partridge Imagine

Marjorie🌹 — Happy Birthday, Love - A Louis Partridge Imagine
Marjorie🌹 — Happy Birthday, Love - A Louis Partridge Imagine

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that this was written at the time of Louis’ birthday but I never got the time to finish it because of school, but here ya go! Better late than never 🙂

sum: come along as you’re louis’ girl giving him the sweetest birthday ever

contains: cute fluffy louis. definitely gemini louis!! (we all know geminis are something else. so, you’ll definitely see how quick his mood changes lol. have fun!)

word count: 15,091

this imagine will take you along Louis’ day with his family. so it’s not just going to be y/n and louis content. So just know to expect more than that! this imagine is written as Louis’ day, which will include his family, so it won’t just be filled with just fluffy y/n and louis content. but it still contains a great amount of it!

Enjoy 🙂

y/n’s pov:

It was a couple of minutes before midnight, marking a whole new day.

A special and wonderful day.

I have managed to climb up to Louis’s balcony from the ladder he leaves outside at all times. Which leads up to his room on the second floor, for me to sneak into.

I giggle at the thought of him wanting to have a Dawson’s Creek moment between us. He says “if Joey can climb up to Dawson’s room, then you can climb up to mine.”

I have managed to make it up safely and most importantly quietly so that Louis doesn’t catch onto the little sweet surprise I have up my sleeve.

I smile in excitement, waiting for the minutes to pass by. Which might I add are seeming to be the longest minutes of all time!

I stand against the hard exterior wall of the Partridge household, next to the sliding door which leads into Louis’s room.

My eyes are glued to the lockscreen on my phone that is portraying the time.

June 2nd, 2021; 11:57 pm

Three more minutes!

I smile dumbly as I catch a view of my lockscreen, as I was previously looking at the time. The screen captures a funny looking photo of Louis and I. We both had the most ridiculous faces on planet Earth, but even if it was ridiculous and funny looking, the photo was everything I loved about us and him.

A couple of butterflies sparked up in my stomach. I was madly and deeply in love with Louis Partridge.


I was getting giddier and nervoud by the second.

I just wanted to jump in there and tackle him into a hug.

I started fidgeting with my fingers and I couldn’t stop my smile from getting wider and wider.

I looked down at my phone again but nope it was still eleven fifty-nine.

I just wanted to go in there and hug the hell out of him.

At last, it was 12:00am, marking it June 3rd.

I loudly and recklessly slid his balcony door open and jumped into his room.

He was laying in bed, phone in hand. His eyes jerked up at the sudden loud sound and the image of the human who is his girlfriend jumping into his room. He sighs in relief holding his chest and starts smiling uncontrollably.

“HAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!” I shouted at him with pure happiness and delight.

“Oh god!” He says with a wide smile, hands up against his face. “I did not expect that! You’re insane!” He giggled.

I smile a toothy smile and sprint up to his bed, jumping on top of it, landing on both him and his fluffy bed.

He lets out a loud laugh and immediately puts his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him.

I start playfully singing.

“happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to my amazing, beautiful boyfriend whose name is Louis Partridge.”

His eyes fixated on his funny girlfriend. He lets out a loud laugh, head falling back, and all, as he hears the little twist of words she concocts to his happy birthday song.

Her voice changes as she’s now looking at him like he’s the only person in the world.

“happy birthday to you,” I whisper softly, ending it for only us to hear, intimately.

He smiles sweetly. He’s grateful for this gesture. He didn’t care for anything big or scandalous. He was happy that this is what he got. His foolish girl was in his arms at the very second of his special day.

“I loved that!” He says with a cheeky smile.

I smile a goofy smile as both of our faces are inches apart and eyes interlocked.

I smash my lips against him and within a few seconds, the kiss ceased from our two smiles against each other. We couldn’t help but let out laughs. We were both very happy.

I move away from him and he frowns.

“Welllll now I gotta goooo,” I say, keeping a straight face and voice. I hop out of his bed.

I caught a glimpse of his face as I was hopping his body on my way out of his bed and he was confused as ever.

“I know your parents are sleeping and I wouldn’t want to be here without them knowing,” I say looking at him with a frown as I was standing on the outskirts of his bed. He now is in the process of sitting up trying to figure out why I’m leaving. I turn around and smirk as I pretend to start heading out towards the door I entered.

I can sense his smirk and eye roll and right before I had a chance to go he grabs my wrist.

“Get your arse back over here!” He says with a widespread smile as he rolls his eyes in annoyance, knowing I had been joking all along.

He yanks me back onto his bed, close to his arms.

“Nice try.” He says as he holds me in a tight grip, as I’m now beneath him.

Our playfulness was out the door now.

His eyes had a different look in them. He was on top of me and I was laying underneath him. He held power and dominance over me, especially since he’s now feeling himself on the early morning of his birthday.

I let out a tiny laugh.

“C’mere,” I say, pulling him from his shirt down to me. He smashed his lips against mine. Within the kiss, we got comfortable under the covers. I wrapped both of my arms around his neck, getting him in closer proximity to me. His hands on my thighs, I could feel him moving them both a little open to get himself comfortable and adjusted in between my legs.

Our lips, wet and full of temptation. Hungry for one another. Louis lowered his body closer to mine, our exposed warm skin touching. I pulled him closer by the neck, wanting him even more, our lips crashing deeper into one another.

I pulled away, our lips sticking to one another as I let go, causing them to make a squishing kissing sound effect.

Louis and I’s pants of air were the only things heard in the now dark room.

Louis without a second passing by, intertwined our lips again, spreading and finding comfort in the open of my legs.

I huffed in the kiss letting go of our lips.

He looks into my eyes in confusion, wanting more, and oh how much I wanted to give him more.

“I love you and I love this but we gotta get some sleep. Remember we have breakfast early in the morning with your parents and sisters,” I say with a serious tone.

He groans and even in the dark, I can see his childish behavior as he rolls his eyes.

He lowers his body onto me squishing mine as his face lowers in.

He looks deep into my eyes with pleading ones.

“Please.” He whimpers.

I frown knowing I wanted to just make it the best night for him but I knew that if we continued to further this, it’d take a long while. It’d be nearing dawn and we wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep.

He realized I was in thought.

“Please.” He whimpers as his face starts nearing my lower neck. He plants some light kisses leading up towards the midst of my neck.

“Please, my love. I’m begging you.” He says as the kisses prominently get more stimulating. I had to stop him before they got too unbearable for me to stop him from continuing.

“Louis.” I slip out in content, trying hard not to let in.

He could tell I wanted to and he used that against me, knowing I didn’t want to resist.

“Please.” He begged in between the fulfilling neck kisses. He knew I couldn’t resist his whimpers and his imploring voice full of want.

And it was all up to me, but I couldn’t. I wanted to sooo bad but if we did within a few hours his parents and sisters would come bustling in this door to find us all sweaty and exhausted full of bliss.

“We can’t Louis,” I say quietly, sadness tracing along with my words.

He sighs. “I know.”

He pecks my nose as he’s still on top of me and gets off of me, laying beside me.

“I’m sorry,” I say sadly.

“Don’t be sorry.” He whispers pulling me in. “I know you wanted to. But you know what?” He pauses, looking over at me. “I know you mean well. Because any other girl would choose to instead of caring about my family’s breakfast and I love you for that. I really do.” He says softly and plants a sweet kiss on my cheek.

“Thanks, Louis,” I say just as soft and turn over to face him, cuddling him. “I love you.”

He places his hand on the side of my face that wasn’t placed on the pillow, caressing it. He leans in and I feel his plump lips on mine.

“I love you too.” He says as I feel his voice against my lips vibrating.

“Come on!” He says taking me along with him as he lays on his back, leaving me slightly on top of him.

I wrap my leg around him and reach out for his free hand that isn’t placed on my back. He instantly grabs it and holds it firmly. My head was on his chest.

“Happy Birthday Louis,” I say as I close my eyes.

“Thanks my love,” He says and squeezes my hand. “I’m glad I get to spend the start of my birthday with you. So thank you for barging in here,” He says with a smile, ending with a chuckle.

“Anytime,” I say with a laugh.

We both fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Morning was emerging and Louis’s parents and sisters were already awake ready to walk into Louis’ room to congratulate him on his eighteenth birthday.

“Shh!” Louis’s mother and father say shushing their two daughters who were laughing a bit too loudly. They were quite excited to finally have a good excuse to wake Louis up, without him getting annoyed at them.

Issie and Millie look at their parents with open mouths and shock in their eyes, ultimately speechless at their mother shushing them.

“You’re going to wake him,” Their mother whispered, scolding them.

The girls responded with another row of laughter as they were nearing his room. They just couldn’t help it. They couldn’t keep quiet.

Their father couldn’t help but smile at their foolishness.

“Okay. We’ll stop now,” Issie says, taking a deep breath, trying to stop their laughter.

Millie was trying to hold in her laughter, trying not to ruin their parent’s way of waking up their only son on his special day.

