2023 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 10-Team Half-PPR (UPDATED)

It’s fantasy football mock draft season, and things are no different here at Yahoo Sports. Ten team members recently conducted a 10-team, half-point-per-reception fantasy football mock, and all the picks are in the cool graphic up top. Scroll to the right of the graphic above to see the complete results of the draft.

Finally, after weeks of mocking and re-mocking and mock-bidding, the Yahoo Fantasy squad has produced the one true mock to rule them all.

In preparation for the biggest draft weekend of the fantasy season, 10 highly experienced managers assembled to mock using standard public settings (half-PPR, one QB, one flex, pre-draft pep-talk videos from Behrens). Hopefully, this will serve as a reasonable roadmap for all your Labor Day fantasy needs.

To get everyone ready for the shock and disappointment some will soon feel when Yahoo draft grades hit the inbox, let’s do some letter-grading on these mock rosters …

Check out our original 10-team mock draft from the first week of August here

Team 1, Scott Pianowski: Look, no one ever said snake drafts were entirely fair. Historically at Yahoo, across zillions of leagues over multiple decades, teams picking in the early slots have slightly outperformed those drafting late. If given a choice, I’d want the first overall pick every time — and I’d do pretty much what Scott did in this mock.

He took a flawless player at No. 1 (Justin Jefferson), then came back with last year’s rushing leader (Josh Jacobs) and a brilliant young wideout with the potential to produce a supernova season (Chris Olave). He also landed Lamar Jackson in the fifth, a quarterback who already has the top per-game scoring season in the history of the position on his resume. It’s hard not to love that start. Getting three of the first 21 overall picks is such an edge and Pianowski didn’t miss.

Later, Scott slipped into draft-the-boring-volume-guys mode (Perine, Jeff Wilson Jr. — unfortunate about his injury and subsequent IR designation — Kirk), because that’s who he is in his heart. But he snagged enough upside in the opening rounds to make his team one of the clear favorites. A-.

Team 2, Dan Titus: Dan chose Christian McCaffrey second overall, a gutless pick that reeks of fear. I’m sure he was hoping to simply keep his head down and go unnoticed in this mock, making unremarkable and chalky choices, but that strategy backfired, didn’t it?

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Still, there’s something to be said for a mock draft that aligns with ADP, and that’s what Dan was determined to give us. Yawn. I do appreciate the fact that he took the first QB off the board, snagging Jalen Hurts in the third. When you find yourself at or near either end of a draft, you’d much rather trigger position runs than chase them.

Dan ended up drafting Deebo Samuel and George Kittle along with CMC, an extreme commitment to an offense under the control of a coach who truly hates us. This was a somewhat bold gesture on his part following the cowardly open. Unfortunately, it was not enough to avoid a C+.

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Team 3, Jason Klabacha: Here’s a team that hinted at a possible Zero RB build early, taking Ja’Marr Chase, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Patrick Mahomes in the first three rounds. But, alas, panic set in and Jason began drafting dead-zone running backs aggressively — as if he’d never read a thing that any of his analysts had written. He lucked into a few fun players (notably Dameon Pierce and Breece Hall), because there are values everywhere in a 10-team league.

This squad had a shot at a respectable grade after the first 4-5 rounds, but taking Pat Freiermuth in the eighth when Sam LaPorta remained on the board until the 13th was … well, it was inexcusable. Horrendous. Unbefitting an Iowa grad like Jason. I have no choice but to demote this man from Silver status to Bronze and issue an emphatic F.

Team 4, Dalton Del Don: As ever, Del Don was playing the hits in this mock. He gets his guys every damn time: Tony Pollard, Jahmyr Gibbs, Gabe Davis. Frankly, I respect it. Darren Waller is at least a decade older than the typical player targeted by Del Don, but he is also unquestionably a Dalton fave (TE3).

If this was anyone else’s team, I’d probably give it a C because it’s obviously not gonna win anything. But as this is among the most Dalton Del Don-ish teams of all time, I must award it at least a B+.

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Team 5, Kathryn Buckles: If you’d made me guess which manager drafted which roster in this league, I definitely would have assigned this one to Pianowski. It’s full of aging-yet-excellent players who are scandalously undervalued in most leagues — guys like Derrick Henry, Keenan Allen, Tyler Lockett and Mike Evans. That’s typically Scott’s lane.

