Playing with Better Players

Playing with better players can be extremely challenging. You feel intimidated by their abilities & overall presence on the course….you feel like a fool as you can’t keep up with them…you don’t want to hold them up or be a burden….etc., etc. Right? Well, this needs to stop RIGHT NOW! And…let me relate a story as to how you can stop this destructive thought process.

Mary Lou (my girlfriend at the time…we are now married), introduced me to skiing. Mary Lou is a GREAT skier…a PGA TOUR-caliber skier, matter of fact!

Thus, when I started out…I SUCKED (for those who know me, they KNOW I am telling the truth, too!!! Lol). Everything I could do wrong…I did!!!! EVERYTHING! And, as I was skiing with great skiers, I was always holding them up, dragging them down. I felt it…and I KNEW IT!

One day, we were skiing, and I was NOT skiing very well. Everyone was well ahead of me…#$%! I pulled up, buried my ski poles in the snow, and REALLY got pissed! I HATED SKIING…AND MYSELF!!!! Then…all of a sudden…my brain kicked in…and I began to rationalize the situation:

Mary Lou. and all of our friends we were skiing with that day, have been skiing for years! They have made thousands and thousands of runs on the slopes over the years. Me? I had only started a few years ago, and had just started to learn. Why was I beating myself up? When they were at my stage, they skied just like me! The only difference between me and them was time…over the many years of skiing…over time…they all became great skiers! Thus, I rationalized while standing there…that the only thing I needed, to become a better skier…was more time!

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With my new…and better outlook…I skied much better the rest of the day. Certainly not as good as my friends…but better for me. I was NOT intimidated by their fantastic abilities…I simply skied to the best of my abilities at the time…and had a GREAT day!

So…remember my story when you are playing with better players. In most cases…the reason they are better than you…at that moment in time…is due to the fact that they have been playing longer than you. We ALL struggled when we first started playing… we all hit terrible shots and had terrible scores in the beginning…it is simply part of the learning process that ALL of us have experienced.

Understand this…chill out…and have fun! After all, for 99% of all golfers…it is just a game…a game we enjoy experiencing with friends and loved ones! They want you to succeed…they will do everything they can to help you succeed. Realize this so you can enjoy success!

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