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The Resident Evil 4 remake is a highly anticipated game that surpasses its predecessor, which was already considered a classic masterpiece. The game features a fine balance between action and horror, providing an exceptional experience for both old and new fans. The weapons are a critical part of the gameplay experience. There are many weapons available, ranging from pistols and shotguns to rocket launchers.

Each weapon has unique strengths and weaknesses, and upgrading them can make a huge difference in how effective they are in combat. Upgrades are available in the merchant shop, which appears throughout the game, allowing players to purchase new weapons, upgrade existing ones, and sell unused items for extra cash. The Resident Evil 4 remake proves to be an example of how a remake should present itself, and it proves once again the masterful way Capcom treats its fan-favorite games.

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10 Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower is one of the new weapons added to the game. It’s perfect for a more stealth-based playthrough, as it only immobilizes the enemies without attracting the other’s attention. Despite the fact that on its own, the weapon doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it can be upgraded in order to launch mines.

To get the most out of the Bolt Thrower, players should first upgrade its Power and Ammo Capacity. Overall, the Bolt Thrower is a good addition to the game and a must-have for gamers looking for a more stealth playthrough.


The TMP submachine gun is a valuable addition to players’ arsenal, but acquiring it may be a challenge for new players as its location is not hinted at in the game. However, once players do obtain it, the weapon’s large magazine and fast fire rate make it perfect for aiming at enemy mobs and hitting most of the targets.

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Although its low precision makes it more suitable for short distances, it can still be effective if a safe distance is maintained from enemies to avoid being grabbed. The TMP can be upgraded to improve its accuracy, firepower, and reload speed, making it a reliable weapon to have in players’ inventory.

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8 Stingray Rifle

The Stingray Rifle is a must-have weapon, even if it may take up a significant amount of storage space. Its perks and power make it worth the investment, as it proves extremely versatile and effective against large enemies.

It allows players to engage enemies from different distances, and while it may deal slightly less damage than other rifles, its other stats more than make up for it. The weapon should be bought from the merchant as soon as it becomes available, and its upgrades should be purchased to unlock its true potential.

7 Riot Gun Shotgun

The Riot Gun is a good weapon for players who are looking for a balance between power, speed, and accuracy. These characteristics can be upgraded in order to perform even better during combat. It’s notable that it is less effective against groups of weaker enemies, making it more suitable for high-value targets.

The weapon is definitely worth the investment for those planning on using Shotguns as their primary weapon. It has the second-highest firepower of all the Shotguns, making it a reliable option when facing off against tougher enemies and bosses. Therefore, with its fast rate of fire, the Riot Gun can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

6 Killer7 Magnum

The Killer7’s critical headshot damage is higher than any other gun in the game, and it can be a real help in taking down bosses. This Magnum is the best option when players are facing single, powerful enemies that cannot be defeated with conventional weapons.

It has a good ammo capacity, but its ammunition can be quite difficult to acquire. Therefore, this weapon should be preserved and used only on more difficult enemies. Its upgrades come in handy since they transform the gun into a real head-shooting helper.

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5 Red9 Handgun

One of the most popular weapons in RE4 is the Red9. The weapon returns in the remake, but it has one twist: the stock attachment isn’t available right away. To obtain the Red9’s stock, players will need to progress through the game until they complete the house fight along with Luis in Chapter 5.

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Once the stock is acquired, the Red9 becomes much more effective, with its colossal Power and increased Precision. However, the upgrades that transform the Red9 into an impressive handgun are costly, as the final Power upgrade costs 65,000 Pesetas, and the Exclusive upgrade 100,000 Pesetas.

4 W-870 Shotgun

The W-870’s widespread can hit multiple enemies at once, making it a great shotgun for most of the game. Its limited ammo capacity means players will have to be strategic in when and where they use it. It should be upgraded quickly, as it’s accessible to players from Chapter 1 until the end.

To maximize its effectiveness, it is recommended for players to aim for the head or other vulnerable points to deal the most damage possible. With the right upgrades and careful use, the W-870 can be a reliable and powerful weapon throughout the full playthrough of Resident Evil 4.

3 Combat Knife

The combat knife is one of the most important tools in Leon’s arsenal. While in the original game it was simply a backup weapon, now it’s a critical component in the player’s combat strategy. The knife mechanics have been greatly improved, as it can now be used to parry enemy attacks and deals significant damage.

Upgrading the knife makes it even more deadly, allowing players to take down enemies with fewer strikes and conserving precious ammunition. With the difficult decisions regarding resource management, upgrading the knife can make all the difference in Leon’s survival.

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2 SR M1903 Rifle

The SR M1903 is a powerful rifle that offers high-precision damage and is ideal for taking out enemies from a distance. Its cons are, however, the slow firing rate and the reload animation that takes Leon out of the scope view. This can be frustrating in fast-paced combat situations, but the high-precision damage makes up for it.

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To make the most of the SR M1903, it’s important to keep your distance from enemies and engage them from afar. It’s worth noting that the SR M1903 is also the most expensive rifle in the game, and its upgrades are just as pricey. However, its power and precision make it a worthwhile investment, especially during boss fights.

1 SG-09 R Pistol

The SG-09 R is a versatile weapon that can be used effectively in a variety of situations. Its solid stats in all categories make it a dependable starting weapon, and its upgrades are relatively affordable. One drawback of the SG-09 R is its slow rate of fire, making it more suitable for close to mid-range distances where accuracy and power are more important than speed.

Additionally, the SG-09 R’s ability to stun enemies can be a useful tool for conserving ammo and dealing damage with melee attacks. Overall, the SG-09 R is a reliable weapon that becomes undeniably great after being upgraded at the merchant’s shop. Since players are able to use it from start to finish, it is recommended to be upgraded as soon as possible in order to become even more helpful.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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