Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant
Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant

Here at RotoBaller HQ we’re constantly looking to add more tools and resources to help our readers win their fantasy football drafts. In case you haven’t heard, we’ll be releasing some cool new free fantasy football tools this year and we’re really excited about it! First up is the Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant:

  • Create practice mock drafts quickly
  • Use during your actual fantasy drafts
  • We’ll give you recommendations on players to draft

Our mock draft assistant is a free tool that will help you prepare for your fantasy football drafts.


Tool Features and Details

Create practice mock drafts quickly, and prepare for your upcoming fantasy football drafts. There are many available configuration options such as selection of scoring system from popular platforms, type of draft, dynasty keeper selections, roster position usage/limits, pause/reset selections, and a lot more.

This tool is powered by our friends at LineupExperts.

  • There are many available configuration options
  • Set your league’s specific scoring and roster settings
  • Our system will help you draft the best team possible
  • Run as many drafts as you would like completely for free
  • Advanced AI provides a different experience each time
  • Free reports with draft analysis and areas for improvement

Mock Draft Assistant Modes

You can select between two modes for the Mock Draft Assistant:

1. Mock Drafts – Mainly used for practicing by drafting versus the computer in a simulated draft. You make picks for your team, while the computer automatically picks for all of the other teams. This is helpful for you to practice different strategies, pick in different spots, and get comfortable with the advice and features our tool offers.

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2. Draft Assistant – Meant as a companion on your actual draft day. In this mode, you make all selections for each team in your league as they occur during your actual draft. This allows you to utilize all of the advice and tools we offer. You manually enter picks as they occur during their draft (i.e. cross them off the board). We will be working on automating this step as well so you don’t need to manually remove the players.

What Is A Mock Draft?

One of the most important parts of a fantasy football league is the draft, when each fantasy manager selects the players for their rosters. Before that day comes, many managers like to practice their draft strategies with fantasy football mock drafts. These are practice drafts, simulating what the draft may look like and how things can unfold on draft day. By practicing with fantasy football mock drafts, managers can be prepared on their actual draft day and know what to expect.

Differences In League Settings

Many fantasy football leagues are different, and are setup with different roster settings and scoring settings. Some leagues require two wide receivers, some require three. Some leagues have one FLEX spot, some leagues have two. Some leagues have PPR scoring, where receivers get extra points for every pass they catch. Some leagues start two quarterbacks instead of one, can have different scoring for number of yards, and even how many points for every touchdown scored.

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Important Mock Draft Features

In this Mock Draft Assistant tool, you can customize all of your league roster and scoring settings. You can also choose the draft position, to try and simulate your actual draft. For example, you may know ahead of time that you’re drafting out of the 5th position – so in your fantasy football mock drafts, you’ll want to practice drafting from that same 5th position. By configuring these league-specific settings in your mock, you’re preparing yourself for your actual draft and will see more realistic results for how things may unfold for your league based on the settings.

Enter Your Mock Settings and Get Started

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