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“How Drake Has Everyone Catching Strays but..”: Patriots Billionaire Owner Robert Kraft Gets Name-Dropped Leaving NFL Twitter Flummoxed

Robert Kraft is no stranger to extensive fame. The Patriots owner has multiple Super Bowl wins and some spectacular allegiance. But he may reach nirvana after being name-dropped by one of the most prominent rap artists. Drake dropped a new album alongside 21Savage. But the NFL Universe is buzzing over the naming of Kraft in one of their songs.

The Patriots owner has had positive words for Drake. The rapper is among the personalities who have great faithfulness in Robert Kraft. The recent name drop by the rap icon came onto a song, which looks to be on a positive note. Safe to say, Kraft’s praise for Drake got him into the track.

Drake mentioned Robert Kraft in a new song, ‘Middle of the Ocean,’ which was released on Friday. It is from the artist’s collaborative album with rapper 21 Savage. Moreover, the NFL Universe has been buzzing over it and expressed its thrill on Twitter.

This user questioned how Drake has everyone snagging strays and then appreciates Robert Kraft.

Chris Mason claimed that Drake’s album is blowing up after name-dropping Robert Kraft.

Another user claimed Drake to be the best of all time to do so.

This user shared a GIF of his reaction after Drake named Robert Kraft.

Another user urged putting some respect on Drake’s name.

Another user claimed that Drake is just bragging about hanging out with the Patriots owner.

This user shared a vibing Robert Kraft GIF, saying that the rapper got it.

Another user claimed Drake as the GOAT for naming Kraft.

The NFL inevitably went berserk over the song.

Drake’s song had more NFL references apart from Robert Kraft

Kraft attended a Drake concert at TD Garden in 2018 and previously stated that he was a big fan of the artist’s songs. As a result, his shoutout did not pop up out of the blue. However, the song did not just have the name of the Patriots’ owner. It has a couple of NFL references.

As per Masslive, Drake’s new song also mentioned Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens. It certainly brings some attention to the NFL. Moreover, one quote from the song, “bout the latest product,” may allude to the Ravens’ recent transactions.

Drake is one of the brilliant minds of this generation to pull up such verses in the song. It makes it nothing less than iconic.

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