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An Ultimate Ranking of the Best BLACKPINK Songs

An Ultimate Ranking of the Best BLACKPINK Songs
A picture of the four members of BLACKPINK (left to right: Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé) in the MV for their single "Lovesick Girls"

When BLACKPINK, the biggest K-Pop girl group in the world, wrapped up their tour around the world after the release of their second studio album, Born Pink, I got to thinking about what tracks I would consider their absolute best of all time. Even amidst the controversies that followed the four Pinks wherever they went, their shows were an overall success. This list could always be longer, of course, but this isn’t the place for my umpteenth dissertation about how frustrating BLACKPINK’s management is so I’ll just elect to ignore it for now.

I’ve excluded Japanese releases since they’re the same as the South Korean ones but in a different language, and have also chosen to not consider the various features BLACKPINK have had on other artists’ songs—so no “Sour Candy” and “Kiss And Make Up.” I did consider “Ice Cream” and “Bet You Wanna” but, spoiler alert, they didn’t make it—and neither did the solos.

15. “Crazy Over You’”

“Crazy Over You” was one of the tracks out of BLACKPINK’s long-awaited full-length album—which is named, of course, The Album, something that still kind of pisses me off even after all these years. The song is captivating and kind of unique-sounding amongst their discography, which is why it has a place on this ranking. Sadly, it also suffers from a textbook case of “BLACKPINK song cut criminally short,” which is why it’s sitting at the very lowest position.

14. “Typa Girl”

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t exactly fall head over heels in love with “Typa Girl” when I first listened to it on Born Pink. But it has grown on me—in no small part thanks to the way it’s performed live and the energy the Pinks bring to it. It doesn’t particularly stand out from other BLACKPINK songs, which is why is still hovering towards the bottom of this ranking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad—it’s a very “them” song, and maybe that’s why it’s so nice to hear it and see it live.

13. “Forever Young”

I am and always will be a sucker for the relatively older songs on BLACKPINK’s discography—especially the Square trilogy, of which “Square Up” is the final installment. “Forever Young” has a very enjoyable drop, even though I would take a longer chorus over a well-constructed drop any day, and I particularly loved the very first stages of it we got back in 2019 during promotions. It feels like a good mix between BLACKPINK’s softer side—which we haven’t seen very much—and their usual high-energy style.

12. “Stay”

Speaking of the Pinks’ softer side, it doesn’t get much better than “Stay”. The very first ballad the group ever released, back when they were still rookies. It’s one that holds a lot of emotions for both the girls and their fans—especially because it’s widely known within the fandom that both Jennie and Jisoo had their hand in writing it, even though they’re not credited. It’s a personal and affectionate piece, one that always gets the tears flowing whenever it’s performed live.

11. “Kill This Love”

Yes, Kill This Love came out at a strange time, and sure, it might not be the strongest of BLACKPINK’s title tracks—but it remains one of their best songs overall. I think it can’t help but sound captivating from the moment those trumpets blare the second the song starts. I love the military-march drums of it and how somewhat empty it all sounds—leaving space for the girls’ chanting. And let’s not forget the iconic Lara Croft-inspired outfits, which might not be a part of the song per se but are definitely staples of that whole era.


The immortal debut song, “BOOMBAYAH” still clings on to its explosive energy—especially when the Pinks perform it live and the crowd goes wild during Jennie’s iconic “Click-clack bada bing, bada boom.” Still, it sits at the lower end of this ranking because I think that out of all BLACKPINK’s most famous songs, it’s the one they have grown out of the most—both artistically and personally. I will never skip “BOOMBAYAH” whenever I get a chance to listen to it, and I’m still trying to perfect the windmill arm move of its choreography, but I actually love the fact that the Pinks have somewhat moved on.


“PLAYING WITH FIRE” used to be one of my favorite BLACKPINK songs back when I first discovered them. I’m somewhat glad that it has now reached spot number nine—it means that the Pinks have some more music to their name. While “PLAYING WITH FIRE” doesn’t win against some of the girls’ newest releases, it still holds a very special place in my heart—especially for Lisa’s long part in the second verse, which was one of the main reasons she became my first bias in my early days as a BLINK.