The four made it outside of Louis’ closed door. Liz enclosed the doorknob ready to open up the door.

“Ready?” James questioned the three females.

They all nod and all whisper ‘yes’s’.

Liz turns the doorknob and slowly opens her son’s door.

The girls rush in quietly and the four see the boy before him peacefully sleeping with the girl of his dreams resting on his chest.

“Aww. I don’t know if I should feel disgusted or not,” Issie jokes.

“They look so adorable!” Millie says in awe.

“Our boy isn’t much of a boy anymore,” James comments to his wife, placing his arm around her shoulders pulling her into his chest.

“I know,” She whispers, shedding a few tears.

Issie and Millie give each other a look of ‘are you being serious’

“So are we waking him up or not?” Millie asks impatiently.

“You’re really looking forward to it. Aren’t you?” Their father chuckles.

“Of course!” Issie says with a smirk.

“Okay. Let’s go,” Liz remarks with a smile

Issie immediately grabs a spare pillow and wacks it right onto Louis’ face making sure not to hit Y/N. Their mom gasps and their father laughs.

‘WAKE UP LOSER!” Issie yells smacking the pillow right at him, again.

Millie doesn’t even give it a second after Issie’s yell as she was already jumping on Louis’ bed.

After feeling the first hit Louis awakens from his peaceful slumber, feeling happy as ever from the last couple of hours. But now feeling displeased from the way he’s being awoken.

He feels y/n on top of him. He mentally rolls his eyes as he’s being interrupted from sleeping with his girlfriend.

He opens his eyes on the second hit, feeling Millie jumping on his bed obnoxiously. Oh, but she was doing it on purpose to annoy her older brother.

“The only bad thing about waking you up is waking y/n up,” Issie says, smacking the pillow on the now wide awake Louis.

He unwraps his arms from y/n quick enough to catch the pillow from hitting him again.

Y/N hears and feels the commotion and realizes what’s going on. She immediately starts laughing as she opens her eyes.

y/n’s pov:

I immediately open my eyes and feel Millie jumping on the bed. I, without a doubt, joined Millie, leaving Louis laying down in bed.

Millie giggles as she sees me jumping alongside her. We both give each other our hands and intertwine our fingers as we proceed to jump around with our hands laced with one another’s.

“Wake up Louis!” I say looking down at him with a smile.

“I’m awake,” He says in a lighthearted grumpy voice.

“Come on! Stop being a party pooper!” I say bending down to grab a pillow and hitting him with it.

“Oh, you want to play it like that?” Louis says, eyeing me with a smirk.

He instantly stands from his seated position on his bed and tackles both Millie and I onto the bed. Millie and I both groan in pain, as we lay straight on his bed without a movement.

“Don’t think I forgot about you!” Louis says, turning his attention to Issie. He hops out of his bed, grabbing the pillow I previously had, and smacks her. She gets caught off guard and Louis grabs her and pushes her onto the bed, on top of Millie and I. Both of us, still trying to recuperate.

I let out laughs and so does Millie and Issie.

“Mornin dad. Mornin mom. Shall we head off to breakfast without them?” Louis says, giving them quick hugs and playfully walking out of his room.

“That was not what I expected at all,” Issie groans as she holds her stomach.

“Yeah… mom wanted to sing happy birthday like the happy peaceful family we are,” James trails, as both Liz and him are standing beside the door, with laughs.

“You can say that again,” Millie says with a straight face and monotone voice.

“Yeah. Sorry about that mum,” Issie says as she sits up.

“We can still sing if that helps?” Millie says with a hopeful shrug.

Louis turns to his mom and sees her somewhat disappointed face after her plans didn’t go her way.

“Alright. Alright. Come on!” Louis says, trying to complete his mother’s wishes. His arm over her shoulders.

James catches on and proceeds to count. “1… 2… 3…”

We all sing.

“Happy Birthday To You. Happy Birthday To You. Happy Birthday dear Louisss. Happy Birthday to you!” We all sang as Louis stood beside his mum and the three of us sat on his bed. James beside their mom.

We all stood up from his bed to congratulate him.

Louis towered over his mother and they both tightly hugged. They stood there for a while and they swayed side to side.

I melted inside at the sight of the two.

“Come here!” Louis’s dad says brightly with a proud smile opening up his arms. Louis forms a huge smile on his face and goes into a bear hug with his father.

James pats Louis back proudly and firmly in their hug.

I observed with a smile as Louis was in bare arms with his parents. It was adorable and loving.

He lets go of his dad and turns to the three of us.

He smiles and pulls his youngest sister into a hug. He looks huge compared to her. I laugh as Millie’s giggles escape her lips.

Millie’s contagious laughter got Louis laughing as well.

Issie walks towards Louis and they both hug tightly.

As they hug I go and greet his parents, formally.

“Morning guys!” I say as I walk over to them.

“Morning y/n!” They both greet, each with huge grins.

I go in to hug Liz and she opens her arms widely.

I smile and blush at her kindness.

I go and wrap my arms around her as does she.

She pulls me in tightly.

“Thank you for joining us,” She says into the hug.

“Of course!” I enthuse and pull away to converse with her.

She grins.

“You’re such a wonderful girl honey! I’m glad Louis found someone like you! You truly make him happy,” She exclaims, and out of excitement she pulls me into another hug. I chuckle.

“Aww! Thank you, Liz! You’re such a wonderful mum. Thank you for raising an amazing boy,” I say. “Both of you!” I say and look over to James with a smile.

He smiles a toothy smile and takes me into a hug.

I chuckle.

“Thanks, honey!” James says into our hug.

I smile at him and nod.

“You both are great parents! You should be proud. You have amazing children!” I say to them and pull away from my hug with James.

I then feel two arms wrap around me from behind. I smile and blush feeling him close behind. He nuzzles his head into my neck.

“Don’t worry guys. I know you both adore and love her so much. I’ll be making her your third daughter soon,” Louis cheekily says to his parents as he smashes his lips onto my cheek.

“Louis!” I blush and turn my head slightly to look at him.

He smiles cheekily and looks over to her parents.

“Watch it,” Liz playfully warns with a brow raised.

Louis chuckles.

“Not any time soon, I hope!” She sighs, not wanting her kids to grow.

I giggle.

“Don’t listen to him!” I say with a playful eyeroll.

“Knock some sense into him, dear,” She says with a laugh. “You’re only eighteen.” She says eyeing Louis.

“Well… As of the law, I don’t need your consent to marry. Not anymore,” He jokingly says to his mother.

James laughs.

“We raised a witty boy. Didn’t we?” He says looking over to his wife. “Oh and son we know you love the girl but don’t marry yet. Makes me feel old,” He half jokes.

“Oh yeah! If we encouraged him one bit! He’d be down on one knee,” Issie teased.

“What! I kinda want a baby running around the house,” Millie says with pouty eyes.

“Don’t encourage him!” Issie exclaims looking over at Millie.

“Well now that I think of it-” Louis begins to say.

“NO!” Liz, James, and I yell.

Louis stands behind me, arms wrapped around me, dumbfounded with his mouth open.

“I’m only joking…” He trails. “Kind of?” He says with a laugh.

“Okay! On that note, let’s start getting ready for breakfast. Please!” Liz pleads as they start heading out of the room.

I laugh.

“I agree!” I say as I try to walk off but get enclosed by Louis tightening grip around my waist. His parents, now gone.

“Nooo!” He whispers into my ear with a pout.

I blush and look down feeling the butterflies.

“You’re so clingy!” Millie says in disgust as she watches Louis and I, catching what Louis has done.

“Let the poor girl go!” Issie says.

“She likes it,” Louis says as he smirks, looking down at me. And oh he’s right. I do like it.

Millie gives Louis an “mhmm sure’ look.

“Whatever you say, Louis,” Issie remarks in doubt.

I let out a laugh.

“Come on Louis. We have to get ready,” I say, trying to free myself from his grip. He loosens his arms and I manage myself out.

But I did miss his arms wrapped around me closely, his body pressed against me from behind, and his head propped on my shoulder as he lowers himself down to my height. The way I feel his arms against my skin and feel his soft hair brush against my face and neck. His occasional sweet and cute kisses he leaves on my cheeks and neck. My stomach erupts with butterflies by just thinking of it.

“Come on y/n. Let’s go,” Millie says, grabbing my bag that has my outfit and necessities to get ready.

I nod and without saying goodbye or looking back I start walking out with Millie and Issie.

Louis is left baffled.

“What?” Louis says right as we reach the door frame to head out. His ‘what’ sounding like a ‘wot’.

I turn around and so do they.

“Imma go get ready with Millie and Iss,” I say like it’s nothing.

Every time I’m over at the Partridges and we’re heading off somewhere, I always get ready with Millie and Issie.

“But… it’s my birthday,” He frowns.

My heart falls at his adorableness.

Millie didn’t quite see it as adorable though.

“Louis! Y/N, Issie, and I always get ready together. You know this already!” Millie sassily says.

“Yeah, it’s quite practically tradition at this point,” Issie butts in.

