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Go it alone in solo stroke play – you can choose the course and the weather conditions.


Head to the Tournament Desk at the entrance to Golf Island and sign up for contests based on your ranked skill level.

If you really fancy a challenge, hit the F button on the Tournament Select screen to activate “Serious Mode” – this makes your opponents much harder to beat.

Tournament success will earn you valuable EXP, coins to spend at the in-game shop, and also unlock courses and activities.

You will also get a chance to pit your skills against unique Vs Characters…


These special opponents will appear on the stage next to the Tournament Desk when you have earned enough EXP.

Talk to them to challenge them to a game. It won’t be easy, but if you win you will earn unique rewards.


Play offline with up to three of your friends to be crowned king or queen of the course.


Press the OPTIONS button, choose “Online” and join golf fans from around the world for a friendly round or two.

Press the N button to chat with your friends and rivals.


Mingle with your new online friends and play a few rounds – or hop into a golf buggy, go swimming or enjoy a spot of fishing… it’s totally up to you.

If you play a nine-hole course your score is recorded in the daily ranking – can you top the leaderboards?

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Search the courses for hidden goodies. Boxes of coins, balls and fashion items are just lying in wait to be discovered.


Two teams battle it out to claim the most holes in the set time limit.

Press the OPTIONS button and choose “Turf War” to be allocated a spot on either the Red or the Blue team.

You can choose to play any hole; points are awarded based on your score – the team with the most combined points claims the hole as their own.

In Turf War you have to move between each hole – which could eat up precious time if you are behind on the score cards.

Press the touch pad button to check out the Bird’s Eye view to plot your route – or use your special Warp allocation to go straight to your chosen hole.


The dedicated Golf Island shop is the best place to purchase clothes, hair styles, accessories and additional golf balls with coins you earn during your career.

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