Consensus Mock Draft: Fultz, Ball set, but Tatum emerges at No. 3

Consensus Mock Draft: Fultz, Ball set, but Tatum emerges at No. 3
Consensus Mock Draft: Fultz, Ball set, but Tatum emerges at No. 3

The Consensus Mock Draft is a compilation of the best mock drafts around the web. We bring them together to come up with a good estimate of how the 2017 NBA Draft could play out.

And finally, in our last look at the mocks before Thursday’s Draft, a clearer picture begins to emerge. At least in the top 3.

  • Markelle Fultz seems to be a virtual lock at No. 1 to the Sixers and Lonzo Ball is all but certainly headed to the Lakers at No. 2. Both appear in those positions in all 12 mock drafts we survey.
  • But what will the Celtics do at No. 3? Assuming they keep the pick (some think Boston could deal away the No. 3 pick), seven of the 12 mocks now see the Celtics taking Jayson Tatum, while four think they’re eyeing Kansas’ Josh Jackson. In our previous breakdown from Monday, those roles were reversed. But it now seems that Tatum is the guy for Boston.
  • With Boston moving into the No. 3 spot, it appears that Kentucky point guard De’Aaron Fox is certain to go either at No. 4 (Suns) or No. 5 (Kings). Eight of the 12 mocks see him slipping to the Kings at No. 5, with the Suns likely grabbing Jackson or Jonathan Isaac in the fourth spot.
  • The lone non-NCAA international player to feature prominently in the lottery is Frank Ntilikina, an 18-year-old guard from France who caught scouts’ eyes with a strong performance at the FIBA U-18 European Championship in December. The 6-foot-5 Belgian-born guard appears as high as No. 8 (Knicks), with the Mavericks at No. 9 as another high possibility.
  • Kentucky’s Malik Monk is one player seeing his stock drop. In our previous looks, Monk was as high as No. 3 or 4, but now he’s no higher than 6th, most common to the Knicks at No. 8, and as low as No. 11 to Charlotte.
  • Florida State’s Jonathan Isaac has seen his stock soar. The Sporting News and Basketball Insiders have him going at No. 4 to the Suns, while most have him at No. 6 (Magic).
  • Two players have seen their stock rise since the lottery. Gonzaga’s Zach Collins now appears in the lottery on 11 of the 12 mocks and Duke shooting guard Luke Kennard — who was in the lottery on just three mocks in our previous surveys — is now in the lottery on 10 of the 12 mocks.
  • Arizona’s Lauri Markannen is on all 12 mock drafts and should go somewhere between the 7th and 11th picks. Six of the 12 mocks see him landing in Minnesota at No. 7.
  • Eleven players appear in the lottery on all 12 mock drafts: Fultz, Ball, Josh Jackson, Tatum, Fox, Smith, Monk, Isaac, Markkanen, Donovan Mitchell and Zach Collins.
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Last updated: June 21, 2017

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Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as the Consensus will be updated periodically before the Draft on June 22. Scott Howard-Cooper Jonathan Givony

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