Easter 2024

When is Easter Sunday 2024?

Easter 2024 will be held on Sunday 9th April 2024. The date Easter Sunday occurs varies year-on-year, but Easter events typically fall between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April.

When are the Easter Holidays in 2024?

In 2024, the Easter weekend falls on:

  • April 7 (statutory holiday) – Good Friday
  • April 8 – Holy Saturday
  • April 9 – Easter Sunday
  • April 10 (optional holiday) – Easter Monday

History of Easter Sunday

The Christian Story of Easter – During Jesus’ life on Earth, he was admired by many people as he told them stories that they hadn’t heard before. The people in charge were jealous of Jesus and angry with him, so they decided to punish Jesus. They pinned him to a cross on top of a hill in Jerusalem, where he was crucified. Before this, Jesus forgave the people who killed him. This day is known as Good Friday.

Jesus’ friends, family, and admirers wanted to give Jesus a proper burial, so they wrapped him in white cloth to preserve his body and put him in a tomb. A woman called Mary Magdalene witnessed the burial and returned to the tomb on Sunday morning, but the tomb was empty. An angel appeared and shouted, “Jesus isn’t here, he has risen, he is alive again!”.

A figure appeared next to Mary and as he stepped into the sunlight, she realized it was Jesus. He asked her to tell his disciples and friends that he had risen from the dead. This is the reason for the celebration of Easter Sunday.

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How Is Easter Sunday Celebrated?

Easter Sunday is an important day for Christians, as it is the day that Jesus died and was resurrected to erase the darkness of evil. A typical celebration takes place in a church, which is filled with candles that represent Jesus as the light of the world and also flowers, which symbolize a new life.

As well as these celebrations, commercially, Canada celebrate Easter Sunday with chocolate Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. It is estimated that the average Canadian spends in excess of $50 on Easter eggs!

How Do We Work Out When Easter Will Be?

Early Christians were divided into two camps. There were those who celebrated Easter on the 14th of the month of Nisan (using the Assyrian and Hebrew calendars), or March/April (using the Gregorian calendar). And there were those who insisted that Easter be commemorated on a Sunday, as this was the day that Jesus’ empty tomb was found.

In 325 AD, the First Council of Nicea, a council of Christian bishops, convened in the Bithynian city of Nicaea (now Iznik, Turkey). They were asked by the Roman Emperor, Constantine I, to intervene. This council decided that everyone should follow the same rule when deciding when to celebrate Easter.

Now, we calculate the date of Easter from the first Sunday after the first full moon following the March equinox. But why? Because Easter must occur after the biblical festival of Passover (in this case, Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples), on the full moon, during which Jesus was crucified.

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This means, there’s no set date for Easter, and it must change from year to year. This is because instead of accounting for a variety of calendars (e.g.: Assyrian and Hebrew), we now rely on only the one: the Gregorian calendar, which is solar rather than lunar. As the full moon occurs on different dates each year in a solar calendar, so does Easter.

Why Do Different Churches Celebrate Easter on Different Days?

Despite the Nicean council’s decision that Easter must be celebrated on the same day, different Christian churches (who use the Julian rather than the Gregorian calendar) calculate Easter differently.

The only time that all Christians celebrate Easter on the same date is when the two calendars align, which happens rarely. The last time Easter occurred on the same day was in 2017, and it won’t happen again until 2034.

Twinkl Top Tip: When is Easter 2024? Remember Easter Sunday changes every year, this year it falls on April 9.

Resources on Easter Sunday:

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For more info on how to effectively teach the Easter Story, check out our video below.

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