Cyberware Overhaul Guide: Everything New in Update 2.0

Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty introduces a complete Cyberware overhaul to the game. Read on to view all the sweeping changes made to Cyberware, including info on the capacity system, new cyberware, and reworked upgrade and armor systems in patch 2.0.

Cyberware Overhaul in Update 2.0

New Cyberware Capacity System

Update 2.0 now limits the amount of cyberware you can equip based on V’s current Cyberware Capacity Limit. To equip high tier cyberware (or simply get chromed up with multiple parts), you will first need to increase your capacity limit.

Note: It is possible to go over the cyberware capacity limit by getting the Edgerunner Perk. However, for each point you go over the limit, you lose 0.5% health (total of -25% max health for exceeding by 50 points).

How to Increase Cyberware Capacity Limit

Cyberware Capacity Shards Increase Your Limit in Increments

For small increases to your Cyberware Capacity Limit, players can start finding and collecting Cyberware Capacity Shards – a brand new item introduced in Update 2.0. Once picked up from dead enemies, they increase your Cyberware Capacity by a fixed amount.

How to Get Cyberware Capacity Shards

New Cyberware Options Available

To further enhance and diversify cyberware builds, Update 2.0 has introduced a slew of new cyberware to the game. Ripperdocs will now have an expanded inventory, showcasing new cyberware options that you can purchase to enhance the different parts of V’s body.

List of All Cyberware

Cyberware Are Now Attuned to Different Attributes

Cyberware functionality has also been improved. On top of the tooltip update brought by the 2.0 UI cleanup, certain cyberware now also have attribute attunements.

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By raising the score of a cyberware’s attuned attribute, you also increase the bonuses that cyberware can get. Bonus effects vary by attuned attribute, ranging from more Armor, damage percentage buffs, or headshot and weakspot damage increases.

All Attributes Explained

Only Ripperdocs Can Upgrade or Change Your Cyberware

In Update 2.0, you can no longer mod or equip better Cyberware from the inventory menu. Instead, Cyberware can only be upgraded or swapped out when you visit one of the many Ripperdocs of Night City.

Ripperdoc Locations and Cyberware List

No More Cyberware Mods in Update 2.0

Cyberware Mods and Cyberware rarity have been axed in Update 2.0. In their place stands the much more consistent Item Tier System wherein Cyberware stats and effects are determined by their Tier (from 1-5+).

Get Technical Ability Perks for Extra Cyberware Slots

Perk Effect License to Chrome (Lv. 3) Unlocks a new cyberware slot for the Skeleton. Requires 15 Technical Ability. Ambidextrous Unlocks a new cyberware slot for your hands. Requires 15 Technical Ability.

The following perks will allow players to unlock additional cyberware slots for their Hands and Skeleton slots. Do note that these require a heavy, 15-point investment into the Technical Ability attribute.

Armor Stat is Now Tied to Cyberware

Another big change is how the Armor Stat works in Cyberpunk 2077. Instead of armor being tied to Clothing, your total armor stat will now rely mostly on the cyberware you have equipped.

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While select clothing pieces still give bonus armor, majority of the stat increases will come from your cyberware. Invest in cyberware for your Skeleton and Integumentary System to increase your armor stat.

To view how much armor you are getting from your cyberware, simply open the cyberware menu (or visit a ripperdoc). The total armor will be indicated at the right side of the cyberware menu (blue bars).

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