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Crafting Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power – Commission free!

Heya folks,

I’ve come into possession of a truly wonderous recipe… that being the ability to make Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power! I’m happy to make them commission-free for anyone, although tips are always appreciated, of course.

I’m a fully potion specialized Alchemist, with using a Multicraft tool enchanted with Inspiration. This gives me a baseline 25.8% chance to get an Inspired T3 craft, with a 25.9% Multicraft chance – it’s entirely possible, with a Multicraft proc, to go from the default amount of 20, all the way as high as 80 potions with a single craft.

I get nothing out of a Multicraft or Inspiration proc which I’ve optimized – these all go into your hands. These are base numbers, and can go higher with various temporary buffs that I’ll generally be using. With Incense active and a T2 Potion Augmentation added into the (literal) mix, the chances are 31.8% for Inspiration, and 29.2% for Multicraft.

For full transparency I also have a 16.7% chance to proc Resourcefulness, which lets me keep some of the materials used to craft it. Also, the materials you use to request the Crafting Order do NOT matter – even with 30x Rank 1 Elemental Potion of Power, it’s still guaranteed to provide T2 Ultimate Power for you, with the exact same chance to proc T3 Ultimate Power as using T2 or T3 Elemental Potion of Power to create them. Even if you don’t craft with me, don’t listen to anyone saying that you need to use T3 Potions to get higher odds or something – that’s just so they can make more money from you using Resourcefulness. This is a scam.

There does appear to be a hidden system in place where if you get close to the skill Threshold (450 for Ultimate Power) then you get a bonus, hidden chance, seperate to Inspiration, to upgrade it. I don’t… know why they’d do this, and frankly I think it’s really stupid. But this doesn’t appear to be relevant to this recipe, as the highest you can get is 425/450, which is too far away from the threshold for it to kick in – so I believe Ultimate Power Potions do not matter if you put in T1, T2, or T3 Elemental Power potions if you’re looking for Inspiration Procs to get T3 Ultimate Power. If you had the Goblin racial skill bonus, you’d maybe get an extra 2% chance for the Inspiration proc at 430/450, though, so I guess in that case there is a difference – I still wouldn’t say it’s worth it for the extra price of T3 potions being used in the recipe, though.

And… that’s about it, I think! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in-game, or here, or whatever – I think I’ve covered everything for transparency’s sake already, though. If you want any of them made, just send an order over to “Fira” for whatever commission you want, and I’ll be happy to help get them sorted!

Editing to add: Just a small update, but thanks to the Darkmoon Faire, I can now use my Illustrious Insight to guarantee a Rank 3 outcome, if you provide 30x Rank 3 Elemental Potions of Power for the craft. There’s exactly a 30% Multicraft chance – the maximum you can possibly achieve – when doing this, as I’ll be using a T3 Agitating Potion Augmentation. However, Illustrious Insight costs me 50 Artisan’s Mettle, so it’s pretty limited – I’m not really sure what to charge for it, but I’ll say 7.5k for now. I would strongly advise against this, though – using all T3 Elemental Power Potions + 5k gold as a fee for the Artisan’s Mettle just doesn’t seem worth it for the extra ~100 main stat you’ll get from T3 potions, and there’s a solid chance to get Inspiration procs for them anyway. The difference in them is just not that significant, and very, very, very few people will be playing at the level where it’s “needed”.

Additionally, I forgot to mention – due to being Potion-specialized, I can also craft the Alacritous Alchemist Stone up to 418. The base version is a guaranteed R5 with the best materials, and can be skimped on some Rank 2’s as a result. 405 and 418 both are impossible (without Insight) to guarantee R5 and need to rely on Inspiration procs, though due to the earlier mentioned hidden mechanic, full R3 material 405 is very likely to proc R5 as I’m only 3 skill points off.

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