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Are eyebrow slits exclusive to LGBT?

Are eyebrow slits exclusive to LGBT?

Eyebrow slit is very popular in the LGBT community. you’d like to know if you’re mistaken for a lLGBT because of this and how much of a statement it is?. The meaning of the shaved slit on the eyebrow As you know, fashion tends to repeat itself, because everything new is well forgotten old. Right! It can be a gang thing and also a hiphop thing , so there’s been some discussion of the fact that it’s culturally appropriative to use it as a signal. It seems to be a signal primarily in the generation after mine, and mostly for LGBT community.

So today the fashion trends of the last century – the 90’s and 80’s – are becoming popular again. In addition to the clothing style and shoe styles of yesteryear, piercings, artistic tattoos, asymmetrical haircuts, extreme coloring, shaving the back of the head, temples and slits on the eyebrows are coming back to life. The latter, by the way, for many never lost its relevance.

Famous beauties like Beckham, Ronaldo and Jason Momoa almost constantly walk around with one or even two slits of clear skin. What does this trend signify and how to join the fashion trend with some simple tools?

Why do you shave a slit on your eyebrow?

In many subcultures, the shaved slit on a guy’s or girl’s eyebrow is considered a calling card. A guy with an eyebrow slit in the early 2000s could be either a rapper or a member of a popular boy band.

Eyebrow slits lgbtq+ meaning: It is a slit in the eyebrow one or more times in the eyebrow to show that you are gay not used as a trend, people in the LGBTQ community do. It is a sign that lets them know that the person is part of the community. They can do it if they don’t want to do things like cuff jeans or an under cut. Straight people have made it a trend, but it’s usually done by people in the LGBT community who have come out or are in the closet.

Today, social networks and Internet-based applications for socializing, sharing photos and videos are widespread throughout the world. Especially strong of all available, stands out “Instagram”. It is the first popular service through which all kinds of campaigns and flash mobs are launched. It is “Instagram” that has re-popularized the shaving of the eyebrow stripe, not only among male athletes and artists, but also among ordinary people. Now the slit on girls’ eyebrows means that they identify with a certain group or community.

There can be several slits, involving both the right and left eyebrow, sometimes the location carries a certain meaning. In order to emphasize their individuality even more, some young people add one, or even two, piercing earrings to the slits, even though this is disliked and misunderstood by some. Informal individuals feel it is their duty to prove to others that they are different, and experimenting on their own appearance is considered the easiest way to express themselves.

A guide to action

It is possible to make a slit on the eyebrows in a salon or on your own. Those who choose the second option, it is necessary to prepare tools and attributes. You will need:

What needs to be done:

  • Making a streak on the eyebrow
  • General recommendations
  • For the process to succeed, and for a partially shaved eyebrow to be a highlight, rather than giving a comical image, you need to consider these guidelines:
  • A great great tip from girls has been the use, for modeling the shape of the eyebrows, of wax slit. They give great results and the slit stay in pristine condition much longer than after using a razor.

Shaved slit on eyebrow – what it means and how to do it?

At one of the recent Miuccia Prada Miu Miu fashion shows, the models appeared in mules, sports jackets and… with shaved eyebrow slit in the fashion of the noughties. While top makeup artists argue about whether this unexpected interesting trend from the catwalk will become relevant again thanks to the young and avant-garde Italian brand, we will tell you what it means and how to achieve this effect.

What’s the message behind the fashion accent?

“It’s been somewhere else,” thought many people, seeing the unusual makeup of the models in the frames of the show of the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, presented by a subsidiary brand Prada. So it is – 10-20 years ago, shaved eyebrows were part of the image of many famous athletes, representatives of world show business. David Beckham, Neymar, Nick Kirios, Cristiano Ronaldo wore them. True, for some it was not a desire to stay on trend, but rather the consequences of an injury.

And now the fashion for such design is coming back. The original “haircut” is popularized by insta-models, some subcultures position it as a kind of business card – a visual identifier of belonging to the community, and many young people perceive it as an accessible way of self-expression, even a kind of epatage. But sometimes the gap at the kink or on the tip turns out to be nothing more than a scar or the result of inept tweezing.

How to support a runway trend?

So, a shaved line (or even two) is back on the list of brow fashion trends. Whether it’s cool or not can be debated for a long time. But trying on the trendy accent is easy – you don’t even have to grab a razor to do it. Here are two detailed guides – for those who are ready for radical action, and those who prefer to do without makeup.


If you shave your eyebrows, the result in its original form will remain flawless for not long – up to a week and a half. Then there will be “stumps” in the place of the removed hair, and it will look, to put it mildly, not good. This area will have to be re-shaved or painted over.

Step by step, the process looks like this:

These instructions are for those who are confident in their abilities and skill. But it is not easy, and sometimes even dangerous, to make a shaved slit beautifully and neatly by yourself. It is better to entrust this task to an eyebrowist in a salon or a specialized studio.