“That’s precisely my point! It happens alllll the time! I would like my girlfriend to get ready. Here! With me! On my birthday!” Louis irritably says to his sisters.

“You’re so annoying!” Millie furiously says, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever! You can leave now,” Louis says and walks over and grabs the door, waiting for them to leave.

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Issie sighs and rolls her eyes going out the door.

I frown.

“Bye,” I say.

“You’re lucky it’s your birthday!” Millie says and walks out the door as she hands me my bag.

I grab it and peep my head out the door before Louis shuts it.

“If you need me I’m right here!” I shout into the hallway so that they hear me from their rooms.

Louis peeps his head out.

“No, she’s not!” He yells loudly.

I push him and he laughs.

“I’ll make it up to you guys! I’ll sit with you both on the way to breakfast!” I say to them.

“Yeah! She won’t be doing that either!” Louis yells right after me.

“Louis!” I say looking over at him as I laugh.

“What?!” He says like it’s nothing.

He pulls me into the room and slams the door shut, locking it.

He immediately goes in and wraps his arms around my back and lowers his face into mine, pulling me in as close as he possibly can.

“Are you glad you got your way?” I say with a cheeky smile, looking up at him.

“Yes. Very!” He says looking deep into my eyes, with a huge proud grin.

After a few seconds of him looking into my eyes, he leans in for a kiss. Our lips meet. He tilts his head sideways, deepening the kiss. I tippytoe up to him and he pulls me in by the waist, closening all the space between us. One of my arms is around his neck and my other is roaming up to his messy hair.

I run my fingers through his soft locks and take in his luscious lips. The way they worked against mine drove me crazy. They worked perfectly with each other, lips perfectly in sync. I could never let go of his lips.

Louis groans into the kiss, driving me insane. He squeezes me and I could literally just melt in his embrace.

“This is the best birthday ever,” He says in between the kiss and I let out a giggle right as he goes to interlace our lips again.

I pull away. “And why is that?” I say now looking into his brown eyes.

“Hmm,” He says with a smile. “Because I’ve been fortunate enough to kiss you countless times these past few hours.” He says as he looks down into my eyes.

I smile and blush.

“Well! I’m glad I could help,” I say with a huge smile and tippytoe to peck his lips.

“Oh, you’ve done more than just help! You’re literally the reason why I woke up with a smile this morning and the smile I have on right now. You’re the one that went out of your way to be here on the exact second of my birthday and it’s the most adorable thing ever y/n!” Louis generously says with a smile. His eyes roam every inch of her face, taking in her beauty. He can’t believe she’s his.

“Aww, Louis!” I say with puppy dog eyes. “You’re gonna make me all emotional!” I say as I pull him into a hug. I place my head on the lower shoulder area of his chest, resting my face on him. “You’re the best boyfriend ever. You always manage to say all the right words that make me feel all special and gushy. You’re amazing Louis and I love you for it! You’re the best person in the world!” I say as I pull my head up and face him, telling him every word.

He looks at me with a pout, lips propped out, and eyes filled with adoration as he looks down at me.

“You’re incredible Louis. You’re a spectacular person. You deserve everything you have and more! You’re caring and sweet. Your laugh is literally the cutest thing ever! The way your head falls back when you laugh, it’s the best sight. You’re literally adorable in every way! You’re so passionate about your hobbies and you always give everything your all. You have no idea how incredibly proud and amazed I am by you. You’re ambitious and driven. Like, you’re just fucking amazing Louis. You have no idea! I could go on and on about how incredible and great you are!” I say pouring out my heart to him.

He just keeps his eyes on mine. All he does is smile down at me.

He pulls me in and places his chin on the top of my shoulder. I smile to myself and lay my head on his chest.

“Thank you,” He whispers into my shoulder. “You have no idea how much it means to me.” He smiles into my shoulder now laying his head on me.

I know my words meant a lot to me. He always takes it all in and stays silent as he holds me close. I could tell he was thankful and happy for the way I felt towards him and the way I spoke so highly of him. His silence says it all and the way he’s holding onto me for dear life.

I smile into the hug and tighten my arms around him, knowing he’ll smile.

“Now, come on. I’ll tell you more about how amazing you are later. As of right now, we have to get ready for breakfast,” I say slowly pulling apart from him.

He chuckles and nods.

I know we both wanted to stay in each other’s arms but we had to get ready.

“Alright,” He smiles and heads to his closet.

I walk over to my bag full of necessities I brought the night before to ready myself. I go to grab my toothbrush and head towards Louis’ bathroom.

As I walked towards the restroom I could feel Louis stare at me from his closet.

“Are you drooling?” I say with a playful smirk.

“What?” He says getting caught off guard. “Oh. Yeah!” He says catching on to what I meant. “Definitely!” He smirks.

I laugh and roll my eyes as I make it to the restroom. I put paste on my toothbrush and look into the room.

“Might wanna unlock your room. Don’t want them trying to come into the room and them thinking we’re up to something,” I say with a chuckle.

“Right!” He says with remembrance. I continue to brush my teeth as Louis goes to unlock his bedroom door.

As I’m finished brushing my teeth I grab my makeup bag and I go and sit on Louis’ bed. I grab my little mirror and put on some moisturizer as I get comfy on his bed.

Louis is now in the restroom styling his hair.

“Lord Tewkesbury or Sid?” Louis asks regarding his hair.

“Whichever one you’d like my love,” I say with a smile as my heart skips a beat.

He nods and goes on with doing his hair.

I start putting on some foundation and blending it into my skin.

He finishes doing his hair and jumps onto the bed with me, laying his head on my lap.

I giggle.

“You’re such a baby!” I gush looking down at him.

“Oh hush! I’m just glad you’re here with me. Getting ready,” He whispers as he cuddles his head onto my lap.

“You know I’m not gonna be able to play with your hair or baby you cause I’m doing my makeup,” I chuckle looking down at him.

He sighs loudly.

“You know, you can just not do your makeup! You don’t need it anyways!” He says grabbing the mirror and proceeding to take it from my hands.

“Louis!” I gasp, trying to reach for it.

He lets out a loud laugh.

I frown and he continues to laugh.

“You’re mean!” I say with a sad face.

He chuckles.

“It’s fine. I don’t need a mirror to blend in my concealer,” I say with a shrug.

“Mhm. Sure.” He says holding on sacredly to the mirror.

I continue to blend in the concealer under my eyes without speaking to Louis. He continues to lay himself on my lap, not taking his eyes off me with a smirk.

Once I’m done with my base, Louis is laying straight up looking up at the wall.

I lower my face down to him and frown.

His eyes turn to me and he smiles knowing what I’m about to say.

“Okay for this part I really need the mirror. Please!” I plead as I give him my puppy dog eyes.

He shakes his head and I frown.

“Please,” I beg.

“Look who’s acting like a baby now!” He smirks.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Come on Louis!” I say and reach over to grab the mirror.

“Okay fine!” He groans and hands it to me.

I’m taken aback by how easy that was and he notices. He now has a cheeky smile plastered on his face.

I furrow my eyebrows but choose to ignore it. I angle the mirror up to my face and start filling in my eyebrows. Then suddenly I feel Louis sitting on me, face on my chest. His legs are crisscrossed as he sits on my lap and puts his whole body weight on me as I’m trying to do my brows.

“Louis!” I yell at him as I couldn’t help but laugh.

He chuckles and replies with “What?”

“Oh my god!” I say as I place the mirror and eyebrow brush and pomade down.

He laughs knowing that would get my attention.

“You’re such a kid,” I say with a laugh as I kiss his head, which is below my face, laying on my chest. He’s so huge as he sits on me, his whole body leaning on me. His face and whole upper body against mine.

“This is how it feels when you come and sit on me, wrapping your legs around my waist when I’m sitting,” He says into my chest.

I chuckle.

“Well, it’s cute when I do it,” I tease.

He playfully gasps.

“See look when I do it at least I make it comfortable for the both of us. I wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck. While you, just sit on my lap,” I laugh. “You’re not even hugging me or placing your legs anywhere comfy,” I say.

“Well seeee. I would buttt you’re doing your makeup so I can’t really get comfy or else you won’t be able to get it done cause I’d be in your way,” He says looking up at me. “I’m like wayyy bigger than you, so I’d be in your way of you doing your brows.” He says emphasizing on brows. “Anddd you’d make me get off of you so that’s why I’m doing the bare minimum!” He defends and mocks.

I laugh.

“Right ‘bare minimum’ when you’re literally sitting on me,” I say with a chuckle.

He lets out a laugh.

“Wellll when you put it like that…” He trails with a bright smile. “Alright I’ll get off of you now,” He says, going up to kiss my cheek.

“Okay! But only if we do this later when I’m not trying to do something,” I chuckle.

“Deal!” Louis says with a chuckle.

He gets off me and lays beside me slightly placing his head on my thigh. He trails his finger up and down my thigh in boredom. I let out a shiver and he looks up at me and smirks.

I smile and roll my eyes.

He looks back down and continues with his antics.

