2024 Corvette Build and Price Configurators are Now Up at Chevrolet.com

Chevrolet has been promising to launch the 2024 Corvette Build and Price Configurator this week and we are happy to report that all three configurators for the 2024 Corvette models (Stingray, Z06, E-Ray) are now live on Chevrolet.com.

The Build and Price configurators allow perspective buyers the opportunity to create their builds online and see the pricing in real time based on their options and packages. Chevrolet redesigned their “build your own” website last year and we have been very happy with how the large photos show off the various angles of the car while also giving us pricing. Here are the direct links to each configurator: • 2024 Corvette Stingray • 2024 Corvette Z06 • 2024 Corvette E-Ray Another important aspect of the tool is that you can export your builds to your Chevy Rep who then has a copy of your exact build. We know many reps that rely on this to make sure the customer is getting their exact builds ordered correctly.

As the E-Ray is the newest Corvette model to have a Build and Price Configurator set up, we are going to start there and see what we can create. We’ve built this model out so many times on the visualizer, and it was very easy to recreate on the configurator. For those of you new to the Configurator, the only “tricky” page is the Options tab which has selections for both Exterior and Interior that you can toggle back and forth, and under the Exterior tab at the bottom of the page is a Mechanical tab which when opened shows you options like Front Lift and exhaust tip colors.

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I also created a Stingray build as well and did it to match the specs of the E-Ray above. I wanted to check out some of the newest options for the car which will begin its fifth model year of production. Personally, I really like the Tech Bronze wheels that are priced at $3,495. I thought that price was a lot for the accessory wheels, and then I was blown away at seeing the new polished 15-spoke wheels for the Stingray were going to cost $4,350.

I also went looking for the new two-stanchion spoiler for the Stingray which doesn’t show a picture on the options box, but when selected it does show up on the rendering. By the way, that new visible carbon fiber spoiler costs $6,195 and between that and the new wheels, that’s $10,545 for just those two new options!

Finally, we turn our attention to the 2024 Corvette Z06. Right away on the front screen where you select either the Coupe or Convertible, we don’t see any base prices. Instead, we are presented with a disclaimer that says “See Dealer for Pricing.” We built our Z06 anyways, but without pricing, it sort of missing out on its purpose.

We can assume there will be some minor discrepancies that show up and don’t be surprised to see the configurators running slower than normal with all the traffic that will be going there in the next few days. We know we are going to be building some cars in the next few days, and so it’s quite possible that the work output for Corvette enthusiasts may be decreased this week as our attention is fully focused on building the Corvette of our dreams.

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Source: Chevrolet.com

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