Kathryn gave this team a dash of late youth with JSN and Kyle Pitts, reducing the average age of the squad. Jonathan Taylor may now seem like a regrettable pick following news that he’ll remain on the PUP list, but this mock went down before Tuesday’s trade-fail. And it’s not as if she’s hurting at running back, with Henry and Austin Ekeler rostered. This team is solidly contending. B.

Team 6, Mo Castillo: Kelce at the top is a kind of cheat code. As we’ve discussed repeatedly, he offers the single greatest positional edge in the game, period. Last season, Kelce doubled up the full-season point totals of all but five tight ends and he crushed the TE2 by nearly 90 points. In a 10-team league, as Mo demonstrated, there’s really no penalty for drafting a non-RB/WR in the first. Honestly, I love this team build. After waiting at QB, Mo still landed plausible MVP candidate Trevor Lawrence in the seventh.

Under normal circumstances, we’d tell you there’s no need to draft a second tight end after landing Kelce, but when the rest of the league just gift-wraps LaPorta for you … [deep exhale] … well, wow. I find this roster deeply moving and artfully constructed. A-[expletive]-plus.

Team 7, Kate Magdziuk: After an absolutely flawless start — Nick Chubb in the first, A.J. Brown in the second — Kate probably drifted away and focused on non-fantasy tasks, which is how she ended up with so many rogues and weirdos. Her opening two rounds locked in a passing grade, obviously. Good bones on this squad, even if the finishes are a bit dated. B.

Team 8, Trevor Lewis: To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think it was possible to make three consecutive early picks as terrible as Trevor’s choices in the third through fifth rounds (Tee Higgins, Najee Harris, Miles Sanders). If you told me his draft was intended as a robotic manifesto on human despair and isolation, I’d buy it. And then I’d give this abomination of a team the D it deserves.

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Team 9, Jorge Martin: I love the big swing on Bijan Robinson in the first. If you get dealt an unfavorable hand in terms of draft order, you can’t be timid. (That is to say, you can’t be Trevor, piling one mistake on top of another. Gah. I genuinely wish I could un-see his draft.)

Josh Allen was a very nice value relative to the other top-tier QBs, then Jorge paired him with a later-round Dalton Kincaid. So that’s fun. If one or two key pieces on this team reach their ceilings, Jorge eventually gets a trophy. Today, he gets a solid B+.

Team 10, Matt Harmon: As a paid spokesperson for Big Receiver, there was never any doubt Matt would take back-to-back wideouts at the top. It’s the life he’s chosen. Stefon Diggs in the first was irrefutably a good pick and also perfectly on-brand. Curiously, Matt then selected Garrett Wilson as the first player off the board in the second round, in defiance of his own ranks. I was led to believe he was a fan of A.J. Brown and Davante Adams, but apparently, that was simply misdirection, a ruse.

At the top of the fourth round, Matt had an opportunity to pair Diggs with Josh Allen, but he instead chose to draft a running back (Rhamondre Stevenson), presumably because he was worried the position would dry up (which it nearly did). If this league had actual money on the line, a choice like Stevenson-over-Allen would haunt Harmon for weeks. It’s fuel for future 3 AM terrors. Here, however, he can simply accept yet another C- and move on.

Here are the team-by-team results of mock draft:

Team 1: Scott Pianowski, Yahoo Fantasy Analyst

Team 2: Dan Titus, Yahoo Fantasy Analyst

Team 3: Jason Klabacha, Head of Content for Yahoo Fantasy

Team 4: Dalton Del Don, Yahoo Fantasy Analyst

Team 5: Kathryn Buckles, Director of Social Media at Yahoo Sports

Team 6: Mo Castillo, Yahoo Fantasy Senior Editor

Team 7: Kate Magdziuk, Yahoo Fantasy Contributor

Team 8: Trevor Lewis, Yahoo Fantasy Social Editor

Team 9: Jorge Martin, Yahoo Fantasy Contributor

Team 10: Matt Harmon, Yahoo Fantasy Analyst

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