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The Essential Review of Pulse A Disc Golf Academy

The Essential Review of Pulse A Disc Golf Academy

Infinite Discs recently teamed up with Pulse A Disc Golf Academy to offer its customers a chance to check out the Academy with a two-week trial and 50% off a membership. This is a great disc golf training program. I got to check out their program and found some great content!

What is the Pulse A Disc Golf Academy

Pulse A is an online disc golf education program that uses some of the top pros to teach all aspects of proper disc golf form. Once you sign up for their program, you’ll have access to hundreds of video lessons that are broken down into certain subjects. The lessons are grouped together in videos that teach all about the desired subject. Want to learn proper backhand form? Check out the lessons and exercises in Avery Jenkins’ Backhand Standstill, a level 1 course. Feel like you’re ready for more advanced backhand techniques? Watch the level 2 video, Backhand Steps.

Each instructional video breaks the subject down into bite sized clips that instruct and provide exercises. Each video clip builds on previous clips, until you have a complete from. It’s like attending a clinic by some the best disc golfers in the world.

Subjects Covered

As you would expect, the Pulse A videos cover different levels of driving, putting, and (coming soon) midrange throws with several different instructors. They also have videos covering other elements of the sport, such as training and field work. Plus, they also include gems such as their Disc Talk, which allow us to get to know some of the instructors and their personal life and careers, and the My Style segments, which are additional lessons with their own personal flair.

Pros and Cons

Pros: This would be a great investment for you if you are interested in improving your disc golf skills, like to follow professional disc golf, and are willing to put in the time to practice. A great benefit to their program is that you can watch the videos at home or use their app to watch at the course or practice field.

Cons: One issue I had with the presentation of the videos is that we only have the ability to mark an entire video as a ‘Favorite’, instead of individual lessons or exercises. This means you have to scroll through the lessons to watch or re-watch the specific lesson that you need at the moment. It’s not a big issue, and it is one that is on Pulse A’s radar to address.

Their video library isn’t massive, but they have a ton of new ones in the works. I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming videos, such as their strength and training


The Pulse A Disc Golf Academy is a great product that utilizes segmented lessons and the portability of an app to deliver instructions from top professional disc golfers. Whether you’re just starting out in disc golf or are looking for ways to improve certain aspects of your game, the Pulse A program has something for you. I wasn’t blown away by the current number of videos available, but their library will continue to grow with additional lessons, in-the-bag segments, and My Style videos.

The beautiful part is that you get to check out their program for free. Plus you get half off your subscription should you choose to enroll. Check out Pulse A by clicking the link below, and elevate your disc golf skills today!

Click here for your free Pulse A trial!

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