I finish off my brows and start to add concealer onto them to fix them up and complete them.

As I do, Louis continues to trace his fingers along my skin causing me goosebumps.

I could hear Louis giggle from below.

I shake my head and smile.

After a few minutes, I grab some blush and highlighter.

“Okay, I know you’re bored! So if you’d like you can add these onto my cheeks.” I trail on. “BUT, carefully!” I warn as his eyes widen.

He sits down immediately onto the bed and grabs the blush.

“Okay so be careful with the blush because it’s really pigmented,” I warn.

He makes a face of confusion.

“Okayy.. I think I know what that means,” He says, patting the brush onto the blush.

My eyes trail to his facial expression and his eyebrows and face seem really tense. I smile as I see that he really is taking this seriously.

“Okay..” He trails as he carefully swifts the brush on my cheekbones.

“Go on!” I assure and he nods.

He continues on with the highlighter and really seems to be concentrating on it.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Why are you smiling?” He questions.

I open my eyes and they immediately meet his worried ones.

“Nothing. It’s just you really seem focused. It’s cute,” I smile and peck his lips.

He smiles and grins. His white teeth showing. It was adorable. He looked adorable. Damn, I really am lucky to have Louis.

“Okay, now I just gotta curl my lashes and put on mascara,” I explain. He nods. “And then once I’m done you can spray on my setting spray,”

“That sounds exciting!” He exclaims and I let out a laugh.

I curl with my lashes and proceed to put on a couple of coats of mascara. Once they’re where I want them to be I get Louis to go on with the final step.

He was already ready at hand, with the setting spray.

I chuckle and nod, giving him the cue to spray away.

I close my eyes and he clicks away. I instantly feel the wet sprays, which come to a stop once Louis is finished.

“Finally!” He sighs and lays down cuddling into me.

I chuckle.

“Louis, I still have to do my hair,” I say with a laugh.

He looks at me and lets out a loud groan.

“I’m sorry,” I say and get off the bed, heading to the bathroom.

“I’m just going to quickly curl my tips,” I say brushing my hair.

“Okayyy.” He says with a sigh as he finds a comfortable position on his empty bed.

I giggle and start to curl the ends of my hair.

Once I’m halfway through my hair I call out to Louis.

“Babe. You might want to start getting dressed. I’m almost done with my hair, so if you want some spare time for me to baby you, finish getting ready!” I say as he shifts in his bed.

“Okay!” He says getting off of his bed and going to grab his clothing for the day.

I go back to doing my hair and from the corner of my eye, I see him taking off his shirt.

I smirk but continue to do my hair anyways.

I hear his hums from the restroom as I finish curling the last end. I grab my outfit from the bag and start undressing.

Louis’ eyes make it to his girlfriend and sees that she’s taking off her bottoms. He doesn’t know whether to continue his gaze or look away.

Eventually, he goes back to getting changed himself.

I look over at Louis and see that he’s only in his briefs.

I smile at how alluring and good looking he is.

“You’re so handsome,” I blurt out.

His eyes widen as they meet mine. He then chuckles.

His eyes meet my exposed shoulders as I’m only in a bra as I’m trying to get the straps on.

He smirks.

“And you’re so beautiful!” He says with a cheeky smile.

I smile and blow him a kiss.

As I’m finished putting my dress on, I head into his room and go in to hug him from behind. He has some khaki pants on, a nice dress shirt, a small gold chain, and sneakers.

He looks impeccable.

“Wow. You look amazing Louis!” I say and wrap my arms around him from behind.

I can see his smile from the mirror in front of him and he instantly turns over to me.

He picks me up slightly and kisses my lips.

I giggle and pull away.

“You’re adorable,” I mention and look at him in awe.

“No. You’re adorable!” He chimes.

I smile and kiss his lips right before pulling away.

He chuckles and puts me down.

“Now, you’re the one that looks amazing!” He says as his eyes trail down to me.

I blush and smack his chest playfully in response.

“Ow.” He winces.

I giggle and go in to peck his lips once more.

“You truly look amazing!” He says, not letting his eyes off of me.

I giggle and thank him.

I had on a casual floral dress. It wasn’t over the top but it wasn’t simple either.

“Thanks, bub,” I say cheekily with a wide smile.

Louis chuckles and bends down to peck my lips.

I giggle and straighten out his dress shirt.

“Should I wear a crew neck over the button up?” Louis asks as he looks down upon himself.

I think for a bit.

“I think you’d look good both with and without it. But take it just in case it gets chilly.” I advise.

Louis nods and goes to grab a charcoal brown crewneck.

“Perfect,” I say with a smile as I grab onto his arm.

He looks down at me and grins.

We both head over and lay on his bed.

He chuckles.

I roll my eyes, knowing he’s excited cause I can finally give him my attention.

He lays his head on my shoulder.

“Come here, birthday boy,” I say and motion for him to lay on my lap.

He does so and lays his head on me.

I go in to play with his hair, which I love.

“God, I love it when you do that!” He sighs as he closes his eyes, his head against my lap.

I chuckle and continue to roam my fingers through his hair, gently tracing my fingers through his scalp.

He rubs his head into my lap, as he cuddles deeper into me.

I smile knowing he’s enjoying my touch.

He looked adorable as his eyes were closed in bliss.

I lowered my head down to his lips and he puckered up his lips to connect the two. I smiled before proceeding to give into his lips. I grabbed onto the side of his face with the palm of my hand as I gently massaged it, as our lips created their own magic.

We were so into our own little world that we didn’t even realize that Issie and Millie had just entered the room.

“Aww! Look at you two, all dolled up, and sucking each other’s faces off. Nice scene to walk into huh Iss?” Millie’s voice echoed through the room.

My eyes widened and Louis and I both broke off the kiss.

“Oh yeah! Definitely, Mills, especially since our brother is the submissive one in this case,” Issie says.

I bit my lip, trying to hold in my laughter.

Louis was still in my lap, rolling his eyes.

“And what? It’s my birthday!” Louis shoots back, sitting up.

“Eww! Gross! I don’t want to hear that!” Millie shrieks.

“I would prefer not to hear about your sexual life and how you want it on your birthday!” Issie says in disgust.

“What?! I didn’t even say anything like that!” Louis says to them in defense.

“Well.. you kinda did imply it, babe,” I say as I wrap my arm around his shoulders and give him a peck on his cheeks.

He rolls his eyes at his sisters again.

“Well, we’re all ready now. We’re just waiting on mom,” Millie says, completely changing the subject.

She shudders as she’s about to sit on the bed but backs off.

I laugh, shaking my head.

“We didn’t even do anything! You were literally jumping on my bed not so long ago!” Louis speaks, with an eye roll.

I reach over to grab Millie’s hand and pull her into the bed.

“Here, I’ll give you a kiss too,” I say and kiss her cheek once she falls into the bed.

“Gross! I don’t know where those lips have been!” Millie says.

“OH MY GOD!” Louis says as he lets himself fall back into his bed with his hands in his face.

Issie is dying of laughter, so I pull her in quickly and send her a kiss.

“Oh nooo!” She complains as my lips meet her skin. “No! No! No!”

“We are neither confirming nor denying your allegations,” Louis says with a smirk as he sits back up.

“Louis!” I shriek as I feel my cheeks go red.

Millie starts making gagging noises and Issie scoots farther away from us as possible.

“What!” He says with a growing smile.

“You know what!” I scold.

Louis pulls me by the arms and causes us to both fall back into his bed.

“As much as I’d like to admit you guys are cute. That was no fun topic to speak about!” Millie says with a worried expression.

Louis laughs evilly.

James peeks his head through the open door.

“Time to go!” He smiles and heads off.

We all stand up from the bed. Louis goes to grab my hand, he intertwines them and squeezes our hands gently.

I smile and pull our intertwined hands to my lips and give them a little kiss.

He cheekily smiles and we start heading out his door.

“You girls look beautiful by the way!” I say to them as we all walk down the hallway.

“Thank you! You look gorgeous,” Issie says to me with a huge smile.

“You do look amazing y/n!” Millie smiles.

“Aww thank you, guys!” I smile and we all make it down the stairs.

Liz gasps once she sees us all.

“You all look wonderful!” She gushes.

We all thank her.

“You look lovely, Liz!” I smile.

“Thank you, darling!” She smiles.

“Come on, let’s take a few pictures before we head out!” She pleads.

The four of us pose for the picture. Louis and I in the middle, Millie beside me, and Issie beside Louis.

After a couple of photos were taken, I let them take a couple of photos of just the three of them. I then offer to take photos of them all.

James and Liz join in with Louis, Millie, and Issie. I snap a couple of photos to get everyone’s good sides.

“Come on y/n!” James calls me in. He swifts his hand signaling me to join them.

I nod with a smile and Liz leads me over and squeezes me in next to Louis. I blush and thank her.

James was in the corner ready to take a couple of photos, camera held up high to capture us all.

Louis wraps his arm around me and I lay my head on his chest. I put one of my arms behind his back and one on his chest as I lay my head on him.

We all smile for the picture and James takes a couple.