8. “Kick It”

A little hidden gem that many fans actually hail as one of the best songs ever released by BLACKPINK, “Kick It” is fun and carefree and a great, great crowd-pleaser at concerts. While I don’t love it as much as other tracks on this list—which is why you’re finding it here in position number eight—there’s just something so nice about the final part of the song, when all the Pinks come together to sing the outro. It always makes me smile, no matter the mood I’m in when it comes on.

7. “Really”

Once again, “Really” might not be as popular as the big BLACKPINK leading singles, hidden within the tracklist of their first EP Square Up, but it should definitely get more time in the spotlight. And I say this especially because of Lisa’s two raps, which for some reasons I’ve always loved and adored—that “want a romance like the old times / want to slow dance when it’s show time / just me and you (me and you) / and that slow jam that we both like.” It might not be the most original, but there’s something in the rhythm and her delivery that just captivates me completely. It could very well be that I like “Really” because of Lisa’s raps rather than because of the song as a whole, honestly.

6. “Pretty Savage”

What’s really hilarious is that I also didn’t particularly “Pretty Savage” the first time I listened through The Album—but boy oh boy did it grow on me. I think that it’s the perfect definition of BLACKPINK’s own brand of being a savage—high-fashion, sleek, polished, cheeky at times but untouchable always. I particularly love that we get to hear some of Jisoo’s rapping skills, and in general, I like when BLACKPINK decides to go quieter but still powerful for their “feel like a baddie” songs.


Can you believe BLACKPINK debuted with “WHISTLE”? Like, one can totally see how they would pick “BOOMBAYAH” as the debut single, but the fact that the Pinks insisted on having a double release and went with “WHISTLE?” A brilliant, brilliant move—because “WHISTLE” is so unique that it immediately stands out in BLACKPINK’s discography. I love the somewhat hushed tones, Jennie’s smooth rap, and the whistling sound—I like when BLACKPINK are being loud and fierce, but I think I prefer their cutting quieter side more. Still, “WHISTLE” has to remain in the fifth position—some of the big hitters coming after it are simply impossible to place anywhere else.


“DDU-DU DDU-DU,” also known among fans as D4, is probably the most iconic BLACKPINK song out of their entire discography. It was the era that really blew them up internationally, their massive return after their first big hiatus, a natural continuation of what had started with “BOOMBAYAH”, and that would essentially crown the Pinks as the absolute queens of the girl crush concept in the 3rd generation. I placed it just shy of the top three, though, because I feel like it encapsulates a moment of BLACKPINK’s history that has somewhat passed. It’s definitely evocative of their overall sound and image as a group, but I think because the Pinks have definitely grown as idols and performers, there’s a new song that really perfectly represents that. Spoilers—it’s the next one.

3. “Shut Down”

Freshly released and feeling more than fine, “Shut Down” has skyrocketed right within my top three BLACKPINK tracks of all time—and my main reason for that is that no other songs in their discography really encapsulate who BLACKPINK is and what image they evoke as a group quite. With its quiet swagger and unhurried self-assurance, it really manages to convey just how powerful and influential the Pinks are.

2. “As If It’s Your Last” (Digital Single, 2017)”

I feel like there’s some division within the fandom about “As If It’s Your Last” and whether or not it was the “right” song for BLACKPINK. I love it to the moon and back and never get tired of hearing it, so much so that it’s been a constant in my Spotify Wrapped pretty much ever since I discovered BLACKPINK. I love how bubbly and funky it is, and its bridge is one of the absolute best BLACKPINK has ever given us.

1. “Lovesick Girls”

I think that “Lovesick Girls” remains BLACKPINK’s most interesting song to date—perhaps it’s not the most representative of their sound or their general aura as a group, but I find it fascinating no matter how many times I listen to it. I love that it distances itself from the usual BLACKPINK Formula, the nostalgic vibe, and the chorus that doesn’t just feature a drop but actually gives the Pinks a chance to make their voices heard. “Lovesick Girls” is the song that most caters to them out of their entire discography in both music and lyrics, but I still maintain that objectively it’s one of the most unique pieces in their repertoire and I hope they release more like it in the future.

(featured image: YG Entertainment)

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