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Can You Upgrade Armor in Remnant 2? – Answered

Can You Upgrade Armor in Remnant 2? – Answered

After getting thrashed by a tough boss in Remnant 2 for the seventh time, you might wonder if you can upgrade your armor? Depending on your build or playstyle, spending precious Trait Points on Vigor (HP) might seem less appealing to some. After all, Archetype armor sets have separate pieces that can be mixed and matched on your adventurer. Surely, there must be some way to upgrade or enhance each piece of wearable gear in Remnant 2.

How Do Armor and Upgrades Work in Remnant 2?

Can You Upgrade Armor in Remnant 2
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To answer the question, “Can you upgrade armor in Remnant 2?” the answer is a straightforward no. Similar to the 2022 GOTY Elden Ring, armor sets nor their separate pieces can be enhanced in any way. To those familiar with Souls-like or narrative-driven action-adventure experiences, this lack of a feature is no surprise. However, if you’re a fan of RPGs with tons of depth, like The Witcher 3, you might be disappointed.

You needn’t be dismayed, as Remnant 2 offers many ways to upgrade and customize your stats separately from your armor. For instance, you can unlock the Barkskin Trait, which grants a global, permanent Damage Reduction buff. There’s also Weightless Weight, an Amulet that boosts Movement Speed and reduces Stamina Cost based on your Armor Encumbrance. Such perks and equipment enable you to be creative with how you’d like your character to be built, armor-wise.


Remnant 2: How To Unlock The Summoner Archetype

Alternatives to Upgrading Armor in Remnant 2
Image Source: Gunfire Games via The Nerd Stash

If you’d like to try on the armor sets of a different base Archetype, you can freely do so by visiting Whispers in Ward 13. He sells all the starter gear, letting you change your appearance, even if you’re different from the class of the chosen equipment. You can also unlock new Archetypes as you progress through your adventure, granting you access to brand-new, unique-looking armor sets. However, do note that armor in Remnant 2 is not only for show.

Each set piece of Archetype armor in Remnant 2 cannot be upgraded, but they offer different stats in resistances, Weight, and Armor rating. When checking your Character Menu in-game, keep an eye on the numbers beneath your Power Level. For instance, if your Weight is Medium, your dodge-rolls will receive a penalty of 25% when consuming Stamina. Conversely, those who’ve reached Ultra Heavy will perform a fat roll when dodging, which consumes an extra 75% of Stamina from the base cost.

To conclude, although you can’t upgrade armor in Remnant 2, understanding how the gear system works with its corresponding stats is crucial for survival. Looking flashy is nice, but make sure you’re properly upgrading ideal Traits and managing your Weight and elemental resistances.

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