“Alright let’s head out. We’re taking the car even though we might get more traffic but going on the train is going to be a hassle,” Liz explains.

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“Mum. There’s no rush!” Louis assures her.

“Louis, well what’s the purpose of a breakfast if we’re not going to eat early?” Liz comments.

Issie and Millie let out a laugh.

“Alright. Alright. I guess we are in a rush. Speed away father,” Louis says once we’re all settled into the car.

Louis is on the left side of the car, I’m beside him, and to my right is Millie and then Issie.

James starts the car and drives off.

Louis puts his arm around me and pulls me in by my shoulders. He puts his lips against my temple and sweetly kisses it.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” I whisper to him and he nods with a vibrant smile.

“So where are we eating exactly?” Issie asks her parents.

“To a nice restaurant that’s famous for their breakfast selection,” Liz explains.

“Famous?!” Louis says. “Oh mum, choosing an expensive place, am I right? Mum you didn’t have to. I’d be happy with anything!”

“Nonsense! It’s your special day,” James exclaims.

Louis smiles.

“Well thank you, nonetheless. You didn’t have to but thanks,” Louis smiles.

James continues driving for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, the four of us in the back decided to play Who’s Most Likely To.

“Louis is definitely most likely to jump into a dumpster!” Issie exclaims.

Louis opens his mouth but nothing comes out of it. He’s just left with his mouth agape.

I giggle and nod.

“It’s definitely you, Louis! You literally have dove into a bunch of trash bags,” I say with a laugh.

“Literally everyone has seen that video!” Millie says in between laughs.

“Okay. Fine. I’ll take it I guess,” He says with a little eye roll.

I let out a laugh, as everyone in the car does as well.

We continue to foolishly ask questions which leads everyone in the vehicle to erupt in laughter.

James pulled up to a fancy looking restaurant. It looked full and impacted with many guests. It had both outdoor and indoor seating.

James found a place to park the car and we all stepped out of the vehicle. Louis hopped out of the car before me and lent me a hand to step out. I smile out at him and place my hands on him. As I make it out of the car, Louis closes the car door behind me.

“M’lady,” He cheekily says.

I smile and let out a cute laugh

James smiles at us as he exits the car himself.

“Okay let’s head in. We have reservations. Thank goodness cause look at the place,” She sighs in relief as we enter the doors.

Louis walked beside me as his hand was placed in my lower back. I smile at how he’s such a gentleman.

“Six for the Partridges,” James notifies the fancy main entrance.

Louis lowers his lips to my ear.

“See they already see you as a Partridge,” He whispers deeply into my ear.

I blush and look over into his eyes.

He has a huge smile placed on his lips.

I giggle and as I was about to respond we were already being led to our table.

Louis pulls out my chair and leads me to sit. I blush and sit on the comfy fancy looking chair.

Louis pushes me in a bit and pats my hair and he goes to sit beside me and across from his parents.

Right as we’re getting seated a couple workers were already handing us freshly squeezed juice.

I smile in thank you and simultaneously Louis and I reach for each other’s hands, from each other’s chairs.

We both laugh within each other and take in the freshly squeezed juice, which was delicious.

“Wow, mum. This is really good!” Louis shockingly says as he places the cup down.

Liz smiles and seems proud of her choice of breakfast.

We get handed the menus that we made of thick rich paper.

“Wow mum, even the menus are expensive!” Millie says as she opens it up.

I giggle and open up the menu myself.

I look over the breakfast selection and see they have everything anyone could ask for.

“Look over the menu if you’d like but we’re ordering the platter that gives us all the main dishes the restaurant offers for breakfast,” James notes to us as Liz nods.

“So we’re like having our own little buffet? Here at our table,” Issie questions.

“Precisely,” James smiles with a nod.

“Wow. Ok,” Louis says in amazement.

“You deserve it,’ I whisper to him with a smile.

He looks at me with love in his eyes.

“Thanks love!” He whispers back and he squeezes our hands.

I smile and we both face the table again.

Liz is ordering the platter and we all continue to drink the delicious not too thick juice.

We all start to converse once we’re settled and have placed our order.

“How does it feel to be an adult now?” Issie jokes.

“Oh! You know, life changing!” Louis claims.

I let out a giggle.

“I feel like a totally different person!’ He exaggeratedly says.

We all let out small laughs.

Soon various workers came over to our table. They all had huge platters of different breakfast dishes in their hands. They set it all down at our table. And man, let me tell you! There was sooo much food!

There were pancakes of all sorts of flavors with unique shapes, waffles, french toast, crepes, fruit, syrups of all kinds, breakfast burritos, bacon, mashed potatoes, hash browns, bacon, eggs.

“Mum! We are never going to finish all this food! I feel like I’m eating with the queen!’ Louis exclaims as his eyes gaze through the variety of food.

“Wow! I feel full just by looking at all of this food,” I say with a giggle.

“Let’s dig in!” Liz says, grabbing a plate.

We all nod in agreement and reach over to grab empty plates.

I reach to grab a plate but Louis was already handing me one.

“Here ya go,” He says with a bright smile.

“Wow what a gentleman,” Issie teases as she goes to grab some waffles.

I smile and grab the plate from his hand.

“Thank you, Louis!” I say with a pout. He’s so sweet and thoughtful.

“As he should!” Millie demands and I let out a laugh.

“I will always treat her right,” Louis says, grabbing a plate for himself.

“Well, I’m glad you do, Louis. I have always told you to be respectful and to treat a girl right and I am really glad and proud of you for treating y/n this way,” Liz says with a proud smile.

I turn over to Louis with a smile and he looks over at me. He looks straight into my eyes and squeezes our intertwined hands three times. I smile. Gosh, he makes me melt every time. I blush and smile a thank you to him.

Every time one of us squeezes each other’s hand three times, it indicates us secretly saying I love you, to one another. Each squeeze represents each word. It was our thing.

I love him too.

I turn away as I feel my cheeks warm up.

“Aww she’s blushing,” Issie teases as she pokes my sides.

From the corner of my eye, I see Louis turn once he hears Issie’s statement.

James and Liz laugh in awe.

Once Louis realizes that I certainly am blushing he lets go of our hands and pulls me into him.

“Aww. C’mere!” He smiles as he kisses my temple.

They all laugh and continue filling up their plates.

As they all place their attention on serving themselves breakfast, my face no longer turns red.

Louis gives me another temple kiss before letting me go.

I smile and go to serve myself portions from different platters.

As I finish filling my plate, I dig my fork into a pancake.

They look so delicious.

I placed the fork into my mouth and I was already in a food coma. The food was incredibly delicious. The pancakes were so fluffy and warm. Without a doubt, they were the best pancakes I’ve ever tried.

I continued digging into the other portions and it was all too delicious.

“Wow, this is really delicious mum!” Louis says with a full mouth of eggs and bacon.

I giggle as his parents scold him.

“Okay okay! I’m sorry!” He says quickly swallowing his food.

“This is why we can’t have nice things, Louis!” Millie scolds.

Louis is left with his mouth agape.

“It’s literally my birthday guys. I was trying to show my gratitude mum!” Louis defends.

I roll my eyes at him and Liz shakes her head.

“Point was you were talking with a mouth full of food and we’re in a high end restaurant, Louis,” Issie adds.

“I feel really attacked,” He says and digs into more food.

James and I laugh.

“Just eat your birthday breakfast, babe,” I say, patting his back.

“Mhm.” He says pretending to be hurt.

“Oh stop!” I say with a smile.

He couldn’t hide his smile anymore and let out a laugh.

“You’re such an idiot,” Millie says with a playful eye roll.

Louis lets out an adorable laugh and I couldn’t help but smile and feel warm on the inside.

He was my idiot.

Towards the end of our meal, an enormous group of employees surrounded our table.

“Oh no…” Louis whispered loud enough for me to hear.

I giggle and hold his hand.

“Who in this table is Louis?” A worker called out.

We all pointed at Louis and he rose his hand.

“That’ll be me,” Louis calls out.

They hand him a candlelit dessert.

As it was placed in front of him, all eyes in the restaurant were on him.

The employees erupted into a song to wish Louis a Happy Birthday.

“Woohoo!” James and Liz cheer from across the table.

I let go of Louis’ hand and began to cheer him on.

We all clap our hands as the singing ceases.

“Thank you,” Louis kindly says to us all.

The workers nod and reply with ‘you’re welcome’.

Liz stands from her seat and goes to hug her boy.

Louis smiles appreciatively and goes in to hug her, as well.

He’s so sweet to his parents. He hugs her tightly and whispers words of gratitude only for her to hear.

She goes on to kiss his cheek and he flushes.

Her mom lets go and James goes in to pat Louis.

“Happy Birthday son. You know we love you and we’ll always be here for you. We believe in you and here’s to many more,” James says pulling Louis in.

“Thanks, dad!” Louis says holding onto his father.

“Happy Birthday Louis!” Millie calls out from her seat.

“Love you!” Issie smiles.

“Thanks, guys. Much appreciated!” He says gracefully.

