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Highest Paid QB Aaron Rodgers Becomes Santa for Teammates With Each Gift Costing $3,500

Aaron Rodgers and two other teammates ensured that Christmas arrived early at Green Bay. With the holiday season already here, the trio surprised their teammates with some special presents. To top it off, the gifts were not the usual trinkets in a stocking. Each one of the presents reportedly costs the public $3,500 apiece. What a splurge! But, it’s unsurprising, given the hefty contracts athletes have. After all, the holiday season calls for a splurge or two, especially for the men who put in a lot of work.

The trio followed in the footsteps of Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen. Allen also gifted something akin to the Packers’ gifts. So what did A-Rod and Co buy their teammates?

Aaron Rodgers and Co appreciate the work put in by their teammates

TMZ Sports reported that the Packers trio bought 22 electric rides for their teammates. These scooters have become a popular gift, especially in the NFL world. Unlike the Packers, Josh Allen’s scooters were customized to have the team’s colors and the players’ jersey numbers.

The scooters can reportedly carry about 400 pounds, making them suitable for built athletes. The Packers have not had a season they’d be proud of. But ending the year with some holiday cheer should be a practice regardless of their performance.

The NFL world is unimpressed with Rodgers

Fans online were not too impressed with the holiday cheer at Green Bay. The NFL world was critical of this gesture and allowed their thoughts to be made known. This user sardonically said.

Another fan has a theory about how these gifts are sourced.

This user has a monosyllabic response.

This user sighs at the athletes’ privilege.

Here’s some interesting discourse about “hand-made- gifts” from QBs.

Leave it to the NFL world to debate what kind of gifts QBs should be giving their teammates. At the end of the day, this was perhaps a gesture to appreciate the work put in by the Packers squad. This season has been far from good. At 6-8, the Packers had a rollercoaster of a season. With their QB dealing with injuries and uncertain about his future with the franchise, the Packers have a lot on their hands. But for now, they will enjoy the holiday season as best as they can. The team will face a challenge amidst the festivities as they take on Tua Tagovailoa and the Maimi Dolphins in their next bout.

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