The new Chevelle 70/SS is making waves across the muscle car market. The story goes back all the way to 1970 when the Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport model first came out. It was a high-performance version of the regular Chevelle model, and it instantly became everyone’s favorite.

The car had a long hood, a sleek, slanted roofline, and a muscular look that made it one heck of a vehicle. That’s exactly why the automotive world is now going crazy, waiting for ‌the new 70/SS Chevrolet Chevelle to drop. Here are ten reasons why this new model will reignite the muscle car market.

10 Features A 450 6.2-liter LT-1 V8 Engine

This is by far the most obvious way this car is going to change the game. The classic Chevelle 70/SS was one of the most powerful muscle cars of the 70s. The engine choices started with a standard 155 horsepower six-cylinder or the 200 horsepower V8. Then GM lifted the 400 cubic inch ceiling on intermediate-bodied cars and Chevy finally utilized its largest engines, ranging in horsepower from 330 to 350, and finally, 375 horsepower.

This sounds super impressive on paper, but in real life, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. Back when the car first launched, the technology wasn’t advanced enough to create extremely powerful engines. However, things are different now. The new Chevelle 70/SS is now available with a 450-horsepower engine, which is a 6.2-liter LT-1 V8. While that’s fascinating, the base model can also have its engine supercharged to produce 675 horsepower.

9 Outperforms The Bugatti Chiron

That’s probably a big claim, as far as the base model and the heritage model are considered. But there’s another version of the car that’s going to change the game for everyone – the 70/SS 454 LS6X Limited Edition.

This muscle car, with its robust V8 setup, was built to challenge the Bugatti Chiron. The 454 Supercharged comes with 900 horsepower, the 454 Twin Turbo comes with 1,000 horsepower, and then there’s a tuned version of the Twin Turbo that produces a whopping 1,500 horsepower. Muscle cars in recent years haven’t exactly been about power, but instead, the retro styling and the roaring V8s in them. It’s what sets them apart. So with the limited edition making 1,500 ponies, people are super excited about this car, and it can change the muscle car restomod market forever.

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8 Will Come In A Limited Edition Variant

The exclusivity of the special edition 70/SS Chevelle is what makes the car even more remarkable. The LS6x is a one-of-a-kind car, and it’s going to be limited to just 25 units and is stated to easily fetch nearly $250,000. The vehicle will have the current technology of the modern-day automotive platform, because of which it will have dependable performance. The best thing is that the LS6X will be available in any color. Apart from the list of 20 standard colors, there’s also an option for the customer to choose or make a color of their choice. The full carbon fiber body, cowl induction hood, painted graphics, upgraded suspension, upgraded axles, rear differential, and oversized brakes are all standard on the 1500 model. The car also comes with a throwback interior, retro gauges, and various wheel options. All these things combined will make this car a collector car that will massively increase in value.

7 Has Comfortable, Modern Interiors

Old muscle cars have extremely outdated and uncomfortable interiors, with many of the things not working. However, the new Chevelle 70/SS comes with an extremely modern interior that’s got all the bells and whistles. Not only does it have proper functioning air-conditioning, but the car also has comfortable seats and all the buttons on the steering wheel that one would expect from a modern-day car. Just like most modern-day cars, it also has a screen right in the middle with chic speedometers that make the design all the more spectacular. It’s hard to imagine that the design was inspired by a classic car, but that’s exactly what makes it so exciting.

Despite that, the interior is still retro, and it gives a classic look along with custom knick-knacks and SS bits adorning the interior. The way the interior is designed to be modern and classic at the same time goes to show just how much thought went into the car. It’s the perfect balance between nostalgia and modern-day design, making the muscle car a highly anticipated model for car enthusiasts everywhere.

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6 Packs Modern Infotainment Features

This is the real beauty of the car. Not only is it retro, but despite that, it’s got everything. The car is equipped with cutting-edge tech that will improve the driving experience, making it hiccup-free. It’s got an advanced infotainment system, along with intuitive driver-assistance features. While it has the style of an old car, it’s got all the cool things of a new car. From touchscreens to Bluetooth, and voice control, the cockpit of the car feels exactly like any other car. The only obvious difference here is how that same technology has been integrated into the retro-looking design, and that’s why it feels the same yet so different.

5 Pays Homage To The Classic Model

The muscle car market has been predictable for quite some time now. While the new Ford Mustang made some waves, it doesn’t look nearly as cool as the new Chevelle 70/SS. This car is designed to look as old as possible from the outside, yet it’s got modern touches. Even the headlamps and the taillights of this car look like they were designed over 50 years ago, but with a closer look, there’s modern lighting illuminating the design. The 70/SS also has an extremely long hood, giving it the charm that we all love from rear-wheel drive muscle cars. On top of that, the car is convertible, and it’s one of the best-looking convertibles out there. While Chevy isn’t coming out with a new Chevelle SS anytime soon, the 70/SS more than makes up for it.

4 Comes With Three Drive Modes

Aside from its sleek design and the retro-yet-modern feel of its design, this car has another feature that is definitely going to turn heads. In fact, it’s going to be the only car in the market that will have all these cool features, while looking the way it does. There’s the Sports mode that improves the throttle and makes the car more responsive and nimble. It can also modify the transmission shift points so that the gear changes are quicker and more aggressive. Now that’s something that the car from 1970 couldn’t do.

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The drive modes can be changed according to the driver’s wants. In case of a long drive, the comfort mode is the perfect setting for the customer who just wants to cruise around and enjoy the feel of the car. In the Comfort mode, the suspension will be softened, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. However, if the crazy gas prices are a problem, then the car can easily switch to Eco-mode to maximize its fuel efficiency while retaining the car’s luxurious driving experience.

3 Features A Relatively Practical Cabin

The Chevelle 70/SS comes with rear seats that are extremely comfortable for passengers, however, because they’re small, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Despite that, the cabin is comfortable and ergonomically designed. The designers have made sure that everyone – except maybe the kids in the back – has enough space.

2 Safer Than Any Classic Muscle Car

The 70/SS Chevelle is not nearly as dangerous as the original model. That’s not to say the previous model was death on wheels, but this new model incorporates all necessary measures for patient safety and comes with proper airbags, in case of any mishaps on the road. On top of that, it’s got modern braking tech and stability control systems, which are definitely worth noting when it comes to having a safe driving experience. These are features that are extremely important in a car that’s got all those ponies under the hood!

1 Packs Tons Of Prestige

The original Chevelle 70/SS is one of the most prestigious cars out there, and the 2024 model pays homage to the original in every facet. In fact, it’s so much of an icon that a used Chevelle in decent condition can go for upwards of $100,000. That’s exactly why this car will wreak havoc in the market. It’s going to take one of the most prestigious cars to ever exist and turn it into something modern. Something for the 21st century. With the prestige mixed with all the new technology and the powerful engine options, this car is surely expected to reignite the muscle car market.

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