We all stood up and headed out of the restaurant.

Louis and I walked behind everyone as we headed to the car.

“What are we doing now?” Louis cheekily says.

I turn over to look at him and smile.

“It’s a surprise!” I beam.

“A surprise?!” He exclaims.

“Mmhmm!” I nod.

“What kinda surprise?” He questions placing his lips on my cheek, hoping I’d give him more information.

“I can’t tell you,” I giggle.

He lets out a whine and lets his head fall back.

“Nope. Not happening!” I smile looking at his impatience.

“Can you at least give me a hint?” He pleads.

“You’ll eventually find out. As of right now you just can’t know,” I giggle.

“Ughh!” He groans as we make it to the car.

I roll my eyes and laugh to myself.

Louis opens the door for me and heads into his seat after me.

“Why is he being annoying this time?” Millie asks.

“Y/N won’t tell me my surprise!” He desperately says.

“Well it’s supposed to be a surprise,” James says, turning on the car.

“Wait! So you know what it is?” Louis says as his eyes glow.

They all nod.

“This sucks!” He says, crossing his arms.

“Alright here. I was going to wait until we got home. But since you’re upset about not knowing y/n’s surprise. We can give you ours right now,” Liz says, pulling out a black box from her purse.

“What is this?” Louis says as he holds the black box in the palm of his hands.

“Our first surprise,” James says looking at the back seat from the rearview mirror.

‘Why thanks guys,” Louis smiles as he opens up the black box, revealing an elegant watch.

His eyes widened in amazement.

“Mum! Dad!” Louis lets out in shock. “Thank you! I don’t even know what to say! I don’t even know how to react.” Louis says attentively, laying his eyes on the watch.

“I got my first watch on my 18th birthday and I wanted to do the same for you. Keep it going you know?” James says from the driver’s seat.

“It’s very grand. I can’t thank you enough!” Louis says looking up to his parents.

“Well put it on!” Issie clamors.

Louis carefully pulls the watch out and unclips it, placing it through his wrist. His other hand clips on the watch to his hand.

Louis flicks his wrist and smiles.

“Thank you, dad! Thank you, mum! Looks good doesn’t it?” He says to them and he shows them his arm.

“It looks great honey!” Liz smiles.

“It really does! It goes perfectly! James says as he looks at the watch on Louis’ wrist.

His eyes turn back to the road as we pull up to the Partridge’s neighborhood.

“Ahhh! Okay, time to close your eyes!” Liz says as she jumps in her seat.

“What?” Louis laughs nervously.

“Close your eyes quickly!” James warns.

“Bloody hell! What’s going on?!” Louis says not closing his eyes.

“CLOSE YOUR EYES!” Millie and Issie yell.

“No! Not until I know what’s going on!” He replies.

“Oh my god!” I reply as I see that the house is nearing our sight.

Everyone in the car is yelling for him to shut his eyes, so I do it for him.

I quickly place my hands over his eyes, right in time for him to not see his other present, parked in the driveway.

I gasp as I see the black sports car lavishly parked on their driveway.

“WHAT! What’s going on?” Louis questions as he tries to open his eyes, once he hears my gasp.

We all choose to ignore him.

Now I knew he was getting his first car but seeing it now in close proximity, I was excited. It was nice, really nice.

James parks on the sidewalk that leads to the driveway where Louis’ sports car is.

Everyone excitedly gets out of the car. James and Liz open the door so Louis and I can get off.

“Okay, step out of the car,” James speaks.

“Well I mean I can’t really see,” Louis mutters.

“Just get out of the car! Hurry!” I exclaim.

“Okay okay!” He rushes.

He places his feet out onto the ground and carefully stands, with me behind him. Eyes still covered by my hands.

“Keep walking…” I trail as I lead him from behind.

He does so and we all lead him to the front of the car.

“What is going on?” He asks.

“Okay in 1… 2…. And 3… !” We all yell and I let go of my hands. He flutters his eyes open and gasps in surprise.

“Bloody hell! Is it mine? No way!” He says as he runs his hand through his hair walking towards the black vehicle.

“All yours!” James smiles.

“No way!” He says in shock.

“But… As of right now. It’s y/n’s,” Liz says, handing me the keys.

Louis looks over to me in confusion as I smirk.

“I’m soooo confused right now!” He says as he looks around.

I walk to the driver’s side of the car.

“Get in, loser!” I say jingling the keys over the car.

He furrows his eyebrows with a growing smile as he walks over to the passenger side.

I smirk as I open the door hopping into the car. I grip the steering wheel once I’m seated and I take a look around at the black interior.

I hear Louis open the passenger door. He bends down, half of his body in the car, taking a look at it in astonishment. Hand on the open door as he looks in.

Fuck that’s hot. His large hand gripped onto the wide open door of the passenger seat.

Louis looks over at me, face close to mine.

“Is it actually mine?” He says with a smile.

“Yes!” I beam with a huge smile. “Now come on!” I say excitedly for him to come in.

He furrows his eyebrows and smiles.

“What are you planning?!” He asks deeply as he reluctantly gets in the car.

As he shuts the door I fasten my seatbelt.

“Be safe!” Liz yells from the driveway.

I start the car and lower the window. I wave out to them and nod.

“Why is she saying that? Why do we have to be safe?” Louis bombards with questions.

“BYEE!” They all shout.

“BYEE!” I yell with a huge smile.

I start reversing out of the driveway and Louis confusingly waves bye to his family.

“What’s going on y/n? Tell me!” He says with a huge smile.

“We’re going… somewhere…” I trail off and we wave goodbye before I drive off.

“Where are we going?” He questions annoyingly as he grabs my hand.

“You really want me to drive with one hand in your brand new car?” I question with a smile as I look over at him for a split second.

“I can’t even believe it’s my car. I haven’t acknowledged it as my car. It hasn’t hit me yet,” He explains, his eyes fixated on me.

“Well, it’s your car! Take it all in!” I say as I turn over to him, looking at him with a cocked brow and smile.

“Hmm.” He hums looking around.

“This day has been like no other! It’s been fantastic!” Louis beams.

“I’m happy for you, baby,” I smile looking over at him and away from the road.

He looks at the road and sees that it’s clear, so he quickly goes in for a kiss.

“Thank you, baby!” He says right after he pulls away.

I smile and continue to drive.

“God. I can’t believe this is my car! That’s crazy!” He says as a wave of shock comes back in.

I laugh and keep my eye on the road, Louis still not having a clue as to where we’re going.

“Now I’ll be able to bring you food when you’re hungry, drop by your room uninvited, take you on more dates, and all the things we can get away with while we’re in this car alone. By ourselves…” He trails getting quieter at the end.

I let out a snort.

I shake my head and giggle.

He laughs too.

“That’s all I’m sayinggg!” He says in a singsong tone.

I giggle and shake my head as he holds onto my hand.

“Okay, we’ve been driving for a while now! Where are we going?” He chuckles, looking over at me.

“We’re spending the day in London!” I shouted with a giggle. “We can go wherever you want and do whatever you want!”

“That sounds delightful. I get to spend the day with you in my town. What more could I ask for?” He says sweetly.

I blush and he goes to grab my face proceeding to squish my cheeks.

I giggle and pat his hand away.

“I’m trying not to crash your car,” I say with a giggle.

“Oh also did I forget to add that we’re staying the night in the city?” I say with a smile as we start nearing the big building of London.

“What? Louis baffles.

“I got us a room. So no need to worry about heading home or worrying about curfews. We’re all alone, to do whatever we want,” I smile brightly.

“Y/N! You’re literally the best! You know me all too well!” He smiles and takes my hand to his lips.

I feel all mushy as he places his lips against my skin.

“I knew you’d want a day all to ourselves, so I planned it out just like that. We have extra clothes in the back for the night, that Issie placed earlier this morning. And now it’s just up to you. What would you like us to do!” I reckon.

“You’re perfect! Literally perfect!” He expresses and he continues to add kisses to our intertwined hands.

I blush and hide away as I focus on driving.

“Well, we can walk around the streets, sightsee, grab some drinks, some snacks. As of right now, all I want to do is walk around, you by my side as I hold your hand or have my arm around you,” He says with a twinkle in his eye.

“Aww Louis!” I say with a pouty face.

He chuckles and marks a kiss on my cheek.

I drive into the big streets and look around for a parking spot.

“Birthday luck,” Louis calls, pointing towards an empty parking spot.

I sigh.

“Thank goodness!” I say in relief.

Louis chuckles and I go to park his car in the street.

As I successfully parked I turn off the car.

Louis immediately stops me from doing anything.

“Don’t move!’ He ordered.

I chuckle and stay seated as he exits the car and goes to my side to open my door.

“M’lady,” He says in a posh accent, which really is just a deeper British accent for him.

I giggle and place my hand on Louis’ as he has it out for me.

I smile sheepishly as he’s bowed down.

“Louis…” I trail shyly.

“What? I’m being a gentleman to my girlfriend, soon to be wife,” He remarks.

