Head-to-head: Three-round mock

Head-to-head: Three-round mock
Head-to-head: Three-round mock

When we roll out typical mock drafts, you’re not getting our opinion on a player, or what a team should do. No, you’re getting a projection of what we think a team could do in each position. This will be different. In this case, you’ll get a better glimpse of how we value players, and you’ll get a very clear glimpse of what we would do if we had the chance to make the picks.

And we’re going to make 100 picks – 50 for each of us – taking you through three full rounds. The rules:

1. We rotate picks: Todd has odds, Mel has evens, and picks are made for each slot through Round 3. 2. These are our picks: Each selection reflects our call, not what we think teams want. 3. It’s about the board: The analysis is less a scouting report, and more about why the pick was made.

Now that you know the rules, let’s get to the action …

First round

Head-to-head: Three-round mock1. Houston Texans

Todd McShay’s pick: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Analysis: No surprise here. Clowney is the No. 1 prospect on my board, a once-in-a-decade type of natural talent, and the right choice at the top of the draft. We’ll try to get our quarterback at No. 33.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock2. St. Louis Rams (from WAS)

Mel Kiper’s pick: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Analysis: I’m interested in Greg Robinson here, but if the top tackle in the draft has one area where he can struggle early, it’s going to be in pass protection, so I go with a greater assurance of impact. Watkins can be special – and soon.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock3. Jacksonville Jaguars

McShay’s pick: Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Analysis: We need a quarterback, but Mack is one of the four elite players in this draft class, and we think he’s long enough to play the “Leo” role (hybrid DE/OLB) in Gus Bradley’s defensive scheme, but if not, we can move him to linebacker. Regardless, he’s an every-down impact defender.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock4. Cleveland Browns

Kiper’s pick: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Analysis: I have five of the first 83 picks in this draft, seven in the first four rounds. I’m going to add talent, so I’m willing to place a big bet on a player with the potential to change the face of my franchise. And I do so knowing he doesn’t have to start immediately.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock5. Oakland Raiders

McShay’s pick: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Analysis: Killed it with this pick. Got my second-ranked prospect at No. 5, and he plays a need position. Raiders fans should be happy with this one. Robinson has the potential to develop into an elite left tackle.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock6. Atlanta Falcons

Kiper’s pick: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

Analysis: If I’m Atlanta, I’d like at least one tackle out of this draft, and in drafting for them I’m going with Lewan, a top-5 talent in this draft and a nasty run-blocker even with the great length and athleticism you want in a left tackle.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

McShay’s pick: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

Analysis: I know that Aaron Donald is in play here, but I love this pick. Evans is the second-ranked wide receiver on my board after Sammy Watkins, and we are in need of a wide receiver to play opposite Vincent Jackson.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock8. Minnesota Vikings

Kiper’s pick: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

Analysis: It’s simply not a good value spot for me to target cornerback, safety or linebacker – all need areas – and I can’t move down in this situation. So I go after need No. 1 and target a high-ceiling QB who I don’t have to ask to start in Week 1.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock9. Buffalo Bills

McShay’s pick: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

Analysis: I have Kiper to thank for this one, as he passed on Matthews to take Taylor Lewan at No. 6, and I’ve got Matthews ranked higher on my board (No. 5 overall). I’m sprinting to the podium. I needed to get the Bills a right tackle, and Matthews was effective on both the right and the left in college. He’s a plug-and-play starter.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock10. Detroit Lions

Kiper’s pick: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

Analysis: I want impact, but I’m a little concerned with developmental learning curve and value of taking a CB here. It’s also a little too high to take one of the safeties. And while I’ve added Golden Tate, if Calvin Johnson is out, this offense could stall. I’m targeting this potential star to round out my WR depth.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock11. Tennessee Titans

McShay’s pick: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

Analysis: This is the first pick I’ve made so far that I’m not thrilled with, only in the sense that I have Dennard rated a little lower than this on my board. But the bottom line is that Dennard is a really good football player, and I needed to get Tennessee a cornerback at some point.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock12. New York Giants

