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Lamar Jackson’s Parents Are the Inspiration for Ravens QB

Lamar Jackson’s parents have served as a major inspiration in his life for different reasons. Jackson’s dad, Lamar Jackson Sr., died tragically when the quarterback was just eight years old.

The tragedy forged a unique bond between Jackson and his mom, Felicia Jones, who served as the quarterback’s manager during the pre-draft process. Jackson called his mother the “best coach I’ve ever had” in an article he penned for The Players’ Tribune.

“A lot of people helped me get better when I was young, but the best coach I’ve ever had was also my first one: Mom,” Jackson noted in The Players’ Tribune. “And I’m not saying that just because she looked out for me and encouraged me to pursue football and all that stuff. I mean she actually made me grind to get better. I grew up in a town called Pompano Beach, and there was a big bridge by our house. My Mom and I would run on it just about every day. Didn’t matter how hot it was. We’d go back and forth, and then back and forth again. And let me tell you, Mom was in shape! I’ve never played in a football game that was more tiring than those long runs on that bridge.”

Jackson’s Dad Died in a Car Accident When He Was 8 Years Old

When Jackson Sr. died in car accident, Jones instructed her son not to cry. Sports Illustrated reported the few details that are known about Jackson’s father’s death.

Jackson has said his father died in a car accident when he was 8, and on that same day his grandmother died, too. Jones told him then not to cry, that they would do better and amount to something. And that’s the extent of Jackson’s public comments about a defining moment in his life.

Jackson’s Mom Pushed Teams to Keep Her Son at Quarterback

Talk of playing Jackson at a position other than quarterback has followed him throughout his career. Jackson’s mom has fought for her son to keep playing quarterback. When Jackson was being recruited out of high school, one of the big requirements for his future college was the opportunity to play quarterback.

Louisville is one of the teams that promised Jackson he could continue playing quarterback. When Jones got word that her son was taking punt returns in practice, she made sure the coaching staff remembered their original promise as Sports Illustrated detailed.

Seemingly minutes after practice had ended, members of the coaching staff got a call from Jackson’s mother, Felicia Jones. Head coach Bobby Petrino had lured Jackson to the Bluegrass State with the assurance that the freshman would be a quarterback and only a quarterback. Punt returner doesn’t look like quarterback, Jones said. She reminded them all of the promise Petrino had made to her and her son while sitting on a couch in their South Florida home. Jackson never went back for a punt return in practice again.

During the pre-draft process, some teams suggested Jackson work out with the wide receivers to see if a position change was possible when he reached the NFL. The Ravens were not one of those teams, and Baltimore is thankful they gave Jackson an opportunity to play quarterback as he has turned into one of the best in the NFL.

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