I laugh and shake my head.

“You’re adorable!” I whisper as I have my face millimeters away from his. He smiles as he looks me in the eyes, his eyes full of love and adoration as he looks into me. I went in for a kiss, it was sweet and slow.

Louis pulls away, our lips still pressed on one another.

“I love you,” He whispers.

I swift my eyes down and smile. I look back up into his brown eyes and peck my lips onto his once more.

“I love you, too,” I murmur into our lips.

“Come on. Let’s go,” He says and grabs my hand, leading me into the streets of London.

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He walks fast with his long legs.

“Louis!” I shriek. “You’re speed walking over here. While I’m like being dragged!” I say with a laugh.

He looks back at me and laughs.

“Sorry!” He says. “I just want to take you to this place. I’m excited.”

I giggle and go in to kiss his cheek.

“I fucking love you. You’re just too cute and adorable. I can’t handle it!” I say as I giggle into his cheek.

He lets out a laugh and turns his head causing our lips to interlock, as I was previously kissing his cheek.

He longingly kisses me and pulls away with a sly smile.

“I saw what you did there!’ I say with a smirk.

We eventually made it.

“Okay this place has the best and I mean best ice cream!” Louis thrills.

“Alright. I’ll take your word for it!” I say and I walk straight into the shop.

We both order a sundae that gives us the option of 5 scoops of our choice of ice cream.

“Okay we’ll get chocolate,” Louis starts.

“Vanilla,” I continue.

“Rocky Road.”

“Chocolate Chip.”

“And strawberry,” Louis ends.

The worker nods and starts preparing our sundae which has whipped cream, peanuts, chocolate syrup, and a couple of cherries.

“It looks delicious!” I say as I grip Louis’ hand and lay my head on his arm.

He looks down at me and smiles.

“You’re so cute!” He says, looking down at me in awe.

I look up at him and blush.

I tippytoe barely reach his height and go in to kiss his beautiful lips.

“I love you,” I murmur into the kiss.

He smiles and murmurs it back.

Our names are called and we head out with sundae in hand. We find an empty bench that gives us a view of London’s Tower Bridge and its waters.

After a bit of silence and our sharings of the sundae, Louis lets out a sigh.

“I love this day,” He says, looking out into the distance.

My gaze stays fixated on him and he looks out into London’s waters.

I lay my head on his chest and wrap my arms around him. I look up and his neck calls out to me. I smile and press my lips against his neck.

He immediately looks down at me as my lips are pressed onto his neck.

“You’re really going to tempt me in the middle of London?” He smirks.

“I’m not even trying to tempt you,” I say with a playful eye roll. “Your neck is just right here as I’m laying my head on your chest and I just can’t help but kiss you.” I cutely say.

He chuckles and shakes his head.

After a couple of seconds of silence, he speaks up again.

“I could live like this forever and never complain,” He says and he puts his arm around my shoulder.

“As long as I’m in your arms I’d never complain,” I respond.

“As long as you’re in my arms I’d never complain.” He replies.

I smile into his chest.

Our ice cream sundae, now gone.

After a while of looking into the water and the Tower Bridge, we stood up to further our walk.

“Where to now?” I say from beside him.

He shrugs.

“I’m not sure.” He says as he holds onto my hand.

I nod and we continue to walk until we make it to the shops.

We randomly walk into a clothing store and we look around for a bit.

“Do you want me to buy you anything?” I gently ask, trying not to interrupt our comfortable silence.

He looks down at me like I’m crazy.

“Definitely not!” He exclaims.

“Louis. It’s your birthday!” I say.

“It’s okay! You’ve already done a lot for me today,” He explains.

“I haven’t done much!” I say looking up at him.

“Well you’ve done more than you know,” He says, bending down to kiss my lips.

He pulls away and I pout.

“Sorry sweetheart!” He says regarding ending the kiss. “I just need to get this point across. You’ve done a lot. A lot more than you think! Because all the little things you do, mean everything to me. Like your little surprise at midnight, the way you smile and look at me like I’m the only one you see, when you give me cute random kisses, hold my hand, when you baby me, when I ask you for clothing advice. Like the things you do, don’t go unnoticed. Because I notice and I’m aware of it all. You’ve done so much and now you bring me to London and tell me you got us a room. It’s more than I could ever ask for. Really,” He says as he holds both of my hands and looks at me as he speaks.

“Louis,” I say as I look up at him in awe. “I do all these things naturally. I don’t keep my eyes on you because I expect you to notice or because I want you to pay attention to what I do. When those small things happen it’s because I genuinely do them. Like they just happen at the moment. It happens because I care for you because I’m in love with you. I hold your hand and kiss you randomly because that’s what my heart and soul desire. You’re the one that my heart desires. It will always be you and I will always love you. This little trip to London is nothing compared to how much I feel and care about you! We could spend the day in Bora Bora or in your bed and I’d be happy just to be with you,” I say, intertwining our fingers as our hands are already being held.

“And I feel the same way. As long as I’m with you I’m happy. It doesn’t matter where we are, I’ll always be glad to be with you. My heart desires you too. Like if the body was ruled by the heart instead of the brain I’d be kissing you 24/7, nonstop, all the time. I’d have you on me and against me for like ever!” He says with a cheeky smile.

I shake my head and smile.

“The workers are probably wondering if we’re going to buy something or if we’re just going to longingly look into each other’s eyes the whole time!” I say with a chuckle.

Louis lets out a laugh. “Yeah. Let’s get out of here!”

“Before we leave. Are you sure you don’t want you to get anything?” I ask before we exit.

“Definitely not!” He says with a chuckle.

I giggle. ‘Okay.”

We exit the shop.

“Now the real question is do you want me to buy you anything?” He says holding onto my arms as he moves in front of me blocking my sight.

“If you don’t let me buy you anything, I’m not letting you buy me anything!” I say with sass.

Louis snickers and rolls his eyes.

“Why do you make things so complicated?” He says as we continue to walk.

“What? I’m not even making it complicated!” I say letting out a laugh.

He stays quiet and tries to hide the smile that’s daring to show.

I smile and roll my eyes.


He quickly shushes me and places a finger onto my lips.

“I’m not complicated!” He immediately says as he injects my sentence.

My mouth is left agape.

“If you weren’t complicated and extra, you wouldn’t have shushed me!” I interject.

He rolls his eyes.

“Whatever,” He says.

I look away from him with a smile, shaking my head.

We walk around the shops with our hands intertwined.

“I still can’t believe I have a car now. That’s insane!” He beams as he looks down at me.

“I know, right? It’s quite nice,” I smile up at him.

He nods and hums in amusement.

My eyes wander around and I gasp once I see a bakery.

“What?” Louis questions at my gasp.

“We have to go here! Come on! Come on,” I demand as I pull Louis towards the direction of the cake shop.

Louis takes a look inside the large windows and realizes it’s a bakery in which you get to decorate your own cake.

He sees my large smile and shakes his head.

“If you insist,” He says with a laugh.

“Oh come on. It’ll be fun. We’ll get to eat the cake that we decorate!” I say knowing he wants to do it just as much as me.

“Oh alright.” He says with a playful eye roll.

“Yayy!” I say and tippytoe to kiss his cheek.

His cheeks flush and we both enter the shop.

We get handed a cake and get told where all the decorations and supplies were located.

“Let’s get started!” Louis smiles as we comfortably sit across from each other.

The round cake that’s covered in fondant is placed on the table.

Louis opens up a package that contains more fondant.

“I’m thinking of getting these cutters and shaping the fondant into random things,” Louis says as his focus is on trying to open up the fondant. I giggle at how hard he’s trying.

“Yeah, I grabbed a couple of cutters too!” I say placing them on the table.

“Ooo let me see!” Louis curiously says.

I smile and start explaining what each cutter is.

“So I got this star because you’re my star and because you’re becoming an excellent star in the business. Everyone’s going to know who you are!” I start and pause as I notice how interested Louis is in my choice of cutters, making me blush.

Louis hums for me to go on. His head in the palm of his hands.

I nod and go on. “Then I got this heart to represent how I feel about you,” I say, holding it up for him to see.

“Oh now you’re making me feel so basic about mine,” He gushes, causing me to laugh.

“I’m sure they’re great!” I say.

Louis picks up one of his cutters with a huge smile on his face trying to suppress his laughter but completely fails letting it all out.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” He says in between laughs. “So this one is of a little boy,” He says, holding it out for me to see. “I don’t know why I got it but I just did. I guess it can be me.” He dumbly says.

I furrow my brows and let out a smile.

“Okay?” I say letting out a small laugh. “Makes sense.”

“And then I got a ‘1’ and ‘8’’ He ends, holding the two numbers together to make an ‘18’.

“You’re so adorable you know that?” I say grabbing the fondant that Louis previously opened.

“Yeah, I think so,” He arrogantly says with a playful shrug.

I roll my eyes.

We start placing the cutters on the fondant and sticking them onto the cake.

“It’s coming along nicely,” Louis says as we finish adding all the shaped fondant.

I nod in agreement.