Kiper’s pick: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Analysis: Getting a disruptive force on the D-line here is important, given the state of the depth chart up front. I considered Eric Ebron here, but I can’t pass on Donald.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock13. St. Louis Rams

McShay’s pick: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame

Analysis: With Sammy Watkins going No. 2 overall, we can take Martin here and plug him in at right tackle, filling another big need on offense. He’ll help in pass protection but also make us more physical in the run game. Watkins as a perimeter weapon, plus Martin to solidify the offensive line – that’s not a bad first-round draft haul.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock14. Chicago Bears

Kiper’s pick: Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Analysis: I know Todd thinks I’m making a mistake here, but Pryor is the best safety in the draft, and it’s been a problem position for way too long. This is a little too early for the next best CB on my board, too.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock15. Pittsburgh Steelers

McShay’s pick: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Analysis: After Kiper reaches to take Pryor for the Bears, I get to select the 11th-ranked player on my board at No. 15. Ebron will give Ben Roethlisberger a big-time weapon in the passing game.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock16. Dallas Cowboys

Kiper’s pick: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

Analysis: Adding help on the defensive line is a big priority, but I just don’t see the value here with Donald off the board. Adding a big addition in coverage at a position of need makes sense.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock17. Baltimore Ravens

McShay’s pick: Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

Analysis: We’d love to get Zack Martin at this spot, but he’s gone. Same goes for Eric Ebron and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, but they’re also gone. But I really like Moses, as he’s the No. 14 player on my board, and he fills a need for Baltimore.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock18. New York Jets

Kiper’s pick: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

Analysis: Feeling pretty good about getting Cooks here – even sweeter after Todd reached on a tackle right the pick before. Cooks is every bit the athlete of top WR pick from last draft Tavon Austin, and he provides this offense with an explosive new tool.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock19. Miami Dolphins

McShay’s pick: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

Analysis: It’s hard not to draft an offensive lineman here, but I just can’t justify taking any of the O-linemen currently available. Gilbert also fills a need and will bring playmaking ability to the defense, and I have him ranked No. 18 on my board, so he’s a solid value.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock20. Arizona Cardinals

Kiper’s pick: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

Analysis: Carson Palmer turns 35 this season, and I’ve addressed the offensive line in free agency and will get my No. 1 pick from last year back. I like the state of the roster, so I’ll draft a potential No. 1 who could use a year to learn behind Palmer.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock21. Green Bay Packers

McShay’s pick: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama

Analysis: We could use an upgrade at the inside linebacker spot, and Mosley is the 12th-best player on my board available at No. 21. He is a relentless, tough playmaker.

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Head-to-head: Three-round mock22. Philadelphia Eagles

Kiper’s pick: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

Analysis: He ran a 4.46 at 6-foot-3 and 210-plus pounds, caught 262 passes in the SEC and couldn’t be kept covered when everyone in the stadium knew Vanderbilt wanted to get him the ball. With uncertainty at WR, I’m looking for an immediate contributor.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock23. Kansas City Chiefs

McShay’s pick: Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Analysis: I was really surprised to see Kiper take Matthews at No. 22, as he’s the 56th-ranked player on my board, but I’m grateful that he left me Lee for this pick. Wide receiver is a clear need area, and Lee is the best one available at this spot.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock24. Cincinnati Bengals

Kiper’s pick: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

Analysis: My cornerbacks are showing their age – Terence Newman, Adam Jones and Leon Hall aren’t young – and Fuller isn’t a reach here. He has a chance to be really good.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock25. San Diego Chargers

McShay’s pick: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Analysis: Kiper made a great pick with Fuller, which makes for a tougher call here, but cornerback is a need position, and Verrett is just a good player. He plays bigger than his size and can stick to guys in coverage.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock26. Cleveland Browns (from IND)

