2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit

2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit
2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit

2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit

The Best Ball Draft Kit is sponsored by Underdog Fantasy, where you can already play in Best Ball contests for the 2023 season. Their marquee contest, The Big Board, is only $10 to enter and features a $1 MILLION prize pool, with $200,000 to 1st place! Enter now.

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit, sponsored by Underdog Fantasy! We’ll have you covered on all things best ball leagues throughout the offseason.

You’ll notice that some of our content below is free and other sections require a premium subscription. To access all of our 2023 Fantasy Football Best Ball Draft Kit, all that you need to do is sign up for our premium subscription. More content will continue to be published over the course of the offseason. Article titles that are not linked are coming soon.

In addition to the content below, a premium subscription will get you access to our FantasyPros Discord. There you will be able to interact directly with our analysts and ask them questions about best ball draft strategy, roster construction, join in best ball drafts against our experts, and more through community channels and a rolling AMA for each analyst!

Best Ball Fantasy Football Draft Rankings, Strategy & Advice

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FantasyPros Staff Best Ball Rankings

  • Derek Brown’s Rankings
  • Andrew Erickson’s Rankings
  • Pat Fitzmaurice’s Rankings
  • Staff Consensus Best Ball Rankings
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Expert Consensus Best Ball Rankings

  • Best Ball Rankings: Overall | QB | RB | WR | TE | DST
  • Best Ball Consensus ADP

Best Ball Position Primers & Tiered Rankings

  • Andrew Erickson’s Best Ball Primer: QB
  • Andrew Erickson’s Best Ball Primer: RB
  • Andrew Erickson’s Best Ball Primer: WR
  • Andrew Erickson’s Best Ball Primer: TE
  • Andrew Erickson’s Best Ball Must-Have Players (Premium)
  • Erickson’s Snake Draft Strategy Guide: Early Pick | Middle | Late
  • Erickson’s Perfect Fantasy Draft Strategy & Advice
  • Derek Brown’s Rookies to Target in Best Ball Leagues
  • Derek Brown’s Rookies to Avoid in Best Ball Leagues
  • Fitz’s Quarterback Rankings & Player Notes
  • Erickson’s Running Back Rankings & Player Notes
  • Fitz’s Tight End Rankings & Player Notes
  • Quarterback Preview: Values, Breakouts & Busts
  • Running Back Preview: Values, Breakouts & Busts
  • Wide Receiver Preview: Values, Breakouts & Busts
  • Tight End Preview: Values, Breakouts & Busts

Best Ball Strategy

  • Best Ball Introduction
  • DBro’s Underdog ADP Watch
  • Players Experts Target & Avoid at ADP
  • Guide to Underdog’s Way-too-Early Best Ball Games
  • Roster Construction (Premium)
  • How to Approach Early Rounds (Premium)
  • How to Approach Middle Rounds (Premium)
  • How to Approach Late Rounds (Premium)
  • Advance Rates (Premium)
  • DraftKings Best Ball Strategy & Advice
  • Erickson’s Zero RB Best Ball Strategy & Advice
  • Early Round Best Ball Advice | Middle | Late
  • How to Draft a Winning Best Ball Roster
  • Spreading Out Exposure on Late-Round Picks
  • Hero RB Best Ball Strategy
  • Zero RB Best Ball Strategy
  • Robust RB Best Ball Strategy
  • Dual RB Best Ball Strategy
  • Late-Round QB Best Ball Strategy
  • Erickson’s Wide Receiver Season Recap & Advice for 2023
  • Erickson’s Running Back Season Recap & Advice for 2023
  • Fitz’s Lessons from 2022 & Takeaways for 2023
  • Drafters Best Ball Strategy & Advice
  • How to Value Rookies (Post NFL Draft Update)
  • Position Battles to Monitor: RB | WR | TE
  • ADP Risers & Fallers
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Best Ball Mock Drafts

  • Mock Draft using FFPC Settings

Best Ball Stacking Advice

  • Best Ball Stacks to Target
  • Stacking Strategy Based on Draft Pick Position
  • Late-Round Stacks to Target
  • High & Low Priced Stacks Based on ADPs

Players to Target & Avoid in Best Ball Leagues

  • Analysts Picks for Players to Target: QB | RB | WR | TE
  • Analysts Picks for Players to Avoid: QB | RB | WR | TE
  • Most Overrated Player on Each NFL Team
  • NFL Best Ball Draft Values For Each Round
  • DBro’s Wide Receiver Lottery Tickets | WR2s with WR1 Upside
  • Expert Busts to Avoid
  • Players the Experts Draft
  • Early Fantasy Football Sleepers
  • Best Ball Players to Avoid | Rookies to Avoid
  • Best Ball Players to Target | Rookies to Target
  • Best Ball Players We’re Drafting the Most
  • Players We’re Targeting in Early Drafts
  • Best Ball Late-Round Targets
  • DBro’s Second-Year Breakout Wide Receivers
  • Erickson’s Second-Year Breakout Running Backs
  • Fantasy Football Breakouts That Will Sustain in 2023
  • Early Overvalued Players: QB | RB | WR | TE
  • Must-Have Draft Targets: QB | RB | WR | TE
  • QB2s w/ Top-5 Potential
  • RB3s w/ RB1 Potential
  • WR3s w/ WR1 Potential
  • TE2s w/ Top-5 Potential

NFL Offseason & Free Agency

  • Erickson’s 2023 NFL Free Agency Primers: QBs | RBs | WRs | TEs
  • Fantasy Football Impact & Takeaways: NFL Coaching Changes
  • NFL Coordinator Changes & Impact
  • 10 Most Important Players of the Offseason
  • 2023 NFL Free Agency: Top Free Agents Available
  • Ideal Free Agent Team Landing Spots
  • NFL Free Agency Predictions
  • 2023 NFL Schedule Release: Fantasy Football Winners, Losers & Takeaways
  • 2023 NFL Schedule Release Winners & Losers
  • 2023 NFL Schedule Release: Players Negatively Impacted
  • Veteran’s Impacted by NFL Draft
  • NFL Schedule Winners: Players to Target
  • NFL Head Coach Rankings
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More Best Ball Content

  • Burning Questions for All 32 NFL Teams
  • Second-Year NFL Players To Watch | Second-Year Regression Candidates | Second-Year Breakout Candidates
  • Best Ball Risers & Fallers (Post Free Agency) | Post NFL-Draft
  • Best Ball Values to Target Based on ADP
  • Players on New Teams
  • TD Regression Candidates
  • Players with Easy & Difficult Fantasy Football Playoff Matchups
  • Over & Undervalued Rookies
  • Players on New Teams Predictions & Outlook
  • Bold Predictions for 2023
  • RB Handcuffs to Target
  • What We Got Wrong About Tight Ends
  • Best Ball Playoff Stacks to Target
  • Late-Rounds Rookies to Target in Best Ball Drafts
  • RBs in the Dead Zone to Target
  • QB pairings to target
  • RB pairings to target
  • Tight End Dart Throws & Best Ball Pairings
  • Players That Lose Value in Best Ball Formats
  • Players That Gain Value in Best Ball Formats

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