PGA TOUR 2K23’s extensive list of online societies provide you with a plethora of multiplayer options to choose from. From creating your own league with a group of friends to competing with players around the world, our online societies are limitless.

Online societies allow gamers to create their own community of golfers to participate in events. This allows players to compete online in tournaments that would be typically found in the offline career mode.

Those who run the society can customize it however they like. As the founder, you can set your own parameters for entry, such as minimum and maximum handicaps.

The presence of in-game currency adds another dimension to the competition, creating virtual stakes and providing the winner with the braggadocious thrill of taking prize money from their defeated friends. This is a great option for those who want to combine the pressure and excitement of real-life golf, with the drama and tension of player vs player competition play.

The customizable nature allows you to create societies that are open to anyone, but tournaments work a bit differently. You can either make tournaments open to everyone or they have entry requirements based on performance within the society’s history or current season.

Your society can be set up to mimic the dynamics of a real-life golf season, with points accumulated over the course of a season based on a player’s performance in each competition.

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There is also the option to raise the prestige by scheduling more important events in the calendar, such as championship matches.

As the admin, you can set events and timescales by which they need to be completed—meaning you do not all need to be playing at the same time to compete against one another. However, all members of your society must be playing on the same console as you, meaning that Xbox players cannot join the same society as those playing on a PlayStation, for example.

And for those who wish to avoid the hassle of starting their own society, there are plenty of existing societies set up by other users that you can join right away. Joining a society allows you to enter a competition on someone else’s terms, competing with other keen golfers and putting your skills to the test.

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