Kiper’s pick: Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

Analysis: The offense in Cleveland was plagued by the lack of a reliable second WR target behind Josh Gordon last season. Ellington is underrated. He’ll create space, make catches and create yardage after the catch.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock27. New Orleans Saints

McShay’s pick: Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

Analysis: There was high-fiving in our draft room after Kiper took Bruce Ellington at No. 26, leaving us with Latimer (No. 32 in my rankings, compared with Ellington’s No. 62). Kiper just keeps kicking good players down the board.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock28. Carolina Panthers

Kiper’s pick: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State

Analysis: I need a tackle, depth in the secondary and major help at WR. There just isn’t enough value here at CB or OT, so I’m locking down a potent pass-catcher to help Cam Newton.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock29. New England Patriots

McShay’s pick: Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

Analysis: This is a tough one, in part because there are lots of good players available after Kiper’s run on wide receivers (six in the first round, including four of his last six selections). Hageman is my choice, though, as he brings an excellent combination of size and athleticism. He’ll have time to develop, and we know how to coach up D-linemen.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock30. San Francisco 49ers

Kiper’s pick: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

Analysis: Barr has dropped a little on my board, but you can’t ignore 23.5 sacks and 41.5 tackles for loss in two years from a guy still learning on defense. Not when you need insurance for Aldon Smith.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock31. Denver Broncos

McShay’s pick: Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State

Analysis: This isn’t the most logical fit, but we couldn’t let Shazier get past us here. He’s No. 23 on my board and just a really good football player. After calling in this pick, we’ll go talk to the coaching staff about possibly moving Danny Trevathan inside so that we can play him and Shazier together.

Head-to-head: Three-round mock32. Seattle Seahawks

Kiper’s pick: Stephon Tuitt, DE, Notre Dame

Analysis: The Seahawks won a Super Bowl as much with great rotational depth on the D-line as they did with the Legion of Boom. A versatile talent of this caliber at No. 32? Easy call.

Second round

Head-to-head: Three-round mock33. Houston Texans

McShay’s pick: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Analysis: After taking both Bridgewater and Clowney for the Texans, we can probably take the rest of the draft off. That’s a great haul right there – the No. 1 overall prospect and No. 3 quarterback on my board.

34. Washington Redskins

Kiper’s pick: Chris Borland, LB, Wisconsin

Analysis: I don’t pick until No. 34, but I still walk away with an immediate starter at a need position, and a guy who helps clean up a tackling problem that killed the defense last year? Sure.

35. Cleveland Browns

McShay’s pick: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

Analysis: Kiper took a quarterback (Johnny Manziel) and receiver (Bruce Ellington) for Cleveland in the first round, so I’ll take the opportunity to fill another need by grabbing Roby, a guy with impressive physical tools.

36. Oakland Raiders

Kiper’s pick: Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU

Analysis: There are a few guys I like at this spot, but Van Noy fits my “add really good football players” mantra in picking for the Raiders. He’s versatile and will both rush and cover.

37. Atlanta Falcons

McShay’s pick: Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

Analysis: Ealy will bring versatility and pass-rushing ability to the defensive front, now that offensive tackle has been addressed in Round 1.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kiper’s pick: Joel Bitonio, OT/G, Nevada

Analysis: Guard is a big need, and I get a really good tackle who could be fantastic at guard. He’s a killer in the run game, and my head coach wants to run the ball. Have to love the improvement to my offensive personnel after two rounds.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars

McShay’s pick: Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh

Analysis: Savage is the fourth-ranked QB in my board, and with Mack being our choice at No. 3, this is a good spot to try to land a quarterback whom we can hopefully develop into a starter.

40. Minnesota Vikings

Kiper’s pick: Lamarcus Joyner, CB/S, Florida State

Analysis: I could use a cornerback here, as well as a player with an in-the-box safety’s ability (and willingness) to attack the line of scrimmage. Joyner is both. I’d actually consider a top RB here, because of a lack of depth (of any kind) beyond Adrian Peterson, but Joyner is a good get.

