Golf Course Maintenance Worker Job Description for Resume

Position Overview

People who are chosen to work as golf course maintenance workers are usually seasoned individuals who have deep insight into handling gardening, landscaping, and grounds-keeping duties.

Golf course maintenance workers are hired primarily to see to the planning, mulching, and weeding needs of a golf course but they are usually expected to do a lot more to ensure that the course looks beautiful and is free of disease.

Skills and Abilities

As a golf course maintenance worker, you will be required to be physically dexterous, so that you can work on your feet for long hours.

Since exposure to harsh weather conditions is a given in this job, gold course maintenance workers are required to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The ability to use and maintain work-related equipment and tools is imperative, as you will be working with them on a daily basis.

Educational Requirements

Although golf course maintenance workers are not required to possess a formal degree (except maybe a high school diploma), it helps if they are aware of the mechanics of the game of golf.

Golf Course Maintenance Duties, Tasks, Roles and Responsibiltiies for Resume

• Consult golf course blueprint layouts and plan planting activities accordingly.• Create and maintain liaison with seeds, bulbs, and plant suppliers to ensure on-time and accurate delivery of supplies.• Acquire fertilizers and pesticides and ensure that they are stored in safe storage areas.• Apply pesticides and fertilizers in predetermined quantities to ensure the growth of green areas and ward off any potential pest attacks.• Mow golf courses to specifications by operating and using hand and power mowing equipment.• Hand-rake sand bunkers and remove any debris or hazardous materials from the course.• Change cups on putting greens and ensure that any damaged ones are replaced before the start of a game.• Perform inspections of facilities and grounds and report any hazardous situations in an immediate manner.• Operate string trimmers to trim around flower beds, trees, and bushes.• Handle aerating, fertilizing, and seeding tasks along with reconstructing bunkers and traps and correcting drainage problems.• Perform course setup for daily play and tournaments by coordinating efforts with the golf course management teams.

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