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Cam Newton: Are you willing to call him ‘Ace Boogie’?

At the close of a radio interview, Cam Newton recently referred to himself in the third person as “Ace Boogie.” Seat Williams of ESPN Radio 1100 asked Newton if he should draft him for his fantasy team, and Newton said, “Hey man. Ace Boogie, man. He ain’t going to let you down.”

Whether or not Newton lets anyone down this season, we’ll worry about at another time. Right now, I want to focus on the nickname.

I know we frown on self-applied nicknames, but it’s 2012, and the nickname landscape is barren, so I say we look the other way on that one. Let’s just judge this one on the merits of the nickname itself. The league needs a few, and Cam Newton is good enough and unique enough to warrant one. Let’s break it down into pros and cons:


• It has a sufficient amount of swagger. Cam Newton has never lacked for confidence ‒ miming tearing open his uniform to reveal a Superman logo is not a gesture of humility ‒ nor is there any reason he should. “Ace Boogie” reflects that.

• It applies. “Ace” references his status as a number one overall pick, and “Boogie” can be seen as a reference to his quarterbacking style and how he uses his feet.


• It could easily lend itself to mockery by opposing fans. “Ace” could be replaced by a phonetically similar word and “Boogie” could be replaced by “Booger” for a not-so-flattering imitation.

• This probably isn’t a widespread problem, but it may remind some of “Snot Boogie,” referenced in the first episode of “The Wire.” Things did not go well for Snot Boogie.

• It may be taken. There’s an artist on iTunes going by the name of “Ace Boogie” and a couple of rappers claiming the name on Urban Dictionary. However, it is possible to callously steal someone else’s alias, even if they had it before you, simply by being more famous. Isn’t that right, Maurice Jones-Drew?

All said, though, I cast my vote in favor of Ace Boogie. I think it’s a fine nickname for Cam Newton, and I’ll do my best to help it catch on. I’m curious to know of your thoughts on Ace Boogie in the comments.

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