41. Buffalo Bills

McShay’s pick: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

Analysis: We gave second-year QB EJ Manuel some added pass protection with the No. 9 overall pick (Jake Matthews), and now we’re giving him a big, playmaking weapon in his former college teammate Benjamin.

42. Tennessee Titans

Kiper’s pick: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

Analysis: Shonn Greene, Jackie Battle … Hmm, I’m thinking my RB depth chart could use an upgrade. The best one in the draft could help, and hopefully also make life a little easier for my quarterback. Rarely is RB a serious need, but I think it qualifies here.

43. New York Giants

McShay’s pick: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington

Analysis: Tight end is a top need for the Giants, and Kiper went defense for them at No. 12 overall with Aaron Donald. Seferian-Jenkins is my second-ranked TE prospect in this draft, and he has good size and the ability to stretch the seam.

44. St. Louis Rams

Kiper’s pick: Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois

Analysis: I can see Todd nodding his head in admiration. I have a huge need at free safety and get maybe the best pure cover safety in the draft at No. 44? Sometimes it’s too easy.

45. Detroit Lions

McShay’s pick: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech

Analysis: This is a tough one, because while we need help in the secondary, the available options aren’t ideal in terms of value and/or scheme fit. So instead we’ll add another pass-rusher in Attaochu.

46. Pittsburgh Steelers

Kiper’s pick: Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU

Analysis: Roll the tape and you won’t care if Landry runs a 4.3 or a 5.3. I know this looks odd after Todd went with Ebron in Round 1, but I need another wide receiver, and CB (a need) at this slot is a value issue, especially with system fit in mind. I consider a prominent nose tackle option, but pass.

47. Dallas Cowboys

McShay’s pick: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

Analysis: This is a steal. Jernigan is a top-25 prospect who fills a need and is a great fit for our defense – and we’re getting him at No. 47 overall. Between Kiper’s pick of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix at No. 16 and Jernigan here, the Cowboys are getting two very good defensive players.

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48. Baltimore Ravens

Kiper’s pick: Deone Bucannon, S, Washington State

Analysis: I need another safety to pair with Matt Elam, and I have major questions about what kind of early impact I’ll get if I pass on Bucannon here and someone else gets him. It could be 25-30 picks before the next safety is taken.

49. New York Jets

McShay’s pick: Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech

Analysis: Kiper took a wide receiver for the Jets at No. 18 in Brandin Cooks, and we’ll add another weapon in Amaro, who doesn’t have elite speed but is a big target (6-5, 265 pounds) in the passing game.

50. Miami Dolphins

Kiper’s pick: Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

Analysis: The value at offensive tackle simply wasn’t there in Round 1 at No. 19, but to get Kouandjio this late is hard to pass up, given the need. This is a player we really thought could be a top-10 pick 10 months ago, and he is still only 20. If he’s healthy, he’s could be a major steal.

51. Chicago Bears

McShay’s pick: Stan Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska

Analysis: We need to get younger at the cornerback position, and Jean-Baptiste provides very good size and length (6-3, 218 with long arms and good leaping ability).

52. Arizona Cardinals

Kiper’s pick: Dee Ford, OLB, Auburn

Analysis: Adding a pass-rusher is important, and getting Ford at this slot to take some pressure off John Abraham feels like stealing. I’m actually surprised McShay didn’t take Ford at either 45 or 49.

53. Green Bay Packers

McShay’s pick: Louis Nix III, DT, Notre Dame

Analysis: This is a value pick, as Nix merits late first-round consideration. Between first-rounder C.J. Mosley and Nix, we’ve now drafted the No. 12 and No. 30 players on my board, respectively, at No. 21 and No. 53.

54. Philadelphia Eagles

Kiper’s pick: Demarcus Lawrence, OLB, Boise State

Analysis: Trent Cole turns 32 this season, and there just isn’t enough speed off the edge anywhere to be found if he’s not healthy. Lawrence can develop into a solid pass-rusher.

