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Steph Curry & Klay Thompson vs. Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce: The 15 best moments from The Match

On Thursday evening, four of the sports world’s biggest stars faced off in a 12-hole match in the heart of Sin City, at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, for the eighth iteration of The Match.

What was at stake? Pride. And a whole lot of money for charity.

With six championships between the competitors — two Super Bowls for Kansas City Chiefs teammates Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, and four NBA titles for Golden State Warriors teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson — there was plenty of bravado to spare.

“It’s the best duo in football against the best duo in basketball,” Kelce said in the pre-match hype reel.

Sounds about right. Miss any of the action? Spoiler alert: It wasn’t close, but there were plenty of highlights. Check out the 15 best moments from The Match below.

The ‘fit reveal

Wow, wow, wow. The late afternoon temp in Vegas was in the triple-digits for the start of The Match, and Kelce revealed … cable knit separates? Yes, sir! His shorts had a matching sweater vest, which he ditched before hitting his opening shot, revealing a simple white Nike mockneck. Bold!

Later on in the broadcast, Kelce’s look was compared to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Carlton, which Kelce loved. He even performed a mini version of the viral dance in his cart.

Mahomes, he’s just like us!

Mahomes didn’t waste any time getting his booze on. Right after his approach shot sailed over the first green, he cracked open a Coors Light and took a swig. One. Of. Us!

Mahomes and Kelce score first blood

Wait, what?!

Yes, it’s true. Despite the fact that Curry and Thompson were heavy betting favorites, the first blood of the match went to Mahomes and Kelce on the second hole. A few errant shots made things interesting, but a masterful chip by Mahomes gave his team the hole with a birdie.

Immelman’s heartfelt gratitude

During a quiet moment on the third hole, the broadcast team spoke to Curry about the efforts he’s made to encourage inclusiveness in golf with his Underrated tour, now in its second season, with an aim of granting equity, access and opportunity to underrepresented juniors in golf.

After Curry talked about it, Immelman said, “Hey Steph, being a pro golfer for 23 years, i just want to thank you for everything you’re doing for our sport, man. I really really do appreciate it, it’s great stuff.”

Well said, Trev!

Closest to the pin — sort of

The fourth hole, a par-3, presented the first “Challenge” hole, where a hole-in-one would yield $2 million to charity; a shot to five feet, $250,000; and closet to the hole, $100,000.

After all three other players hit wayward shots, it was up to Curry. And even he failed to hit the green. Still, as the closest player, technically, he won the $100,000.

Analyst Charles Barkley was not impressed.

“You cannot give guys closest to the pin if they don’t hit the green,” he said. “Stop it.”

Mahomes is clutch!

As if we didn’t already know, but still! The skill transfers!

Though his tee shots were a bit wild, in the early part of The Match, Mahomes came through again and again around the green, draining putts and hitting chips stiff. The fourth hole was a great example, when he drained a 10-footer for par to put himself and Kelce at an impressive 3-up through 4 — a shocker if there ever was one.

Curry’s etiquette guidance

Curry was an example of how to deliver an etiquette lesson in a non-judgmental, chilled-out way.

When Draymond Green was observing the teams lining up their putts on the fifth hole, Curry gently reminded him to make sure his shadow wasn’t covering the hole.

“We don’t want to get a technical foul out here,” Curry joked.


Travis Kelce’s triumph

On No. 6, another “Challenge” hole, Kelce brought home the bacon in the form of $100K for No Kid Hungry, thanks to his tee shot, which ended up 24 feet from the hole — the best of the group.

The Match becomes a surprise blowout

A three-putt bogey on the par-3 6th cost Curry and Thompson another hole, making them 4 down through 6, with six to play. Yikes!

Butch Harmon texts a tip

When Curry and Thompson found the mulch on the seventh hole, Immelman told Curry that he had received a text from Butch Harmon that Harmon wanted Immelman to relay to Curry: Make a bigger hip turn on the way back, don’t slide.

Curry replied that he was trying to keep it simple. But he did then execute a great shot, ending up just over the green.

Thompson comes through!

When Kelce drained a putt on the seventh hole, Thompson and Curry had to make a putt to avoid going five down with five to play.

When Thompson executed, the guys went nuts, including Draymond Green. It wasn’t a win, but it felt like one!

Kelce comes up big again

On the round’s third “Challenge” hole, Kelce won again, sticking his tee shot to what looked like eight feet. Another $100K!

Curry & Thompson’s rally

When both Kelce and Mahomes missed a short putt to halve the ninth hole and close the door on the match, Curry was jazzed, running to his cart, knowing there was still a chance, despite that fact that he and Thompson were still 3 down with three to play.

The Match finally ends

Curry finally got a lengthy birdie putt to drop on the 10th hole, which received a big ovation from the gallery, but Mahomes and Kelce finally closed the door on the match by draining a short putt to match Curry’s birdie and win 4&2.

Barkley’s late dig

One of Barkley’s more amusing comments came at the end of the broadcast, when the camera showed Mahomes driving the cart with his adorable daughter on his lap.

“I think that’s a smart move by Pat,” Barkley said. “‘Cause he don’t want his kids standing out there in the fairway.”

The grand finale

The final hole of the day was the par-3 12th, the last “Challenge” hole of the day, where $5 million was up for grabs if someone had a hole-in-one. No one made an ace, but Curry did claim the $100K for the second time.

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