“He Just Has the James Harden Body”: NFL World Stunned by Russell Wilson’s Insane 8-Month Body Transformation

Russell Wilson is seeking to improve after a disastrous year in Colorado. The QB1’s first year with the Denver Broncos was a tragedy, as they went 5-12. There could be an overhaul as the franchise made an expensive move involving Sean Payton. With the franchise’s improvement, Wilson also put some effort into himself. Some of his physical transformation pictures are going viral all over.

The Broncos were a hype in last year’s offseason when Russell Wilson went from Seattle to Denver. However, it turned into a no-show when the franchise flattened and failed to approach the Wild Card window. But The Asterisk is also putting some efforts towards improvement.

Russell Wilson looks surprisingly good!

Robot Russell’s first zone of improvement was towards his physique. Stokley & Zach’s Zach Bye took to Twitter to display a before and after image of the Broncos QB1’s body transformation in eight months. He tweeted, “Is it just me or does Russell Wilson look like he’s lost about 20 pounds? These pictures are taken less than 8 months apart…”

Russell Wilson might be taking the downfall on a serious note, which could explain the intense transformation. Moreover, it is high time for the Broncos to chin up and establish themselves as the Super Bowl-caliber team they were in the past. It would also silence Seattle’s Tariq Woolen, whose ‘sack of potato’ remarks over Wilson, went wild.

It’s no secret that the Broncos QB1 went through intense backlash in recent memory. The season’s downfall and the non-profit drama soared up in the offseason. But Wilson has kept himself upbeat and would look to achieve the Sterling Silver in the upcoming season.

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NFL Fandom has startling reactions over DangeRuss’ metamorphosis

As surprised as Zach Bye looked, the football fandom was also shocked to witness Wilson’s toned physique.

A user said Russ has the James Harden figure.

Another user said he is slimmer than the last offseason.

One user saw him in person and confirmed it.

This user thought Wilson may have figured it is best to be a mobile passer.

However, one user claimed the first image was photoshopped.

Another user urged to let Russ cook.

But this user pointed out the swim trunks.

One user said Wilson was thicc before.

This user said despite the bad photo angle, the QB1 has certainly lost weight.

The photo angles might look deceiving. But if the QB1 has genuinely lost weight, the Broncos Country may witness a scrambling Wilson.

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