55. Cincinnati Bengals

McShay’s pick: Marcus Martin, C, USC

Analysis: Cincinnati addressed its need at cornerback in the first round (Kyle Fuller, courtesy of Kiper), and here we’re filling another big need at center. Martin is our top-ranked prospect at the position.

56. San Francisco 49ers (from KC)

Kiper’s pick: Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood

Analysis: I’m looking at wide receiver here, but the value isn’t great, and with Carlos Rogers now in Oakland, depth at CB is something I’ll have to address. Desir has length without sacrificing fluidity, and he can become a good player.

57. San Diego Chargers

McShay’s pick: Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State

Analysis: Nix would have been a good fit here had he dropped, but Richburg will help solidify the interior of the offensive line.

58. New Orleans Saints

Kiper’s pick: Keith McGill, CB, Utah

Analysis: I liked the pick Todd made in Round 1, adding Latimer to a depleted WR corps, but CB has to be addressed, given the Saints are counting on Champ Bailey to play a big role – he’ll be 36 by training camp.

59. Indianapolis Colts

McShay’s pick: Xavier Su’a-Filo, G, UCLA

Analysis: My run on interior offensive linemen reaches three, as the Colts make their first appearance of the draft. Guard is a need area, and Su’a-Filo is the No. 1 guy at the position on my board.

60. Carolina Panthers

Kiper’s pick: Ja’Wuan James, OT, Tennessee

Analysis: In Round 1, I didn’t have a good value option at tackle and got an immediate starter at WR. James profiles as a pretty good right tackle, and he fills a need. I looked hard at CB, but there just isn’t enough value on the board here.

61. San Francisco 49ers

McShay’s pick: Daquan Jones, DT, Penn State

Analysis: Jones would provide good depth to a defensive line that dealt with injuries last season and could use an infusion of youth (Justin Smith will be 35 in September).

62. New England Patriots

Kiper’s pick: Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU

Analysis: The Patriots can continue to be a really effective running team, but they don’t have a powerful, explosive downhill runner like Hill. At 230-plus pounds and with the ability to create yards after contact, he can help immediately (and isn’t too shabby as a pass-catcher).

63. Denver Broncos

McShay’s pick: Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson

Analysis: Eric Decker was replaced by Emmanuel Sanders this offseason, but it doesn’t hurt to add another talented pass-catcher to the mix in Bryant, who has an elite combination of length and speed.

64. Seattle Seahawks

Kiper’s pick: Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama

Analysis: I added needed D-line depth in Round 1 with Tuitt, and Norwood is a great fit in Round 2. One thing Norwood does really well is find ways to get open after plays break down. That’s a useful skill with Russell Wilson at QB.

Third round

Head-to-head: Three-round mock65. Houston Texans

McShay’s pick: Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee

Analysis: There’s definitely a drop-off in talent in this class around the late-second, early-third range, and I’m starting to feel the effects of that here. However, Richardson is a solid value here, and Houston can afford to get better at right tackle.

66. Washington Redskins

Kiper’s pick: Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State

Analysis: Right tackle is a major question mark, and the Redskins have to come out of this draft feeling better about their ability to protect Robert Griffin III. Mewhort can push to start there immediately.

67. Oakland Raiders

McShay’s pick: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois

Analysis: Kiper and I had Oakland addressing other needs with its first two picks, but this seems like a good time for my fifth-ranked QB to come off the board. Garoppolo will have time to develop, given Matt Schaub’s presence on the roster, which is important for him.

68. Atlanta Falcons

Kiper’s pick: Troy Niklas, TE, Notre Dame

Analysis: Important additions have already been made at OT (Matthews) and DE (Ealy). With Tony Gonzalez no longer around, getting a solid tight end – and a guy who can actually block at that position – is a good get at this stage.

69. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

McShay’s pick: Dominique Easley, DT, Florida

Analysis: Durability is a concern for Easley (torn ACL in 2013), but there are only a handful of guys capable of playing the three-technique defensive tackle position in the Tampa-2 defense, and Easley is one of them. He was really disruptive this season prior to the injury.

