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Aaron Rodgers said he was ‘manifesting’ a Super Bowl run for the Jets in interview with John McEnroe that aired just MINUTES before he suffered season-ending Achilles injury

Aaron Rodgers’ heartbreaking Achilles injury just minutes into his New York Jets career has been compounded by a pre-game interview – in which he opened up about ‘manifesting’ a Super Bowl run with his new team.

In what turned out to be cruel timing, the 39-year-old played just minutes under the lights at MetLife Stadium against the Bills, before he was sacked by Leonard Floyd and suffered a serious injury as a result.

Rodgers was helped off the field and then carted back to the locker room shortly after, with MRI tests on Tuesday expected to confirm the horrendous news of his season-ending injury.

Speaking before the game in an interview with John McEnroe, the Packers legend said: ‘I play because I love the game and I’m fiercely competitive. When I step on that field I expect greatness from myself and my teammates.

‘I believe in the power of manifestation, turning the desires of your heart into reality. First you’ve got to believe it… first we’ve got to believe we can go and make the run, and then once we start believing, and start playing the right way, then you see everyone else start believing.

‘You won’t be saying s*** like, “What if it doesn’t go right?” And then when everyone else in the city is believing, there’s a never-ending, unstoppable wave of positivity and energy.’

Unfortunately for Rodgers, though, it didn’t go right on Monday night for his own personal expectations of the season – and the Jets’ $75m man is likely to have to watch from the sidelines while a teammate starts under center.

Speaking after the game, coach Robert Saleh said: ‘Concerned with his Achilles, MRI is probably going to confirm what we think is already going to happen. But it’s not good.’

The Jets still won a frankly sensational game at home to the Bills on Monday night with Xavier Gipson clinching victory in overtime with a 65-yard punt return touchdown that sent MetLife Stadium into pandemonium.

But it had taken only minutes for the life to be sucked out the venue at the start of the game. Rodgers dropped back on first down from the Jets’ 43-yard-line and tried to roll out to his left before being sacked by Floyd for a loss of 10 yards. But his left foot appeared to get stuck in the Jets’ turf as he was being tackled.

The quarterback hit the ground and grimaced as he clambered back up to his feet for a moment, before standing still and dropping back down to sit on the turf.

He had to helped off as Zach Wilson made his way out to replace him just 3:45 into the game. Rodgers, 39, went straight into the medical tent in scenes that left the entire NFL stunned.

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