Golf Club Distance Charts By Age, Gender And Skill Level

Swing speed is the most important factor in determining the distance of the ball. Ball speed and smash factor both depend on swing speed.

While the swing speed is important, it is not the only element. The quality of strike and correct technique is a big differentiating factor. A pro golfer swinging at the same speed as an amateur gets wildly different distance numbers.

Average swing speed by age chart

Age MenWomen10-16 years old93 mph83 mph17-25 years old113 mph93 mph26-40 years old108 mph90 mph41-50 years old103 mph88 mph51-60 years old98 mph73 mph60+ years old90 mph70 mph

What is Smash Factor?

Smash Factor is ball speed divided by club speed. The number calculated gives a ratio to show how much energy is moved from the club head to the golf ball at impact. Low Swing factor numbers mean less energy is transferred, while higher Smash factor numbers means a more efficient movement of energy from the face to the golf ball.

The goal for excellent ball striking with the driver is a factor of 1.5.

For example: ball speed 150 mph with a swing speed of 100 mph, your Smash Factor is 1.5.

Other smaller contributory factors also have an effect on distance:

The ball speed

Ball speed will be affected by the type of golf ball you use as well as your quality of strike. A strike out the center of the club face, with the correct technique will go much further than the same golfer hitting the toe or toward the heel. You can measure ball speed on launch monitors like the Mevo Plus or camera operated simulators like the SkyTrak.

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Equipment affects distance

The pros on tour have optimized equipment to their specific technique and skill level as well as body shape. The same swing speed in a PGA Tour pro will send the ball much further than an amateur golfer of higher handicap but similar swing speed.

The reason is of course, technique, but if you were to use the same technique, the pro would still win, because every aspect of their golf club has been designed around THEM. That is why a fitting can help to optimize your strengths for more distance.

Skill level affects distance

There are young, sporty beginner and even mid handicap golfers who might read this article or that you may know who think they are capable of smashing a driver as far as a pro or scratch golfer. The myth is that they CAN but if it is not staying in play or being used to an advantage, then it does not count.

Key to the chart: Skill levels in golf. I created these categories from the article on how the handicap works and article I wrote.

Beginner Golfer: New to the game – first 6-12 months.

Average Golfer: 15-24 handicap.

Good Golfer: 6-14 handicap.

Excellent Golfer: Below 6 handicap.

Here are the in-depth golf club distance charts curated by male, female and senior golfers.

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