70. Jacksonville Jaguars

Kiper’s pick: Josh Huff, WR, Oregon

Analysis: With additions to the pass rush and a QB prospect in the fold, Huff comes in as insurance with the uncertainty surrounding Justin Blackmon. Huff will make the contested catch and is underrated as a playmaker with the ball in his hands.

71. Cleveland Browns

McShay’s pick: Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington

Analysis: Ben Tate was signed this offseason, but the Browns could use some depth at running back. I like the value of Sankey here.

72. Minnesota Vikings

Kiper’s pick: Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss

Analysis: At this point, the Vikings have addressed a need at QB (Bortles) and in coverage (Joyner), and Moncrief is one of the best athletes in the entire draft, with legit 4.4 speed and great leaping ability in a 6-2, 220-pound frame.

73. Buffalo Bills

McShay’s pick: Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State

Analysis: We’ve got the Bills taking a tackle (Jake Matthews) and wide receiver (Kelvin Benjamin) with the first two picks, and here we can address another need area with the fifth-ranked safety on our board.

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74. New York Giants

Kiper’s pick: Gabe Jackson, G, Mississippi State

Analysis: Justin Pugh’s successful rookie season means the big offensive line need is now at guard, and the Giants already have a potential star at DT in Donald and a threat in the passing game at tight end with Seferian-Jenkins. Jackson could be a dependable player early on.

75. St. Louis Rams

McShay’s pick: Trai Turner, OT, LSU

Analysis: Taking a QB is worth a consideration here, but there aren’t any QBs left on the board who make sense. So instead we’ll add more offensive line help in Turner, a guy who can contribute at guard or center.

76. Detroit Lions

Kiper’s pick: Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty

Analysis: With a very good pass-catcher (Beckham) and a needed pass-rusher (Attachou) in the fold, I have to address the secondary here. Aikens could have shined in a major program and is a very good athlete.

77. San Francisco 49ers (from TEN)

McShay’s pick: Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

Analysis: We still haven’t addressed the Niners’ need at wide receiver, so I’ll go with Richardson here. He has a thin frame and lacks ideal strength, but he has an excellent combination of fluidity, quickness and speed.

78. Dallas Cowboys

Kiper’s pick: David Yankey, G, Stanford

Analysis: I like my situation at tackle with Tyron Smith now a star and Doug Free coming off a solid season, and Travis Frederick is the answer at center. But a guard addition is a necessity, and Yankey not only provides an upgrade, but can also fill in at tackle in case of injury.

79. Baltimore Ravens

McShay’s pick: Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers

Analysis: We need to get Joe Flacco a pass-catcher and haven’t yet gotten one in this draft, so I’ll go with Coleman, a huge target (6-6, 225 pounds) with good top-end speed.

80. New York Jets

Kiper’s pick: Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma

Analysis: If he hadn’t hurt his knee during Senior Bowl practice, Colvin would be gone 40 picks before this spot. He’s not a lock to contribute early, but he should play in 2014 and can also play safety. Could be a steal.

81. Miami Dolphins

McShay’s pick: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Analysis: This makes three receivers in a row for me. Part of this is me just getting them off the board to catch up with Kiper, but this addresses a need position, as well, and Robinson has good size.

82. Chicago Bears

Kiper’s pick: Dri Archer, RB, Kent State

Analysis: With needed additions at safety and corner already added, I’m grabbing the fastest player in the entire draft, a potential big play when he touches the ball on offense, and he can take over for the departed Devin Hester in the return game. We’re talking legit sub-4.3 speed.

83. Cleveland Browns (from PIT)

McShay’s pick: Brandon Thomas, G, Clemson

Analysis: Thomas is a good value here, as he’s the No. 74 player on my board. He’d provide good depth once he recovers from the torn ACL he suffered in a pre-draft workout.

84. Arizona Cardinals

Kiper’s pick: De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

Analysis: Not only am I adding an explosive threat on offense – a player defenses have to account for and a guy who can open up space for others – but he can take over return duties and limit exposure to Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu there.