“Time for the icing!” I excitedly say, grabbing it.

“Take full reign,” Louis says, eyeing my next move.

I smile and start writing ‘Happy Birthday Louis’ on the face of the cake with an exclamation point. But instead of the exclamation point having a period at the bottom it has a heart.

“There,” I say with a proud smile.

“Perfect!” Louis softly says at the finished product and looks up at me. “You’re perfect.”

I melt at his compliment and pout. He goes to grab my hand from across the table and sweetly smiles.

“I love you,” He says with a voice to die for.

“I love you too!” I say softly to him. I lean over the table and sweetly peck his lips. He smiles.

“Shall we go now?” He asks and I nod.

Our cake gets placed in a box to go and I pay for the cake.

Louis frowns.

“It’s your birthday okay?” I say holding onto his hand.

He grunts to himself, causing me to laugh.

“Thank you!” Louis says to the worker as he gets handed the box.

We head out of the shop hand in hand. One hand was holding mine and his other was holding the box of cake.

“What time do we have to check into the hotel?” Louis asks as we walk mindlessly through the city.

“There’s no specific time,” I responded.

He smiles like he’s got something up his sleeve.

“Why?” I inquire.

“I have the perfect spot!” He beams with a huge toothy smile.

“Alright.” I say slowly waiting for him to reveal more of his ‘perfect spot’.

“So there’s this perfect place we can go to. It has a perfect view, it’s secluded, and we can eat our cake there!” Louis elated with beaming eyes.

“That sounds wonderful!” I say in awe as I swing our interlocked hands.

He chuckles and nods in agreement.

“We’ll have to take the car to our special destination,” He charmingly says.

I smile in favor and hand him the keys.

As soon as we make it to the car he lets go of my hand and jogs over to open the passenger side door.

“Aww. You’re so sweet, babe!” I say pouting and going in for a quick kiss.

He chuckles and closes the door for me once I’m seated in his car.

He gets in the car and places the cake in the backseat.

“Okay.” He says once he fastens his seatbelt. “It’s not too far from here but we’ll probably get stuck in traffic. Which isn’t that bad because we’ll kill time and make it right on time for the sunset,” He rants, pulling out of his parallel parking and onto the road.

“Wow, babe. That’s kinda hot,” I let out. My eyes were on his hands that were placed on the fine black steering wheel.

He quickly looks over at me and chuckles.

His right hand leaves the steering wheel and firmly makes it onto my thigh.

“Hey! Both hands on the wheel sir!” I remark.

“Oh shove off!” He says with an eye roll which ends with my chuckle.

I place my hand on top of his and I see the smile that grows on his face making me feel the butterflies all over again.

“I can never get over the fact of how lucky I am to have you, Louis,” I softly say looking over to him.

“If anything I’m the lucky one, y/n,” He says looking over to me, taking his eyes off the road for a slight second.

I shake my head.

“I’m being serious, Louis,” I say just as soft. “I really am amazed with you. Everything about you,” I say intertwining over fingers and bringing our hands to my lips.

I sense his blush.

“Thank you.” He softly whispers. “I really appreciate it, love.”

I nod and hum in response.

I shift in my seat and lay my head on his right arm.

“You tired?” He asks, concerned.

I shake my head.

“No. I just feel comfortable is all.” I mumble out.

Louis nods cutely looking down at me in awe.

“This feels so surreal,” Louis says regarding driving his brand new vehicle.

“I’m sure it does!” I say standing up from my past position. “The sun seems to be going down,” I say looking out the window.

Louis looks out and looks at the sky.

“Good thing we’re here then,” Louis beams, turning off his car at the side of an empty street.

“Where are we?” I say unbuckling my seatbelt.

“You’ll see. Now come on!” Louis says getting out of the car and reaching out for the cake.

I chuckle in confusion as I get out of the car, following his lead.

“Come here,” He calls out to me with his hand out.

I skip over to him, grabbing his hand.

He leads me across the street to what seems like an abandoned parking building.

“The view looks amazing from up there!” Louis says as he leads me into the first floor of the parking structure. We make it to the stairs and start the venture up it.

“It’s a bit long but it’s worth it, I promise!” He says excitedly.

I laugh and nod.

Everything is worth it when I’m with him.

The flight of stairs was lengthy, it was around a dozen floors worth of stairs.

The sky was in full view when we finally made it to the rooftop of the building.

“Nice, right?” Louis says pulling me into him.

“Yeah. Nice.” I say looking around at the beautiful setting sky. “It looks beautiful.”

“It does and just wait for it to get dark! You’ll see all the lights from here. It really is an incomparable view,” Louis explains and finds a spot for us to sit that catches the view perfectly.

The sky showcased a nice array of deep colors. I hold onto Louis’ hand and lay my head on his shoulder. I lay comfortably on him and he puts an arm around me.

“God I love you!” Louis sighs after a moment of silence.

I blush and look down.

“You’re adorable.” He lovingly says once he realizes I’m a blushing mess.

He pets the top of my head and looks out into the dazzling city of London.

“I wouldn’t trade this for the world,” I softly let out into the air.

“Me neither,” Louis hums, looking down at me and smiling.

“Your smile always kills me,” I say with rosy cheeks.

“My smile is just my body expressing and saying what I can’t form into words. I just look at you and I’m like damn.” Louis says, his voice lowering towards the end.

I smile and leave kisses on his hand.

“Shall we open our cake?” Louis asks, grabbing the box.

“Yes!” I beam out and situate myself up

Louis opens up the box and takes out the cake.

“Let me take one last look at it before it’s gone,” He says to himself as he takes one last look at it.

“Hey!” He calls out. “I didn’t know you added this?” Louis says with a surprised look on his face, pointing at the crown shaped fondant.

I geekily smiled.

“I added it while you weren’t looking! It signifies you being my prince, my king.” I shyly say, placing my hand on the opposite side of his face and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Aww. Baby!” He says slightly putting his body over mine, causing me to lean back. “You’re my queen,” He whispers against my lips, his body threatening to push me against the floor.

He looks down at my lips and they flicker back up to my eyes and without hesitation he presses his lips against mine, causing me to fall back. Our kiss deepens once I’m in between the ground and Louis.

Louis’ hand makes it to my neck and jaw, holding it softly. We were there laying on a rooftop with our cake awaiting us. Louis lays on top of me and he pulls away, looking deep into my soul.

“Come on, let’s eat some cake,” He mumbles, sitting up and holding out his arm for me to grab. I do so and he pulls me up and we both sit.

He hands me a fork and we both dig in.

“This is delicious!” Louis says with a mouthful.

I giggle as he has a mouthful of the cake.

“Gosh, it looks beautiful out here!” I say, mesmerized by the bright lights of London in contrast to the now dark sky.

Louis nods and wraps his arms around my waist.

He looks over to me and then back at the view.

He prompts a kiss on my head and smiles.

I turn to look at him.

“What’s in that head of yours?” I ask curiously.

Louis shakes his head looking away.

“Just thinking of how amazing this moment is,” He lets out.

My heart warms up to his sweet thoughts.

I look down and place my hand over his hand that is placed on his lap. While the other is still wrapped around me.

He smiles at my small gesture. Loving how it felt to have my fingers tracing along the top of his hand. It gave him a nice ravishing feeling.

He couldn’t lie, he did feel a bit irked when the tickling of the tracing stopped when I went to get another fork of cake.

I giggle once I notice the disheveled look on his face.

He wasn’t good at hiding his thoughts.

“Come here,” I say with a laugh as I go to grab his free hand.

He laughs and I start tracing my nails along the top of his hand.

“I’m not looking forward to walking down that long flight of stairs!” I groaned out.

“We should just stay here,” He chuckled.

“Or…. You could just carry me.” I smiled jokingly.

“Do you want me to die!” He exclaimed, but his eyes immediately widened once he realized how that came out.

“What?!” I rose my brows at him in surprise. “Are you calling me-”

“No, no, no! Not like that! I swear! I just meant like it’s a long flight of stairs and it’s tiring walking down it on your own. I- I swear I wasn’t calling you anything like that! Carrying even a baby would be tiring because you’re holding something. Oh, fuck me.” He sighs as he tries to explain his horrible wording.

I let out a laugh and roll my eyes at him.

“You have such an amazing way with words, don’t you Louis?” I tease.

“Oh stop!” He says, rolling his eyes at me. His smile curled up into his cheeks after he let out a huge sigh in relief, knowing that I understood that he was in no way saying anything harmful.

“You’re such an idiot!” I say playfully shoving him.

“Wellll I’m your idiot!” He beams.

I giggle and nod.

“Okay. I’m just glad you didn’t take it the wrong way!” He says with another sigh.

I giggle.

“I know what you meant, Louis,” I smile, pecking his lips in reassurance.

“Oh thank god!” He says with another huge sigh, holding his hand over his heart.

I let out a giggle with another eyeroll.

“Come on. Let’s get going before room service ends!” I smile standing up and lending my hand out for Louis to grab.

“Alright.” He smiles idiotically.

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