The method described above is the easiest option if you want to support the catwalk trend. But if we return to the theme of the sensational Italian brand show, most makeup artists believe that their colleagues in the shop did not take such a drastic action when preparing models to go on the catwalk. Most likely, they preferred to apply silicon onlays in the tone of the skin. Get such an effect is also possible with the help of decorative means, which are sure to be in the cosmetic bag.

Act according to the instructions:

You can also make a “slit-shadow” with a combination of lightening and toning techniques, a task that a browmaker can do. You can also take thin strips of cosmetic tape and simply tape over the places where you want to simulate shaved eyebrows. It will look so-so up close, but with such a simple technique, you will be able to assess whether this trend is right for you.

Brow slit or scar: how to do it right and what does it mean?

The late 80s and 90s were marked by a lot of fashion trends. New subcultures, which came to our country from Western countries, always had their chips – drawings on the head, colorful touts, asymmetrical haircuts and much more. An indispensable part of those years was the scar-slits on the eyebrow (the only one), imitating a slit. You could get them done at stylists that were just emerging at the time, but the most desperate took matters into their own hands and made a fashionable eyebrow slit at home.

Let’s talk about what value is invested in a scar on the eyebrow, whether such a decor is suitable for a man, how to make a fashionable slit yourself.

Is an eyebrow slit a way to express yourself or the result of a botched cosmetic procedure?

Of course, a hairless slit on the eyebrow can be not only a tribute to fashion, but also formed after an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure, an injury. Especially often such a slit on the eyebrows appears in girls who actively remove hair with tweezers. Well, trauma to this area is more common in boys and teenagers.

A much more interesting situation arises if a young man or girl decides to slit his or her eyebrows at his or her own request. It is, of course, such a way of self-expression. Some want to make their image more brutal, others imitate their idol from the world of sports or movies, well, others, paradoxically, want to make the image more feminine, but mischievous at the same time.

There are no general rules that would decipher the meaning of this or that slit on the eyebrow. how to make it is up to you. The main condition is organicity. Hardly anyone plans to look funny or ridiculous after deciding to make a slit (or several) on the eyebrow. Although some informal groups may come up with their own meaning of the scarring slits.

Such “jewelry” has long been an indispensable attribute of many stars. This is a small fashion chip that forms the personality of the idol. We can hardly imagine now Jason Momoa or David Beckham without such a highlight. Naturally, the love for the athlete or actor will not diminish from this. But admit it – haven’t you ever wanted to make such a slit on your eyebrow to become at least a little bit like a star?

Fashionable eyebrows fall-winter 2020-2021 with shaved slits are eccentric, so they will suit only those who are confident and not afraid of their own shadow.

In addition, eyebrow slits have been revived in 2020 not only for men! Women, too, can safely make spectacular slits on the eyebrows, resembling a scar. In our article Cherish every hair: the most fashionable eyebrows for fall-winter 2020-2021 we told in details about the eyebrows which forms are in fashion now.

Fashionable eyebrows autumn-winter 2020-2021 with shaved slits are eccentric, so will suit only those who are confident and want to demonstrate their style.

It is true that this year eyebrows with slits are no longer associated with hip-hop culture, as in the 80s, when they first appeared. Today, such eyebrows don’t require much style in clothing.

Today we’re going to tell you about the features of the 2020 trendy eyebrows with a cut, and in our photo gallery you’ll find striking samples to understand what’s on-trend.

Fashionable eyebrows with slits fall-winter 2020-2021: What to look out for

In order to be on trend, it is enough to make a single slit on the eyebrow. However, if the band on the eyebrow in guys can be both in the center of the eyebrow and on its ponytail, then the band on the eyebrow in girls should ideally “settle” in the ponytail – so it will not look too flashy, you can even say – elegant, and will make the accent on the eyes.

If you have enough courage, then you can make two slits on the left or right eyebrow. Here it is important that they are neat and the distance between them is the same. Visually, the double cut elongates the face. Women will be especially pleased, because the two cuts beautifully emphasize the curve of the eyebrow.

Fashion does not stand still, and it always brings something new to this or that trend from the past. If you want to keep ahead of the fashionable locomotive, then do cross-slits on your eyebrows.

You can also experiment with the location of the slits – it all depends on what your goal is. But in order to stand out against the general background and to show that Fashion for you – not an empty ringing, and you follow the fashion trends, it is enough one or two shaved slits on the eyebrow.


They are popular among lLGBT and sapphic people, but they are not exclusive to any group and don’t actually mean anything. It didn’t even start with LGBT people. Eyebrow slits come from different backgrounds: gang members would give themselves eyebrow slits to represent their alliance. They were created in the 80’s by a rapper, then came back in the early 2000’s as a fashion phenomenon. Also be aware that some people think this is cultural appropriation because they were originally borrowed from a black rapper and the name was changed to slits when the original name is cuts. Of course, you are free to do what you want, but consider its history and not just a fashion trend.

It shows that lgbtq people know you are part of the community when you don’t want to do something well known like cuff jeans or under cut. This can be used for lgbtq people who have come out or are in the closet, not for straight girls who think this is a trend. Straight girls who do it annoy lgbtq people.

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