85. Green Bay Packers

McShay’s pick: Brock Vereen, S, Minnesota

Analysis: We need a safety, and Vereen is the sixth-ranked player at the position on our board. He has good versatility and excellent top-end speed.

86. Philadelphia Eagles

Kiper’s pick: Brent Urban, DE, Virginia

Analysis: Urban could be a steal here. He’s a penetrator at defensive end in this system and can use his length to disrupt the passing game by knocking down passes and disrupting lanes.

87. Kansas City Chiefs

McShay’s pick: Caraun Reid, DT, Princeton

Analysis: Reid is a solid value at this point in the third round, and he’d provide good depth along the defensive line.

88. Cincinnati Bengals

Kiper’s pick: AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama

Analysis: With Andy Dalton’s long-term future still not settled, this isn’t a bad spot to add a potential starter if Dalton isn’t the answer, and certainly a solid backup (and a trade commodity). I considered Zach Mettenberger here, as well.

89. San Diego Chargers

McShay’s pick: Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming

Analysis: Our receiving corps was hit hard by injuries last season (making way for 2013 third-round pick Keenan Allen’s 71-catch season), and despite all of the receivers to go off the board already, Herron still represents a solid value at this point.

90. Indianapolis Colts

Kiper’s pick: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State

Analysis: The interior of the Colts’ offensive line was awful last season, and it’s worth doubling down here after adding a potential starter at guard in Round 2. Khaled Holmes, who played 13 total snaps in 2013, should be challenged at center. Stork can start.

91. New Orleans Saints

McShay’s pick: Russell Bodine, C, North Carolina

Analysis: We’ve already taken a receiver and cornerback here, so we’ll address a third need with Bodine, the second-ranked center on our board.

92. Carolina Panthers

Kiper’s pick: Billy Turner, T, North Dakota State

Analysis: There’s an obvious need at right guard, and Turner can flat-out move people in the power run game. He’s another player who can help take some pressure off Newton. I considered a couple CB options here, but Turner provides early impact.

93. New England Patriots

McShay’s pick: Scott Crichton, DE, Oregon State

Analysis: Crichton’s ideal fit is as a left defensive end in a 4-3 alignment, and that’s a need area here. He has very good potential as a pass-rusher, and he’s a tone-setter with a very good motor.

94. San Francisco 49ers

Kiper’s pick: John Brown, WR, Pittsburgh State

Analysis: With 4.34 speed, Brown provides a developmental deep threat in the passing game and can step in as a returner early.

95. Denver Broncos

McShay’s pick: Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice

Analysis: Cornerback is one of our bigger needs, so this is a good time to get one after going with a linebacker in the first round and wide receiver in the second. Gaines has good top-end speed and ball skills.

96. Minnesota Vikings (from SEA)

Kiper’s pick: Tre Mason, RB, Auburn

Analysis: It’s hard to find a bigger drop-off in the league between Adrian Peterson and the next players in line behind him. Mason can spell All Day, and he gives them explosiveness in the run game if Peterson were to suffer an injury.

97. Pittsburgh Steelers (comp)

McShay’s pick: Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson

Analysis: We have to get younger in the secondary and having taken two pass-catchers in this draft already, we’ll go with our eighth-ranked cornerback in Breeland. His aggressiveness in run support makes him a good fit.

98. Green Bay Packers (comp)

Kiper’s pick: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

Analysis: The Packers have added some valuable pieces (and consistent value) on the defensive side of the ball, but they could really use help at tight end. Fiedorowicz offers size and steady hands.

99. Baltimore Ravens (comp)

McShay’s pick: Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia

Analysis: Sims’ ability to stick his foot in the turf and accelerate quickly through the hole makes him an ideal fit for Gary Kubiak’s zone-blocking approach in the running game.

100. San Francisco 49ers (comp)

Kiper’s pick: Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida

Analysis: The Niners already added Desir, but Roberson could be quicker to contribute coming from the SEC, where he was really good as a sophomore.

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